Posted by: granny1947 | June 7, 2011

Granny’s Tiresome Tuesday

Hello All.

My day went pearshaped coming over the mountain this morning.
A car overtook me on a solid white line on a bend.
The start of road rage.
I get to the traffic lights at the bottom of the mountain and a taxi goes through a red light.
This is par for the course here.
I get to the circle just before my office and another taxi just pulls out from an illegal stopping area.
I have to slam on brakes.
I sat on my hooter.
The air was blue.

An explanation for overseas visitors.
A taxi here is a microbus meant for about twenty people.
They squeeze in about thirty or more.
The drivers are often unlicenced.
Or have bought their licences.
They are responsible fo an horrific number of deaths every year.
They have no regard for the rules of the road.
They will stop in the middle of a traffic lane to load up another passenger.
I hate them.
Did you pick that up?

Then I arrive at work.
Most of my staff appear to have eaten huge bowls of stupid for breakfast.
I have stock missing.
I find it under someone’s desk.
The singing wonder is also a klutz.
Who is that puppet who always yells…I killa you?
He has a point.

Oh Joy…look at the time.
Time to go over the mountain.
I wonder who I will swear at this trip?
I think I should phone Mex and warn him to move into a hotel for the night.
Oh wait.
He is cooking supper.
He can stay.
Better still…leave the supper and go to a hotel.
Cook it first of course.

I am starting to ramble.
One short step from hysteria.

Have a great evening/day all.



  1. We have those sort of ‘drivers’ here in Bulgaria. No thought for other road users even in the depths of winter when there is snow and ice.
    Many of them do not have insurance as the fine for not having insurance is a lot lower than the premium.
    I hope that Wednesday will be a better day for you. Can I go on your list of those who visit from afar?

    love P

    • Hi Patrecia…I will have to ask Cindy to put your name up for me!

  2. The puppet’s name is Ahmed. I want to kill him.
    Enjoy your wine. xxx

    • Ah…thank you Cindy…and the wine was good.

    • Achmed the Dead Terrorist . . . I keeeeel you! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      The comedian is Jeff Dunham (sp.?)

  3. Those taxis sound awful and dangerous. I hope you supper was good and Mex didn’t have to leave for the night.

    • Hi Maire…the taxies here are unbelievable!

  4. grrrr, taxis and road rage, synonoms

  5. LOL… ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve missed reading your posts while I was in England. I bet the Portuguese drivers could give yours a run for their money!

    • I doubt it Piglet…I doubt it!

  6. LOL Wow what a day! One thing after the other. What will you do about the person who took all that stock? How awful about those taxi drivers – makes one want to go no further than home and the beach!

    I hope your evening was much more relaxing – Mex better watch his step! LOL (You’re too funny, even when you’re angry!) ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Hi RD…I don’t think I was funny by the time I got home…Jasmine,Tom AND Mex stayed well clear.

  7. OH my gosh it’s funny to us even though I k now it’s not too you. Road rage is so awful and seems to be impossible to not have. I know that’s not grammatically correct! I can believe those taxi drivers. If I ever visit I will know not to use one. They should be outlawed.

    • Hi Linda…they rule the roads because our public transport sucks!

  8. My favorite line:

    Most of my staff appear to have eaten huge bowls of stupid for breakfast.

    • Morning NR…today is better..they must have had oats.

  9. There are some things I really don’t miss about South Africa.

    Funny post ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thanks Tilly…Did I mention I hate the them???

  10. I had forgotten about the Taxi warnings while visiting Cape Town. I must admit, Granny, your description made the warning understandable. I thought it was only about the money…didn’t know they were saving our lives as well!

    Hope the infection is all gone. I think that type is the one that can come back all too easily. Do take care, my friend.

    • Hi Souldipper…forgot the juice at home today but I AM drinking water.
      And widdling a lot!

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  12. Great post, Granny!

  13. “Most of my staff appear to have eaten huge bowls of stupid for breakfast.” Hahaha What a witty and creatively entertaining way of putting it. Some people have it for breakfast and some are on a drip ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Good grief Yada…how far did you go back?

      • Not feeling too well for a few days with a headache I couldn’t shake, PLUS having a bit of writers block my e-mail (as well as my blogs) have fallen a bit behind. Still catching up, granny, slowly but surely ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Hope you feel better soon Yada…headaches suck…as does blogblock!

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