Posted by: granny1947 | July 16, 2011

Granny’s silly Saturday

Hello All.

So…Jasmine licked me on the arm at six thirty this morning.
Dumb dog thought it was time to go for a walk.
Still pitch dark outside.
We went down at eight o’clock.
It was glorious.
Have I mentioned,lately, that we are having the most stunning weather?

I had a quiet chuckle.
Look at the next photo.

I think this couple must have had a party last night.
It looked like she was in her bra and panties.
He was wearing his jeans.
Their dog did not look amused.
The guy stood fairly still, with his hands clenched, in the vicinity of his family jewels.
I think all his parts must have retreated to a place of safety and warmth.
He was probably worried he would ever see them again.
She swam and played in the waves with gay abandon.
For ages.
When they eventually came out the dog followed them slowly.
Very slowly.
I could just see his thought bubbles.
These humans belong to me.
Where did I go wrong?

Mother nature has done a great job of cleaning up the beach.
Not a worm in sight.
Or a maggot.
In fact, the beach was pristine.
Barring a couple of humans.

Now I have to get ready to go out.
Mex is taking me out for supper.
Pizza is not EXACTLY on my diet.
But it sure beats cooking tonight.

One more photo.
Because I can.

Hope you are all having a great weekend.



  1. I think I may want some of what they were drinking, unless it’s our crazy Norwegians from last weekend’s wedding. I suspect they’d do that and not feel it was too cold.

    Enjoy the pizza

    • Hi Sidey…looks like I will have to go back on your posts to find out about them!

  2. I imagine the water must have been fairly cold. The dog was smart enough to know this. Have a great weekend yourself.

    • The water was freezing Maire…my feet were numb!

  3. Silly Jasmine..did she not know that Saturday was lie-in day?
    Once again great pics… do you think that he went home to thaw out the crown jewels.!! LOL!!:-))

    Do hope that you and Mex enjoyed your together pizza..

    Don’t tell RedneckPrincess about your lovely weather. At the moment she is complaining about wind, rain and cold in no uncertain terms. Oh dear!

    • I am nasty Patrecia…I went over to her blog and told her!

  4. Beautiful pics! And thanks for the chuckle.

    Hope Jasmine lets you sleep in tomorrow.

  5. You made Jasmine wait an hour and a half before you took her down to the beach? She must have been rarin’ to go by then!
    Crazy couple on the beach with a very sensible dog!
    Hope you enjoyed your pizza.

    • She followed me around for all that time Barb.

  6. Did their dog not complain to Jasmine?

    • Hi Cindy…he looked so grumpy Jasmine stayed clear.

  7. They must be foreigners, to be in the water.

    • That’s what I thought Tilly…must have been from Europe.

  8. Thank you, Granny, for not saying the couple must be Canadians. Usually we get the rap!

    Great that you are having such great weather. Our summer is unusually cold. If the weatherman doesn’t agree with that statement, it means he’s just a young pipsqueak!

    • Hi Souldipper…there is supposed to be a coldfront today but so far it loooks good.

  9. Silly humans! Love the last pic with the seagulls!

  10. Hello Granny. 🙂 What a fiesty one you are. Love your humour. I’ve been reading your posts one by one and thoroughly enjoying myself. That’s a lovely photograph .

    • My word Dreaming…how far did you get?
      There are so many of them. 🙂

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