Posted by: granny1947 | June 24, 2011

Granny goes brrrrrrrrrrrr

Hello All.

Stopped at the beach on the way home last night.
Took the above photo from my car.
Lordy was it cold.
Today is bitter.
There was snow forecast.
Not in Cape Town but on the mountains.
It feels like it has happened.

I am smiling today.
Some time back I inherited four ladies from our production floor.
They had not had any work to do for nearly two years.
Getting them back into work mode was hell.
One is the singing wonder.
She WANTED to learn.
But she has a massive attitude problem.
If she made a mistake someone was out to get her.
Today I was informed that all four of them are going back to the factory floor.
One on Monday.
She is the only one who has showed some promise.
The rest on the eleventh of July.
My staff and I are on cloud nine.
The more religious staff menbers all said “thank you God”
I am not sure He had anything to do with it.
I am sure He has more important things to attend to.

Granddaughter covered Jasmine last night.
Then took this picture.
I don’t think Jasmine minded.

Getting Jasmine’s hair out of that jersey is going to be a nightmare.

I had a thought last night.
Sometimes I do.
One of the instructions after the eye ops is NOT to get water in your eyes.
I don’t know what would happen if you do.
My atrificial lens might float away?
Showering has been an experience.
Eyes tightly closed.
Groping around blindly for soap etc.
They tell you not to get your eyes wet.
Then they tell you to put drops in your eyes four times a day???
Drops are dry?

We have ANOTHER very big audit on Tuesday.
I have loads of work to do before then.
Need to clear several layers of papers in order to see my desk.

Catch you all over the weekend.


  1. It is cold hey?! Jasmine doesn’t look that impressed! Lol @ the drops comment.

  2. Shu Granny .. those are some big waves !!!

  3. Ahhh! Jasmine looks so beautiful even though I think that she would rather not be covered.

    Have a great weekend Granny XXXX

  4. Jasmine looks like she enjoyed her covering.

  5. I selected you for the Blog Love award. Go here to check it out.

  6. Jasmine looks the picture of contentment in that shot.

  7. Jasmine looks SO cute in that shirt!! Love that sweet face!

    Maybe doctors are concerned about the possible bacteria in water getting into your not-yet-fully-healed eye?

    Congrats on getting rid of the dead wood!

    That top picture resonates c-o-l-d – it’s over 80 degrees Farenheit here and I got a chill when I looked at it! A very welcome chill, I might add….

    Have a good weekend, dear Granny! 🙂

  8. Those waves are enormous. The surf has been huge all along the coast. Hope you are not straining those eyes too much. LOL! I also dont know how you cant get your eyes wet if you put drops in hehe….poor Jasmine. I think she was probably perfectly happy about the jersey…..her expression though is what is commonly known as an FU face HAHA! It is bitterly cold granny. Keep warm friend. Love you xx

  9. It looks mighty cold in that first photo granny; the waves make it look very dramatic.
    Jasmine is obviously a very patient dog with your granddaughter – I love the pic!

  10. The drama in the photos is very appealing, Granny. Love Jasmine’s look of serenity. She’s a ham…

    Enjoy your weekend and Keep a dry eye on yourself! Gaffaw! X0

  11. Is it easier to keep unproductive workers than to retrench them? This country???

  12. That’s a great colour for jasmine

    the drops are not JUST water

  13. She’s adorable!

    That first pic is awesome.

  14. ha cute. how on earth can one shower and not get their eyes wet? good luck.

  15. Let Jasmine keep the jersey, it suits her.
    Stay warm, Love. It’s freezing up here. xxx

  16. That looks like a snug jersey. The color suits her 🙂 We have most certainly been noticing the snow on your mountains here in Gauteng.

    • Hi Yada…still haven’t heard if we HAVE had snow.

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