Posted by: granny1947 | July 13, 2011

Granny and the misty morning

Hello All.

Another pic from the hotel where we stayed.

And the incredible weather continues.
A forecast of 26 degrees today.
The drive to work,however, was pretty hairy.
I had hardly hit the mountain when I was in thick mist.
I tucked in behind another car.
And hoped to hell he could see where he was going.

When I reached the top it suddenly cleared.
Down below Cape Town had vanished.
Just a thick blanket of white cloud.
And, on the horizon, pink mountain ranges where the sun was coming up.
Food for the sould.
What a way to start the day.

Now a pic of the centre where we went to visit the glass factory.

In case you are wondering.
The giraffe is not real.
I don’t think you find giraffes in Swaziland.
Unless a couple escape from the Kruger park which is nearby.
I believe they DO have Black Mamba’s.
I never met one.
Thank God.
I DID see a lot of goats and cows.
You don’t drive fast in Swaziland.
Unless you are a complete idiot.
I quite like goats.
A throwback from reading Heidi as a kid.

Back to the glass factory.
It was fantastic.
I got so carried away I forgot to take pictures.
The same thing happened at the candle factory.
Sorry about that.

Now…lunchtime is nearly over.
Work is calling.
Am trying to ignore it.
It isn’t working.



  1. At least you’re wide awake when you get to work.

    I’m a Heidi fan too.

    Love the pics.

    • Hi Tilly…driving over the mountain,in the dark, every morning guarantees being wide awake!

  2. Sounds like your vacation was wonderful.

    • Hi Maire…it was fantastic.

  3. The only thing I don’t miss about Cape Town is driving in the mist.
    I like goats too.

    • Hi Cindy…I once had two pet goats(kids)…when they step on your toes you know all about it!

  4. When ignoring work isn’t working … you are? 🙂

    Black mambas are handsome creatures, but a bit tetchy.

    It seems the hairyness of the drive was amply compensated for by the views!

    • Hi Col….that view every morning compensates for a lot of things. After five years I still go WOW!

  5. Well of course there’s just one solution for the lack of photos – you’ll have to go back to the glass and candle factories to take pictures for us! Have another vacation in the interest of full disclosure to your blogging buddies….it’s as good an excuse as any, right? 😉

    Glad you made it over the misty mountain safely!

    • Hi RD…Actually, she has suggested we go again in December but I think I might have to visit my parents…sigh

  6. The glass and candle factory must have been very interesting. Sometimes it is nice too just observe and not have to stop and take pictures.

    • They were very interesting but I must confess I am craft marketed out.

  7. Great photos – shame about the missing ones when you visited the glass factory and candle factory – shame on you getting so carried away!
    The views going over the mountain sound awesome.

    • Hi Barb…they are quite spectacular…must really try to capture them one of these mornings…still a bit too dark at the moment.

  8. Sounds like you had a few interesting experiences! I didn’t really grow up with lots of picture taking so transitioning into that has also been a process for me. It is easy to forget to do so, but sadly you can’t share the pics in your head 😉 I’m working on it 🙂 Happens to the best of us. Glad you enjoyed your trip.

    • Thanks Yada….the same with me…and I get carried away and forget all about the camera.
      For some unknown reason I took about five pics of some very uninteresting peahens!

      • They must have been mighty interesting for at least a few seconds! 😉 haha

  9. Wonderful post, Granny. I’m glad you didn’t bump into any Black Mambas.

  10. I understand those Black padoobies will eat kids – ie. baby goats. Yike! I’ve been unnerved by a fellow bringing all sorts of very dangerous snakes on to our island as pets. He lived in a hovel. Oh joy. Guess what got loose…a bunch of them! Every once in a while, I remember and jump up and close my door. He doesn’t have a clue what got loose!

    • No Amy….think that is a python but the bite of a mamba is pretty fatal.

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