Posted by: granny1947 | June 15, 2011

Granny has confused eyes.

Hello All.

Mex took granddaughter and me out for pizza last night.
When I saw the sunset I just had to go back in for my camera.

Yes, I think my eyes are having a little battle over which is the superior.
The operated eye has developed a little nervous tic.
I checked the list of warning signs.

1) Severe pain…nope
2)Severe redness of the eye…nope
3)Loss of vision….Thank God NO!
4)Light flashes or sudden onset of visual floater.

The nervous tic does not seem to be an issue.
However, number four fascinates me.
Visual floaters?
Your new lens?
God forbid.

No…I think my eyes are just a liitle confused.
Much like me.
What is very annoying is my glasses no longer seem to be working.
I can no longer see my book or the computer screen the way I should.
Once they have done the other eye I will have to get new glasses.
What fun.
Thank heavens I only have two eyes.

I now also have to start wearing sunglasses.
No big deal I hear you say.
Another thing I will have to keep track of.
I spend a large portion of my day looking for things.
My cellphone.
My wallet.
My carkeys.
On bad days…my peace of mind.
Or should that read piece?

One more thing for the ladies.
And then I shall stop all this eye talk.
I am not allowed to wear mascara for a month.
Apparently, mascara is full of bacteria.
Who knew.


the above picture is from Sunday.
And, no, you have not all suddenly developed cataracts.
There WAS a haze.

Today the wind is howling and it is pouring.



  1. Poor Granny! It will all be worth it in the end.

    Fabulous photo.

    • No Tilly…no poor Granny…I am doing just great!

  2. The sunset last night was amazing granny. I also rushed outside with my camera and posted a couple photos on my fb wall. So sorry to read about the cataracts. It is worth it in the end. You will definitely need new glasses. When is the next op? And YES mascara is full of bacteria……….your photos are always so awe inspiring. Never get tired of them…I need to visit more often….blogging taken a back seat at the moment. Life is busy….love you xx

    • hi Colleen…next op on Monday…am trying not to think about it1

  3. No mascara? Make sure your lips are painted red!
    Love that sunset pic, stunning. xxx

    • Yes Cindy…no mascara…I feel naked!

  4. So pleased it’s down and dusted. My dad had his cataracts removed last month, and he is delighted with the colourful world we live in. lots of love and keep well

    • Hello Napier….can’t say I am seeing things any different…YET!!!

  5. The sunset picture is amazing. I’m sure things will settle down once you have your other eye done. I have a tic in my right eye and have had it for ages. It’s worse when I drink coffee. Go figure.

    • Gosh maire…maybe you are right…I shall cut out the coffee for a while…at the moment I am drinking Chai Tea…not bad but not coffee.

  6. Granny my dear lady you are really quite wonderful. Whatever else you cannot find, you will never lose your sense of humour.

    A tic is due to nerves, it will settle down and ‘floaters’ are little black spots or lines that float across your eye. Often when I rub my eyes cos I am tired I can see floaters. I try to see where they go but I am not quick enough.

    I loved your pictures
    love P

    • Hi Patrecia…hope I don’t see any floaters….there is only room in my eye for an eyeball!

  7. If your eyes are better after the operation then that is awesome! Then some new glasses to look at life with – yay! When is the next operation due? I’m not too big on make-up anyway but that is interesting… I didn’t know. Hope you feel better soon πŸ™‚

    I value a good pair of sunglasses very much. My eyes are blue and also rather sensitive to bright light, sometimes even the glare of an overcast day. I keep them close all the time.

    • Hi Liane…must say they feel much better tonight. I have never been one for sunglasses but guess I will get used to them.

  8. wow, next op already on Monday, well that’s good it will soon be all done with then. very beautiful photo !

    • yes…they don’t give you much time between the ops but,as you say,all over and done with then!

  9. No mascara – aaarrgh! Didn’t know it had hidden dangers!
    You seem to be doing fine granny, love the photos.

    • Hi Barb…I am doing just great thank you.

  10. The photo of the sunset is beautiful. Red like fire burning in the skys !! You have a great sense of humor, and that is what helps us grannies to surive this world. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Penny…absolutely…would not survive without mine!

  11. Hey Granny! Hope you are feeling close to normal! Just a fyi that I am featuring you on tomorrow’s post. I know that my readers will enjoy your humor. Love, Me

    • Awwwwwww Toomuch…that is so sweet of you…thank you.

  12. Beautiful sunset photo, Gran. Enjoy your holiday today… πŸ™‚

    • Hi Adee…I slept this afternoon…in my book that is a good holiday!

  13. Great photos.

    • Hi Gobetween…welcome to my world.

  14. Glad you’re on the road to recovery. Gorgeous shots.

    • Thanks NR…getting there in leaps or bounds.

  15. floaters are OK. Possibly more there after surgery as they are ‘debris’

    • I have an overflowing wheelie bin in my eye????

  16. Pleez pleez pleezx-wear your shades! Daddy did for the minimally required time only-and after all the years of baling,driving, us working together on the roof, the barn, the everything we did together–this man who loved to read & the “only damn thing worth watching” was History Channel, Discover, & PBS–NOW has macular degeneration. He can’t see squat. The special magnifying glasses for reading give him a headache. He’d never had one so thought he was having a stroke at 87(88now). My hero,mypal,IwoJima survivor, on every Marine float or marching in every parade, firing squad@every USMC funeral at the new NatlCemetery in OH, former vol fireman&EMT,you name it! He cant see if it’s momma across the nursing home room. Only if I make her giggle…”that’s my Frankie”. He always wnt by his middle name too-Johnny. πŸ™‚ SO-Not trying to be a downer but please “be coo” and wear ur shades? Wear really nifty ones&nobody will miss the mascara! How bout lash extensions till you can slather germs on your lashes again? πŸ™‚

    • I am wearing the sunglasses…I was given a pair…ugly but functional!

  17. Incredible photo of the sunset, Granny.

    I suddenly became allergic to mascara two years ago – I cannot wear it. I really dislike the look – very discouraging when I have other aging issues that prevent me from trying false eyelashes, dyed eyelashes or extensions to eyelashes. My God…did you know all this was going on while we simply applied a little blackness to those fine hairs?

    • good grief souldipper….so glad I will eventually be a ble to go back to a bit of mascara…maybe I should just dye my lashes black?

  18. LOVE the sunset picture, gorgeous!!! Feel better soon πŸ™‚ it will all be worth it to have great vision!!

    • Hi Princess…I would be more excited if I had known I had a problem in the first place!

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