Posted by: granny1947 | July 12, 2011

Granny makes a mistake…again!

Hello All.

Yesterday I started a diet.
A serious diet.
I was good all day.
Never stepped out of line once.
Didn’t even have a glass of wine.
Got on the scale this morning.
I should know better.
One should only weigh once a week.
I picked UP 400 grams.
What the hell?
I have a theory.
The big bag of chocolates I scoffed on the first day of the holiday have come home to roost.
If this IS the case I am in big trouble.
Where are all the huge breakfasts I ate every day?
Oh dear.

We are having the most incredible weather.
It is as though summer has returned.
On Sunday people were swimming.
Not me.

It was an interesting walk.
First a man walked towards me.
He was no spring chicken.
He had a huge chest.
In his younger day he was,obviously, into sport or body building.
He tapered down to slim hips and rather skinny legs.
He was wearing a speedo!!!!!
Aren’t those things banned?
They should be.
I had to fight myself not to take a picture.

I had hardly got over this when a woman passed me.
A big woman.
OK…a REALLY big woman.
She had squeezed herself into Lycra tights.
With a short top.
Do these people not own mirrors?
Do they not look in the mirror and say “Hell No”?

To round off the walk I passed a guy wearing pyjama pants.
I wonder what they were all thinking of me?

To end off…another Swaziland shot.

The dining room of our wonderful hotel.
I just love their wall hangings.

More tomorrow.



  1. No, I think they are misguided and look at themselves in the mirror and think ‘This is EXACTLY how I want to present myself to the world today’.
    You mean you don’t wear pyjama pants to the beach?
    Very pretty dining room.

    • There is a problem Cindy…I don’t WEAR pj pants!

  2. Hi Love, never skip your glass of wine!

    • Napier is a wise woman!

    • Hi My Friend…I think you are right but I will cut it out this week….see what happens.

  3. Euuwwww Granny .. not cool mental images you have now planted in my poor brain 😦 😦 😦
    Although – jimjam bottoms are not all that unacceptable – at least one hopes they are baggy and cover all the relevant bits?
    Have an awesome day

    • Hi Rob…how are you love?
      Yes they covered all the important bits!

  4. I can’t look at a man in a Speedo, they should be banned! *shudders*

    • hehehe Sue….I agree.
      Scrabble nice and close!

  5. I’m sure some people look in the mirror and say “Hell yeah, it’s a Speedo day today!” I will never understand anyone who isn’t a professional swimmer wanting to wear Speedo’s! As for the pyjama pants thing, a school in the UK has told all the mothers off for bringing their kids to school whilst wearing their PJ’s and dressing gown!

    • Good Grief Noob…what sort of mother does that?

      • The same mothers who the BBC video’d returning to school at 3.30 in the afternoon to pick their kids up STILL wearing their PJ’s and dressing gowns! I know, I was shocked too!

      • Euwwwwwwwwwww…that is disgusting Noob.

  6. What a beautiful hotel! And there are definitely some people who should not be allowed out in the world in tight clothing.

    • Yes Maire and I am one of them at the moment!!!

  7. Have you been reading about the US Obesity problem… does not apply to you as you are in SA.
    Are you really overweight? Do you really need to shed a pound or two? If not then leave well alone…its too much like hard work!

    Wall decs are lovely but not sure about the speedos, the jimjams, or the lycra.What a sight for sore eyes!! A good laugh tho eh!

    • Hi Patrecia…I am not grossly overweight…just want to lose 5kgs so my clothes are not so snug.

  8. If stuff I have eaten in past few weeks starts catching up…..I’M IN BIG TROUBLE! I’m already bigger than I should be! I won’t even step on a scale. Ate a bowl of Special K after your post : ) Good job! Love the wall decor….Love, Me

    • Hi TooMuch….does the special K really work…have never tried it.

  9. Haha I don’t understand how people can leave the house wearing crazy stuff like that either. My daughter and I always take a table by the window in one particular restaurant when we visit a town where people tend to wear all kinds of nutty things. What a riot! I always say, “It should be the law that they need to sell full-length mirrors with clothes like those.” Some are just plain funny – but others are those of the sort you mentioned, where you just know that person has looked in a mirror and sees the body they had 30 years earlier. As my husband says when we see one of the latter types, “They wear it because it still ‘fits’. As long as they can close the zipper, they think it looks good.” 😉

    Guaranteed that if you’d taken a picture of Speedo Guy, he’d have assumed it was because you thought he was hot…. 😉

    • Oy RD….I would have run(shuffled) off he had come near…yech!

  10. I think I might have had more fun at the beach laughing at what most of the people were brave enough to come outside wearing! Seriously if you are over 37ish, sagging and rather large don’t wear a bikini!!! I saw a rather old woman wearing a two piece with a non supportive top. Another one with a large stomach and I know she was too old to be pregnant. If you wear a skin tight form fitting suit then you might as well be naked. ick. I look at it this way, if I don’t want to see myself no one else does either. Please people have mercy on us and put some clothes on!

  11. I saw a woman go into the grocery store the othe day wearing the most worn out too small pajama bottoms and a nasty too small not even matching skinny strap top. And she was not small. Gross, who can’t get dressed to come to the store?! Send someone else for you if you can’t make it.

  12. Here ya go:

    1. The picture that you didn’t take
    2. Inspiration for your DIET. 😉

  13. To err is human, Granny!

  14. I think getting on a scale is just a no no. I think we all make small mistakes and it’s ok.

    • Thanks for popping by Jackie. I agree we shouldn’t look at the scale but the temptation is just too much.

  15. Go gentle into that world of discipline, Granny. I’m with you 100%. Friends of mine are doing the HCG process and shedding pounds! This product was introduced by Dr. Oz… I’m not sure what I think of it – will discuss it with my Doctor. For 23 days, one has to follow every detail and can only consume 500 calories. They tell you what those calories can include.

    The results are there, my friends are delighted….here’s a link:

    • Thanks so much Souldipper…I am heading over to look right now.

  16. Hell YES! Some things should be banned for sure! but you know what they say: Ignorance is bliss. 😀 😀

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