Posted by: granny1947 | July 15, 2011

Granny and the beach

Hello All.

Look closely at the pic.
Those are worms.
Thousands and thousands of worms.
I can only deduce they came from the kelp.
And the abnormally warm weather we are having.
I tried my best to avoid them.
I played hopscotch all along the beach.
I tried walking in the water but the tide was coming in and washing the worms out.
And, as I cannot walk ON water, I just had to grin and bare it.(spelling intended)

There was a full moon when I came to work this morning.
It feels wrong to see see the moon when you are going to work.
I felt I should have been going to bed.

The next pic was taken by a friend of mine.
Remember I mentioned that Cape Town had vanished under a think bank of cloud?
Well, here is it.

Considering it was taken on a cellphone it is not bad.
It is taken from the top of the mountain.
There is a city under that cloud!

Should I put another Swaziland picture on.
Hell, why not.

And now let me get back to work.

Have a great day all.


  1. Eweww! Yuk! How about a warning in the heading next time?

    It’s a good job you’re a funny granny or I’d have to have a strop.


    • Hi Tilly…you want Yuk? Trying stepping on them.
      Hope they have gone today.

  2. What ya mean? Ya can’t walk ON water! Of course you can , you’re Granny 1947 you can do anything!!!!

    • Shhhhhhhh Patrecia…I don’t advertise it!

  3. Hope Jasmine didn’t investigate the worms – yuk!

    • She seemed to be blissfully unaware Barb!

  4. Worms. Yuck.

  5. Crikey Moses, I have never seen worms on a beach!
    Have a great weekend. Love you xxx

    • I know Cindy…it was my first too!
      Love you too.

  6. I’d have been hopscotching with you . . .

    Love the cloud over the city with clear sky above.

    Happy FRIDAY!

    • Hehehe NR…what a sight we would have made!!!

  7. Worms on the beach, how gross and weird. Maybe the seagulls will eat them all up. Beautiful pics as usual.

    • I’m sure the gulls had an absolute feast Linda.

  8. Yuck. Gross. I’ve never seen anything like that on the beach – and hope I never will! Hope none got stuck in Jasmine’s paws….

    Have a great worm-free weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Oh good grief RD….why did you put that thought in my head?

  9. This is disgusting, I’d stay away for a year

    • Nature is fantastic Poetic Soul…I am sure she has cleaned up the beach…will see in the morning.

    • Hi Again Poetic Soul…have tried to comment three times on your post…doesn’t seem to work.
      Love your poem.

  10. The photos are grand – continuously, Granny. The one your friend captured is fabulous. Neat photo of Swaziland – looks so gentle and rolling.

    • I’m in too much of a hurry – off to the Theater – but about those worms. You were one brave woman!

    • Thanks Souldipper…I thought his one was great too!

  11. Ew…they look maggotty…but the other pics make up for it ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy soon to be Sunday Granny!!

    • Thanks Princess…you too love.

  12. Beautiful photos ๐Ÿ™‚ (except the worms – gross!)

    • Hi Country Man…I know…thank heavens they were gone today!

  13. Eww, eww eww to the worms! I hate worms — I would have turned tail and run back home! Good for you for sticking it out. Lucky Jasmine.

    • Oh KLRS…by the time I got there I HAD to continue…Jasmine would never have got back into the car without a walk first!

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