Posted by: granny1947 | June 8, 2011

Granny is mentalpausal


Hello All.

After the horrific day,yesterday, my brain went into reverse.
To secure my store I have to set an alarm and lock it with a key.
I got down to my car, in the basement, and remembered I hadn’t locked up.
I went back upstairs and when I got into the store I remembered my Cranberry juice in the fridge.
Retrieved the juice and went back downstairs.
Had just got to the basement when I realised I STILL hadn’t locked up.
Back up I went.
Set the alarm.
Got back to the elevator and realised I hadn’t locked.
Notice I was improving.
I didn’t get all the way downstairs.
Talk about being rattled.

I have just made an appointment to see the eye guy tomorrow.
I can’t spell Opthamologist.
It should be such fun.
My eyes have a life of their own.
I can’t put drops in my own eyes.
Strangers don’t have a hope in hell.
I jerk before they have even been touched.
They also tear up before I am even aware it is going to happen.
YOU cry and I will join you.

At this point I need to point out that I am NOT a crybaby.
I don’t cry easily for myself.
But I AM a sympathy crier.
Though I have been known to cry in anger.
Which is so dumb.
It waters down the anger.

Have just had a nice surprise.
Both my sons popped in to have coffee.
I look at them in awe.
What happened to the cute little toddlers?
How did they turn into these huge hulks?
The younger one is 6’5″.
The elder son is six foot.
Hope they don’t read my blog.
DIL….keep your mouth shut!

Now…back to the grindstone.



  1. Did your boys bring you cake?

    • Don’t be silly Cindy…they just come for the free coffee!

  2. I can relate well to you many trips to lock up the store. I forget things all the time and sometimes wonder if it’s the start of dementia. I too have an appointment with the eye doctor. Can’ t seem to see a thing. Can’t spell the other word either.

    • Hehehe Maire….feel much better now that you can’t spell itg either!!!

  3. Sounds like normal behaviour, for me. Trouble is, I’ve always done it. Imagine when I get worse?

    It helps when the cute little toddlers produce replacement cute little toddlers. Trouble is, some of those are getting all growed up, too!

  4. I’ve forgotten to check the coffee maker and then had to go back a 2nd time to make sure I re-locked the door. 😉

    Good luck with the eye doctor.

  5. Pity Jasmine wasn’t with you; that would have been her walk for the day 🙂

  6. Good luck, Granny!

  7. Ever tried making a pot of coffee, and forget to put the coffee grounds in? Ever gone into one room-and stop to wonder why you came into the room? Ever try to put an iron into the refrigerator? Ever look for your glasses, when all the time they are on top of your head? I could go on and on !!!!! It’s diffinitly “mentalpausal” 🙂

  8. I had one of those days – AND dropped everything I touched. That’s when I called a “time-out” to see what I was doing to attract all that nonsense. I’m still doing a “defrag” and it feels might good.

  9. Oh my gosh you sound exactly like me! I forgot so much stuff just like all the time. I’m scared I might leave the house and forgot who I am and where I live.

    I am the same with my eyes also. Last time I went to the eye doctor I refused the test where blow the air into your eyes or whatever they do. It’s a miracle that I can wear mascara.

  10. You know my favorite part of today’s post? Adult sons surprising you. That shows some good parenting granny. What a sweet surprise. Signed my hubby up to get your post’s. Just love them! Love, me

  11. You still have an eye for a beautiful pic! If it’s too cold (or windy) to go to the beach you could always run the stairs to lock up the office 😉

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