Posted by: granny1947 | June 28, 2011

Granny is lagging behind

Hello All.

Four days and no blogging.
Am just popping in to say I am still here.
And have not forgotten you.

I have a lot on my mind.
Not conducive to blogging.

The above pic was taken from behind the flea market on Sunday.
It is False Bay.
The home of great white sharks.
Where I don’t even paddle.

Granddaughter and I went to the flea market.
I wanted a handbag.
Couldn’t find anything I liked.
She spotted a beret she loved.
Then we couldn’t find the stall again.
We walked up and down the aisles.
The stall holders were starting to eye us suspiciously.
this was NOT my idea of a fun morning.

And now it is time to head home.
With a stop at the supermarket.
I need catfood.
Tom will be seriously annoyed with me if I don’t buy him some.

The I need to get home and do a bit of cleaning.
There are agents coming to show someone our house tomorrow.
The owner has put the place on the market.
The people coming are looking to buy for an investment so they might be happy for us to stay on next year.
Here’s hoping.


  1. Goodluck, I hope you get to stay where you are. Moving is such a pain. Looks like a great flea market.

    • Tell me about it Linda…can’t bear the thought of all that packing.

  2. here’s hoping they want you there for ever

    • Hi Sidey…won’t be able to afford to stay there once i stop work but another year will be good.

  3. it was noticed that you were absent. Good to know that you are still there.
    Fingers crossed that you will be able to stay

    love P

    • Hello Patrecia…thanks for the e-mail…will try to reply soon…very long story,though.

  4. Good to see you back again. I’ve finally remembered what name I registered under, and can comment again. Hugs to you. How is your vision? xxx

    • Hi AD…good to see you here…my vision is just great!!!

  5. Top pic made my heart race.
    Hope the peeps buy it and are nicer landlords. xxx

  6. You would think that with all we do for our pets,after awhile they might take some responsibility for themselves and ask to borrow the car to go get their own cat food and such…Oh,wait, that was a “toonses the driving cat’ skit from Saturday Night Live…My bad. Nice fantasy,though,especially if the buggers would clean their own litter box! I’m a dreamer…~Hugs~

    • Hi Morgue…think Tom might have to do just that while I am away…Mex hates him!

  7. If I were a swimmer, I would compare the Great Whites to our Grizzly Bear. I think I just found a great explanation for not swimming in most oceans!

    • Hi Souldipper…one of the reasons I have such respect for the sea!!!

  8. I hope you get to stay in your house. Your photos are great, as usual. I saw the eye doctor yesterday. I have a little cataract but nothing to worry about. My eyesight was blurry because my right eye had changed so much. So in 10 day when I get my new glasses things should be better.

    • Hi Maire…I was told a year ago I had the start of one and look what happened.
      On the upside it is an interesting op and not painful.

  9. I’m surprised you couldn’t find a handbag at a flea market – but at least your granddaughter found something she liked!
    Let us know what happens with the sale of the house – if this couple want it for an investment, there is every chance you will be able to stay.

    • Hi Barb…why did I have to approve you again?
      They never came today to look at the house.

  10. good to hear from you again, beautiful photos’ especialy that first one. i hope you get to stay in your house.. take care ;o)

    • Thanks so much Dianne…must see if I can post just now.

  11. I’d think that the only way the new owners wouldn’t want you to live there would be if they wanted to move family members in, but I doubt that’ll happen. You guys are a property owner’s dream – you keep a neat house AND kill all those nasty spiders! 😉

    I hope whatever situations are on your mind resolve themselves quickly and in a positive way, Granny. Sending you cyber hugs. xo

    • Thanks RD…I just can’t see a solution and feel very helpless.

  12. Was it a Raspberry Beret? 😀

    Hope they owners find a buyer who wants to keep you as a tenant.

    • Hi NR…am not too concerned…my lease is only up at the end of February…pointless to stress now!

  13. Did she get the hat?

    • Hi Tilly…not the one she wanted but close!

  14. 🙂

  15. Hope you don’t have to move!

    I love flea markets ! The amazing things you can find ! Great photos !

  16. Just thinking about you…..missing your posts and wanted to stop by to say that I hope you are doing well and you are missed! Love, Me

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