Posted by: granny1947 | June 12, 2011

Granny’s Sunday Somethings

Hello All.
So…I have put up the picture.
Now I have no cooking clue what I am going to talk about.

I could tell you that I napped for three hours.
Is that still classified a nap?
I probably snored.
I probably drooled.
We will never know.

17 year old granddaughter is here.
I,believe,for two weeks.
There goes my food budget.
And my toilet roll budget.
Have no idea what she does with the toilet rolls.

I went down to the beach.
It was glorious.
I took twenty odd pics of the sea.
Not because I thought the sea was great.
Which it was.
There was a seal.
Having a ball.
Playing in the waves.
I couldn’t catch the damn thing even once!

Then I got a little pee’d off.
The woman, I take shopping every now and again, phoned me yesterday.
Asked me if I was going to the shops.
I said I would go today.
I tried phoning.
And phoning.
And phoning.
The line was constantly busy.
Apparently, it wasn’t put down properly.
Anyway, I drove down to her place.
She told me she no longer wanted to go.
A phone call would have been nice.

Oh yes.
Last night my DIL, son and my granddaughter and I went to see a comedy show in aid of shark spotters.
The comedian was old.
Older than me.
In other words…ancient.
His jokes were old.
But he told them well.
I enjoyed the show.
Even though I kept waiting for him to collapse.
Granddaughter  really enjoyed the show.
Even though the language was a bit out there.
Probably because the language WAS so blue.
Oh alright.
She has heard it all.
When I lose the plot.
I believe in preparing the kids for the future.

She has been wonderful today.
When I got back from the beach she was washing all the windows.
Am thinking I should cancel the op tomorrow.
I can see SO much better now they are clean!
I cooked a huge supper tonight.
Hopefully,she is going to do the dishes.

So…you can’t say I didn’t warn you.
This post is really not for people looking for something deep and meaningful.



  1. You are wonderful Granny 1947, even with nothing to write about you can make it sound interesting.
    Naughty lady not letting you know..

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow

    love P

    • Thank Patrecia…think I should go to bed now…we have to be at the hospital at seven in the morning…about forty five minutes from here!

  2. It was rude of your neighbour not to let you know she didn’t want to go after all. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. God bless.

    • Thank Adee…am sure it will be fine.

  3. Eish! I stay off blogs for a few days and come back to hear you are having an op tomorrow! I will be thinking of you tomorrow, dear Granny.

    • Thanks Madmom…just a minor op…nothing to stress about…I hope!

  4. i found deep and meaningful content


    • hehehe…what are you smoking Sidey?

  5. Good luck on your surgery tomorrow. I’m thinking about you.

  6. life is not always deep and meaningful supergran…it’s just life 🙂

    • Hi Piglet…hard to make day to day life interesting!

  7. It will all be over in the blink of an eye…

    • to true…where have all the years gone, if only we could turn back the clock 🙂

    • Hehehe Pseu….almost that fast!

  8. You may be changing my opinion of Sundays, Granny!

  9. Best of luck tomorrow, Granny!

    • thanks NR…it was quite a day!

  10. Granny, It’s 3:30 a.m. in Cape Town as I write. You still have a couple hours of sleep. Tom and Jasmine are sleeping with one eye open. Their animal intuition is screaming that you are up to something. Be gentle with that young man with the handsome ears.

    • Hi Souldipper…I nearly said something rude to him but thought it wise not to upset him…not while he was probing around in there!

  11. We will be thinking of you and truly LOL’d on the clean window comment. Wish it were only that easy! Can’t wait to hear from you soon! Love, Me

    • Hello Toomuch….thanks for the kind thoughts!

  12. Hugs and love to you my friend, thinking about you for tomorrow!!! xoxox

    • Thanks Princess…am more worried about next week…will blog and tell you why!

  13. I’m having a bit of a dry spell – don’t like it at all. Neither do I want to write about all the serious thoughts that I’ve been having… So in my case I haven’t written for a few days. I miss it 😦

    • Hi Liane….I feel for you…just hate it when that happens.

  14. Thinking of you today. Clean window panes and “clean” eye panes – you’ll be able to see forever!!! 🙂

    • Hehehe Wolf…all the dust and wrinkles!

  15. Thinking of you during your operation today, Granny (I didn’t read this until Monday!), and sending much love and positive thoughts your way. I’m sure it will go fine. Sounds like you’re in good hands with your granddaughter! 🙂

    • Hi RD…thanks love…my granddaughter is the best.

  16. i am so enjoying your story’s and photos’,they always brighten up my day.
    i’m sure your surgery went well today and I wish you a speedy recovery.. ;o)

    • Thanks so much Dianne…I am overwhelmed by all the good wishes.

  17. I’ll be thinking of you today. xxx

  18. I’m late coming to this so I hope the op went well.

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