Posted by: granny1947 | July 14, 2011

Granny’s Thrilling Thursday…NOT!!!

Hello All.

This pic I took about five minutes before landing in Cape Town.
Am I the only one who can see a funny looking dog?
Or a duck.
Depending on your point of view.

Marylou has just phoned me.
She has my ID book.
I have hers.
I also have her drivers licence which she keeps in her ID book.
She won’t be able to drive until I get there on Sunday.
She drove yesterday.
Ignorance is bliss.
The airways must have mixed them up when we boarded the plane to come back.

On the way home yesterday there was a massive bank of  mist pouring through the valley.
I wanted to stop to take a pic but the traffic was a bit hectic.
Here you can see it coming towards the beach but it stayed away long enough for Jasmine and I to have our constitutional.

And our perfect weather continues.
Sunshine,warmth and windless.
There is NOTHING like Cape Town at this time of the year.
Barring howling gales and pouring rain.
When it is good it is stunning.

Plenty of happy dogs and smiling  people.

Back home Tom has the kitty snuffles.
He also has a black eye.
I kid you not.
He has been sneezing non-stop.
And has been in one hell of a fight.
I am also sneezing.
But have not been in a fight.

Now I have waffled enough.
About nothing much.
I have some really boring work to do.



  1. I see a dog, but no duck.

    Poor Tom.

    As you have a Jasmine, why didn’t you call Tom ‘Aladdin’?

    Have a good day Granny 🙂

    • Thanks Tilly…it is going quite well so far…can’t wait to get to the beach later on.

  2. ha ha, I think you seriously missed Jasmine big time!

    • yes and I am missing you too Napier…when are you coming down again?

  3. I think it looks like a dog, too.

    • Hi Maire…it is amazing…people on the other site are seeing all sorts of things!

  4. Haha I see the funny looking dog too! Oh poor Tom – I wonder what all the sneezing is about? Allergies, maybe?

    • Hi RD….yes Tom is not a happy boy but he is eating like a horse so I guess he is recovering.
      I gave him Tuna this morning…much to the disgust of Mex!

  5. that sea looks happy

    • Hi Sidey…it looked a bit grumpy last night!

  6. I see neither dog nor duck, sorry. Wow, you guys are enjoying better winter weather than we are summer — on Tuesday we reached a wonderful daytime high of 12 degrees.
    Loved your pics of the grounds of the glass factory and the wall hangings while you were in Swaziland. Very interesting. Hope your holiday was terrific — sorry didn’t read back far enough to determine that, but I’m guessing you had a wonderful time.

    • I had a great time Kathy…think I could live there…hmmmm….no sea…maybe not.

  7. I’ve seen cloud formations before . . . but never such an intriguing lake formation.

    It’s a bird . . . it’s a plane . . . it’s Super Dog!

    • Hi NR…I never really looked at the lake…snow is so unusual for us that is what caught my attention.

  8. I see a dove… You took fantastic pictures

    • Thanks Poetic Soul…guess you are looking at the lake?

  9. I’m trying but I can’t see a dog… or a duck! 😦 But thank you for sharing those nice photos!
    Where are dog’s legs? Or head???

    • Hello Surrey gal….the dog’s head is in the snow.
      thanks for visiting…welcome.

  10. You live in a most beautiful place! I don’t see the dog.

  11. I see some kind of bird, no dog. You live in such a beautiful place, I love seeing your photos.

    • Thanks Barb….look in the snow…a Spaniel.

  12. I see a bird in flight, Granny. When I half close my eyes, I see the head of a Scotty Dog. Poor Tom… Hope he heals easily.

    • Tom is looking much better today….might teach him not to fight!

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