Posted by: granny1947 | June 22, 2011

Granny goes blah

Hello All.

I think I am going through an anti-climax.
Can’t think of a thing to blog about.
Could be that my brain is clogged up with all the work I have had this morning.
Or the late night I had last night.
I read until after midnight.

Short break.
These damn eye drops sting like hell.

It could also be the four cups of coffee I have had this morning.
Not a good idea.

Our CEO sent me two photos this morning.
I think he is showing off.
Seriously…what a shot.
Wonder what kind of  camera he has?
I must ask.
Not that it will mean a darn thing to me.
Let me see if I can find one to show you.

I believe he has a telescope.
With a GPS.
Personally…star gazing does not grab me.
They are up there.
They are pretty.
How many times do you want to look at them?
Maybe I am missing something.

OK…you can all wake up now.
I am finished for the day.


  1. I love star gazing and only wish I had a telescope!

    • Hi Colleen…how lovely to see you here!!!

  2. Life is one long anticlimax, Hon, that’s why we spoil ourselves with wine at the end of the day.
    Also don’t go for star gazing much.

  3. Nice moon pic. Probably just a digital camera on a tripod. It doesn’t have to be a too expensive one, but the secret is to keep it very still. A shot like this is not possible holding the camera in your hand. It would blur.

    I tried a few that night but it was fr-e-e-zing cold here that night. Between normal vibration and shivering from the cold mine were all blurry. Eventually just gave up and found a window through which the moon was visible from inside the house for the occasional glances instead.

    • Hi Yada…I asked him…just a Canon zoom and it was handheld!

  4. for someone who could find nothing to blog about, you did a pretty cool job of blogging. You really are wonderful Granny and I love ya t bits xx

    love P

  5. Hope you eyes are better. They must be somewhat better if you’re reading. Maybe you boss was trying to take a picture of the lunar eclipse. We couldn’t see it here in North America. Get better soon.

    • Hi Maire…yes it was the eclipse…I forgot about it!

  6. Hope you are having a snooze… will leave you in peace until tomorrow.

    • Hi Adee…no snooze today…my boss would have had something to say!

  7. Oh yeah, coming down off four cups of coffee can be tough! Great shot of the moon. I’ve been enjoying your harbor pictures, it’s a different perspective and I like seeing all the different aspects of your beautiful part of the world.


  8. Granny . . . I have drops in my eyes too. Used to dilate the pupils so the eye doctor could see what’s going on back there. Nothing much. Got the all clear for another 2 years!

    I’m wearing sunglasses inside because my eyes keep screaming, Bright Lights! Bright Lights!

    When we went to the Sidewalk Astronomy session a month ago, I enjoyed seeing the rings around Saturn . . . through very expensive telescopes . . . that someone else bought and paid for . . . and carted to the field for my viewing pleasure.

    Five minutes was enough. 😀

    • Hi NR…I agree….can’t imagine myself getting hooked on it.
      And,yes again, bright lights….not nice!

  9. I’d take the stargazing over the wine. My Dad used to show me the stars as a child.

  10. Love the harbor view shot -is that near you?
    Your eyes must be feeling better if you are reading a lot – but don’t over-strain them granny.
    I agree, the stars are pretty to look at in the night sky but that’s about it. Not into star gazing either.

    • Hi barb…it is about midway between my home and office…if I don’t drive over the mountain.

  11. Healing = Rest and Gentleness. Hope your staff and co-workers are serving you coffee, massages and pillows. If they aren’t, well…you know…put a little note on their files that affect things like raises.

  12. The moon shot is amazing….

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