Posted by: granny1947 | June 21, 2011

Granny sees eye two eye

Hello All.

So…I survived the second operation.
I have wonderful distance sight.
And lousy close up vision.
I would prefer it the other way around.
I have to wait a month before I can get new reading glasses.
It is going to be such fun.

The op,yesterday, was different to the first one.
Oh yes, Linda is a bit squeamish.
Stop reading now love.
Once again I could see everything happening.
But there was no moment of blackness.
I thought he was still battling to get my lens out when he said he was finished.
It wasn’t painful as such.
But a bit uncomfortable.
Nothing to write home about.

He was still chatting to me when he injected under my eye to cut out the cyst.
I went Uh HUH.
He laughed and copied me.
It wasn’t anything as painful as I was expecting.
My bloodpressure went up for nothing.
Cutting out a cyst must be quite tricky.
It semed to take forever.
I THINK there is a stitch there.
But,as I said, my close vision sucks.

I am being chicken today.
I have taken another day off.
It is glorious here.
A real stunner of a day.

On the way home I asked Mex to stop at a bakery in Kalk Bay.
Which he did with much tongue clicking.
I bought two wonderful cups of filter coffee.
And came out with a bag of “yesterday” croissants and buns.
A huge bag for R20-00.
You all know how I love bargains.
That is about $3.
We then went down to the harbour where I took the above picture.
And the next one.

There was a youngish man have eye surgery.
Also having his second eye done so I met him last week.
He damaged his eyes very badly from deep sea fishing without sunglasses.
When the selep guy came through(still can’t spell aenaething) he demanded a sedative.
When I came out of theatre he was fast asleep.
Wonder if I should have demanded drugs?
They offerred them to me because my pressure had gone so high.
But I declined.
Reckoned if I could push out ten pound babies without drugs I could handle it.

It was a different guy.
Much younger and cute.
Which I told him.
Love being old.
You can say such outrageous things.
And get away with it.
HE didn’t brush against my boob.
Go figure!

Now I am going for a little granny nap.
Then I am going to take Jasmine to the beach.
Fight the guilty feelings about not being at work.
Make the most of this glorious weather.
Another coldfront on it’s way.

Before I go.
Thank you SO much for all the great caring comments.
I really appreciate them all.



  1. You can’t spell ‘sleep’ either! heehee 🙂

    So glad you’re feeling better (but not well enough to go into work) xx

    • Hehehe Tilly…blame my close vision…too lazy to go back and correct that!

  2. good to hear from you, and good to hear your second op went well. have good nap and a good time at the beach with jasmine. beautiful photo’s as usual ;o)

    • Thanks Dianne…still haven’t napped or walked but it is still early!

  3. So glad it all went well granny. Was thinking about you all day and wanted to call last night but didn’t want to disturb you haha. Go figure!! Now don’t forget to wear your sunnies when you go walkies and enjoy the beautiful day. Do NOT feel any guilt for not being at work. It would cause tremendous eye strain….. 🙂 Love you xx

    • Thanks Colleen…yep…am going to take it easy today.

  4. Take the rest of the week off! Just mention my name and it will be ok 🙂

    • Hi Sue…I mentioned your name and my boss said to come in NOW!!!

  5. Enjoy your afternoon selep then, Love. Guilt schmilt … Love you and glad the ops are out of the way now. xxx

    • Thanks Cin…how did your big lunch go?

  6. I’m so glad to hear that you operations (both of them) went well yesterday. Now You can see and things will be fine. You photos are gorgeous, as usual.

    • Hello maire…thank you so much…think my eyes still have to do some adjusting but all is good.

  7. I’m so glad to hear everthing went fine with your surgery, it does feel a little awkard during this procedure. The photos of the sea is absolutly beautiful.

    • Hi Penny….thank you…that is one of my very favourite places.

  8. So nice to have you back and know all went well! I opted to stay awake for babies…hysterectomies…..yucky stuff getting cut out. I think I have changed my mind though. It is this stubborn thing in me that tells me I am a wimp if I opt to be put under. After hearing a surgeon doing my hysterectomy, at the grand finale, say , “Oh, Sh@…”….and a nurse putting me rapidly to sleep….and waking up with a catheter and a punctured bladder….I’ve decided….you know what….wimp won’t be so bad next time. Granny, your cyst being cut out……yes, I’m with Linda….that made me woozie, just reading this morning and about freaked me out. You ARE SO TOUGH! Love, The newly declared wimp

    • Dear God Toomuch…you were awake for your hysterectomy…never in a million years…that is just plain crazy!

  9. I’m SO glad it’s all over with and that the injection wasn’t as bad as you’d anticipated. $3 for a big bag of buns and croissants??!! I’d have jumped on that as well!

    The pictures are gorgeous, I can just feel the perfect weather there. What a perfect sky!!

    Oh, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award in my post today – I’m sure you’ve had a zillion nominations already, but I had to be honest and put my favorites up there!

    • Awwww….thank you so much RD.

  10. you can’t spell sleep either, but bless you we all knew what you meant…

    Two good eyes eh! ……….eye!eye captain!

    lots of love P

    • Hehehe Patrecia…that was probably not the only mistake…am battling with close up stuff.

  11. Enjoy the croissants – just for being so brave! And stop feeling guilty about the rest. Just enjoy it, why don’tcha! I’m glad it is over (and went well 🙂

  12. Glad to hear all went well, though the procedure sounds kind of icky. Don’t know if I could get through something like that. The photos are gorgeous, it looks like summer, not winter! We’ve been bogged down with rain for 7 days, today we get a break. Sunshine and 24 degrees. Yippee! Take care and enjoy the day.

    • Hi KLRS…we seem to be swopping weather…ours is pretty crummy today!

  13. You must be pleased to put the ops behind you. So glad it all turned out well. Love, D

    • Very relieved Adee…thanks love.

  14. Glad you are done and all went well, enjoy your day off!!

    • Hi Princess…I fought the guilt and it was lovely!

  15. Delighted to hear that all three operations went well and that you are now cataract and cyst free.

    Also glad that the weather is giving you a splendiferous and relaxing day. You’ll be back at work soon enough. Enjoy yourself and your bargain buns. 😉

    • Hi NR…am indeed back at work and the weather is lousy!

  16. You know the old adage
    See one
    do one
    teach one?

    Well that could be adapted for you.

    See one
    see two
    do one
    teach one.

    • Hi Pseu…have never heard that one…I like it!

      • Maybe it’s a medical saying.
        We used to say that ‘s how the nurses and doctors learn: See one, do one and then teach one.

        The other old adage of course is this:

        those that ‘can’, do
        those that can’t ‘do’, teach
        those that can’t ‘teach,’ teach teachers.

      • Hi Pseu…the second one I know!

  17. oh so glad that is all over with! ugh. so creepy. i would need lots and lots of drugs.

    • It is not painful Linda…just uncomfortable.

  18. Granny, you are one helluva brave un! The very thought of someone injecting stuff into my eye or fiddling around with it makes me squirm! I’m not even a big fan of rubbing my own eyes let alone someone else touching them. I figure you must have metaphorical balls of steel to go through all that. Good on yer!

    • I just checked Noob…no balls!

  19. Way to go, Gran! Well done!

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