Posted by: granny1947 | June 17, 2011

Granny sets the record straight

Hello All.

The danger of the written word.
When one doesn’t explain onesself properly.
Does onesself have two s’s?
Is it actually a word?
It looks very wrong.

With regards to my previous post.
The anxiety was not about the looming op.
I am not anxious about that.
Well, just a little.
Oh ok…quite a bit.

The anxiety was about my camera.
I can’t post without a photo.
Feels like going shopping while naked.
Not that I have ever DONE that.

I took an early lunch and went down to the camera shop.
They need my original invoice.
Even though I DID have proof of the date of payment.
The card has to be replaced.
Because I am so disorganised I will have to buy another one on the way home.
While I search for that damn slip.
I,vaguely, recall using it as a bookmark.
I have the habit of putting things in safe places.
All over the house.
It just means I will have two cards.
Which might be a good thing while I am on holiday.
I will be boring you guys to tears with all the pics of Swaziland.
Not a beach in sight.

I will be trying to blog from Swaziland.
But I am not sure if I will get that right.
I WILL take a notebook and jot down stuff as I think of it.
Oh dear…I wonder if i can still write.
More important…will I be able to READ my writing.

When I was in the camera shop,yesterday, I saw a little Samsung camera.
It only had 5 times zoom but that is ok.
I will soon have 20/20 vision and won’t need to zoom.
It was SO cute.
And red.
To match my nails.
It is so compact Mex will never have to see it.
He will give me SUCH a lecture if I buy another camera.
He thinks I should be saving some money for other things.
Like car repairs.
Unexpected medical expenses.
You know….sensible stuff.
It is so boring to be grown-up.

I might not be,consciously, anxious at the moment.
But my hair certainly is.
It is standing straight up.
Like the wife in the “My family” series.
Or is it “Your Family”?
The one with the dentist father.
And the three or four weird kids.
Who remind me of my children.
Only mine are not so funny.

Now I have loads of work to do.
Have to prepare everything for my staff to carry on with while I am off on Monday.
Don’t see why they should have a day off too.
I can be evil.



  1. I hope you get your camera straightened out. I love your photos.

    • Thanks Maire…on the way home…for sure.

  2. My family.
    1: a person’s self : one’s own self —used reflexively as object of a preposition or verb or for emphasis in various constructions

    Now go buy the camera.
    loveyou xxx

    • Heherhe cin…was waiting for the english lesson…thank you.

  3. theonlycin got there before is oneself.

    I am sure that you have already bought the camera. A lady like you does not need permission..just do it
    Swaziland sounds very exciting..where is it and when are you going, and can I come too.

    Have fun and keep smiling.

    love you P

    • Hi Patrecia…Swaziland is a small Kingdom near to the border of Mozambique…I don’t think it will be that exciting but it is very pretty there.

  4. It is ‘My Family’ and it is Zoe Wannamaker
    love you P

  5. I agree, being grown-up and ultra-responsible can be boring! I’m looking forward to seeing tons of pictures and posts from Swaziland. Since I know I’ll never get there, I’ll enjoy it through you! 🙂

    Many hugs and positive thoughts for your op on Monday! xoxo

    • Thanks RD…never say never!

  6. I think you have been very brave about your op, I would cry. My Mum & Dad bought me a new camera and I am trying to figure out how to use it. I think I will have to go on a course in order to learn how to use it properly.

    • No you wouldn,t Sue…good luck with the camera…took me ages to get used to mine…still don’t know all the things it can do.

  7. Get it all sorted, you need peace of mind before you go away.Good luck with the second op. It should be a doddle as they usually do the worse eye first, so yours is done 😉

    • I like the way you think Sidey!

  8. Oh….a new camera and a vacation!!! Lucky girl, have a wonderful time 🙂

  9. looking forward to seeing the pics grannie

  10. Oh, but the little camera … I got a little Sony for my birthday and I love it (mines black … to match my nails) and has 10x zoom. But being able to just stuff it in my pocket (or hang it on my belt and look like a geek) is great.

    Your losing receipts reminds me of something I say when I forget something …. “I made a mental note but lost it.”

    • Hi bud….I often say I must make a mental note on a piece of paper…then I forget!

  11. The last-ever series of My Family starts in about an hour on BBC1.

    • Lucky you…I love the show.

  12. Do you know omega oils are very good for the memory? I’d take them every day… if I could remember where I put them.

    My card once gave me problems, but I found cleaning it sorted it out. I used a glasses lens cleaner. No problem since.

    • Hi Psea…I bought another one in the meantime…double the size…will do nicely for my holiday!

  13. With two card, you will be able to take more photos! Looking forward to the Swaziland pics!

    • Oh Boy Barb…I will take hundreds!

  14. I have a small camera that fits in my purse so I ALWAYS have it when I need it ~ like when I’m drinking FREE margaritas and meeting up with pirates!

    Aargh! 😀

    Good luck on Monday!

    • Oh, it’s a Pentax Optio M20 if you’re comparing prices and features.

    • Thanks NR…Aargh!

  15. The bigger the better?

    • I’ll take the 5th amendment Pseu!

  16. Glad you cleared that up!

    • Hi Hook…were you worried?

  17. Are you really going to Swaziland? Not sure if you’re joking!

    I’d like a zoom lense for my camera…

    • Hi PIP…I really am going…leave on the 2/7/11 and I can’t wait.

  18. Granny, I hope you have a grand time – with lots of stories to share with us!

    • Thanks Souldipper…do hope I will find some way to blog there.

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