Posted by: granny1947 | June 14, 2011

Granny survives step one

Hello All.

So…it was an interesting day.
To say the least.
Can’t say it was the most fun I have ever had.
But, I have had worse.

The day started at four in the morning.
With a pounding headache.
I thought I had better not take anything until I got to the hospital.
Where the nurse said she couldn’tย  help me.
She lied.
She didn’t try.

I arrived at the hopital before seven.
Only to find there were about ten of us.
I was last on the list.
At R8000 per eye that is not bad money for a morning’s work.
But, I guess he has high overheads.
Oversea holidays.

Eventually, they wheeled me into theatre.
Where they stuck a sheet of paper over my face.
Then cut a hole in it for my eye.
After the op he ripped it off.
Dear God…the glue on that paper was strong enough to stick a frigging Boeing together.
I wasn’t aware I had hair on my face.
I don’t anymore.
On the one side.
I might,however, start growing a beard now.

The operation itself was very interesting.
If you are into that sort of thing.
All the people who had been in before me said how wonderful the doc was.
How he explained everything he was doing.
Yeah right.
By the time he got to me I think he was all talked out.
The theatre was silent except for some Tom Jones playing softly in the background.

The op starts with a lot of pulling and tugging on the eye.
I assume to get your lens loose.
I am guessing here.
You can see all this happening in your eye.
Then they blast it with light, I think.
Blast it into oblivion.
And everything goes black.
And you think “okey dokey”…”I am now officially blind in that eye”.
Then there is a lot of pulling and shoving.
And you wait.
And still no-one is saying anything.
Which is good.
The doctor saying shit at this point would have freaked me out.
Just a little.

Eventually there is a bright white circle.
And a little oblong piece appears in the middle of it.
And you go PHEW!
And a couple of minutes later the op is over.

At this point the aenath…..the sleep guy…came in useful.
I said I had such a headache.
He snapped his fingers and within a minute I had two headache pills.
This is about all he did during the whole procedure.
Except for helping me off the bed and into a wheelchair.
He looked like he might have been older than me so ,maybe, it was a good thing he did not have to do too much.
Oh yes…he DID brush against my breast when he was putting on the blood pressure thingy.
But, I am sure that was an accident.

Now I need to find someone to put drops in my eyes.
Apparently, my eye might drop out if I don’t.



  1. It hasn’t affected your sense of humour, eye’m glad to see ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ten out of ten Tilly…when the sense of humour goes they must just bury me.

  2. Your description about the operation was interesting. My brother had his eyes done a couple years ago and wouldn’t even talk about it, and as many of us will have to experience the same thing, you did quite a service with the details. Glad it’s over now and you know what to expect with the next one and will be able to see better.

    • My pleasure Maire…not painful…just weird.

  3. Well there you go, I hope you milk it at home, pretend it’s terribly sore and you can’t see to do any housework or cooking. If you’re good you’ll be able to plug it for a while … 6 months or so …
    Lucky you for getting a bit of a boob-fondle-action.

    • Morning Cindy…of course I shall milk it…especially when I have the second one done.

  4. My burning question is are you now wearing a piratey style patch over your eye and find yourself saying “argh” a lot?

    • It was such a disappointement Noob…they put on a see through patch…very disconcerting…kept want to take off my glasses…only I wasn’t wearing any! They took that patch off this morning…together with a few more hairs!

  5. I believe lots of wine and someone else making dinner is great for healing eyes after such ops.

    • Thank you Dr.MM…I shall definitely follow your advice!

  6. Glad it’s all over, Gran. Not too bad from all accounts. So you had to go back again today? Is that it until next Monday?

    • Hi Adee…yes…he put some aenaething drops in and had a look…I don’t see him again until Monday when he does the left eye.

  7. Oh, how gross! I’m so glad you’re okay and it all went well, but ick! Not sure I’m going to be able to manage that awake, they may have to knock me out for it. The idea of watching all this happen is a bit too much for us squeamish folk!

    • Hi RD…my first thought was I would rather be asleep but I have to admit it was quite interesting….when I remembered to breathe!!

      • Bwahaha…. remembered to BREATHE… HAHAHA

      • ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Dear Granny. I am so pleased that you are okay. I prayed real hard for you…. It does sound a bit icky but as long as the end results are okay a little bit of discomfort is not a problem( Ok for ME to say this I have never had anything ;like that done to my eyes)
    Only one more eye to go ..then it’s all finished 20:20 vision !!!!

    Take it easy young Granny, don’t trying doing too much just because you feel okay.

    love P

    • Thanks so much Patrecia….actually, I am feeling really tired right now…think I am going to slip off home early.

  9. do the drops EXACTLY as you are told. paint colours in large splotches so you can tell which eye and what timescale. By next week you will be glad you did this. advice from 2 friends who have had them done recently. both VERY SUCCESSFUL

    just be prepared in a week or so for a HUGE SHOCK.

    YOU HAVE WRINKLES. you couldn’t really see them before, now you can!

    • Hi Sidey…it is not the wrinkles I am worrying about…it is all the dust I have managed to ignore!!!

  10. So glad it went well! Are you at work? Go home and rest! Love, Me

    • Thanks Toomuch…I was going home early but it is only another 45minutes.

  11. Yay! I didn’t know how soon we would “see” you . . . whether you’d be up for looking at a computer screen.

    Glad it went well.

    My favorite:

    But, I guess he has high overheads.
    Oversea holidays.

    • Hi NR…am battling with reading and computer work…very frustrating!
      At least I am not blind drunk!!!!

  12. Glad it all went well Granny !!!

    • Thanks Princess…me too.

  13. Love your description of the op granny – your sense of humor never leaves you!
    Seriously, glad you are ok – till you have to go through it again with the other eye.
    A couple of glasses of wine might just be the thing tonight to carry you off for a well-needed sleep!

    • Hi Barb….let us not even mention Monday…am dreading it.

  14. That sounds a little scary, but at the same time you sound like you were very brave. It also sounds like it was successful. I’m really glad with you for that, granny! So can you see better now? It will help with the beard ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hehehe….the beard…you know how to hurt Liane.

  15. Growing old quite frequently sucks, doesn’t it. Both my Mom and Dad had cataract surgery but so far, I’ve escaped. Glad it went OK.

    • Thanks Bud…may you avoid it for much longer.

  16. Imagine you even getting on the computer – never mind giving us a description of the operation. You are one very strong lady, dear Granny. Hope you have a chance to discover the world anew. (That could be quite dangerous!) ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy recovery.

    • Actually Souldipper…I had to go back to the doc before work yesterday…when I said I was going to work he said are a tough cookie….the man didn’t tell me I could stay home!!!

  17. Your description of the op has made me quite queasy! Glad you are ok though.

    • Come on Sue….it wasn’t that bad!!!!

  18. Ok – I am all freaked out now and hoping like hell I never ever have to have one of those – I can’t even put eye drops in my eyes – never mind ever considering contacts – how the heck am I going to let them operate on my eyes when I am awake! Eeeek!

    • Hi MissChris…I have never been able to put drops in my eyes either but have learned to do it now…seemed so silly to be rushing around asking other people to do it for me!

  19. good, i’m glad everything went well and is over and done with.. and now it will heal. i have this same opperation in my future, much later.. thanks for the heads up on it ; o)

    • Hi Dianne…still have the other eye to do next Monday but it really is no big deal.

  20. I’m glad your surgery went well. Hugs from me and Spooky:)

    • Thanks Love…good to see you back…I have missed you.

  21. I don’t want too see anything or hear anything! No one should see things being done to their eye!

    • Sorry love…hope you didn’t read today’s post!

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