Granny needs exercise

Hello All.

Yes…Jasmine and I need exercise.
Before I went home last evening I drove down to the beach.
Only there wasn’t a beach.
The waves were right up to the dunes.
I got out the car to take a couple of photos.
The wind was coming straight off the Atlantic.
I thought Hell NO!
Poor dog.
I think she has almost given up hope of a walk.

When I was in Port Elizabeth visiting my Mom in January, she gave me some of her nightgowns.
My granddaughter grabbed the summer ones.
I was left with this huge,heavy blue one.
Brand new.
Floor length.
Long sleeves.
I normally wear a night shirt or a t.shirt.
Mex took one horrified look when I put the thing on and said GET RID OF IT!
I can fit into it three times.
He said it is a complete turnoff.
I am keeping it.
It beats a headache!

Darn it all.
Work is calling.
Have to run.
Oh ok…shuffle.

20 responses to “Granny needs exercise”

  1. A good warm nightie is always a good idea especially when one need to keep the bottom half warm.
    I don’t have good warm nighties but there’s enough to keep out the cold.
    I loved your tale and I am sorry that Jasmine did not get the walk she was so looking forward to.
    love to you bothxxxxx

  2. I got more exercise than I needed yesterday. I try to walk the dogs a little bit everyday but more often than not that doesn’t happen. So after the sun went down last night I took Snorty and Darla for a walk. The first half of the walk isn’t so easy with them pulling and roaring to go. The last half is slightly calmer. After I got home my daughter called and wanted me to help her walk her dogs! Now those little boogers are pullers. I should have lost several pounds last night. And it was not any cooler after dark.

  3. Poor Jasmine – she needs some games somewhere ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Poor Mex, he hasn’t worked out that a big nightie comes off so easily and the insides are still warm ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. Oh, what a beautiful place you live ! the beach is beautiful. I don’t wear the nightgowns-I have my favorite comfy t-shirts-! and lots of blankets and pillows for staying warm !!

    Stay warm ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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