Posted by: granny1947 | May 25, 2011

Granny’s manic Wednesday

Hello All.

So I braved the elements and took Jasmine for a walk last evening.
It was cold and threatening but she had such a wonderful time it was worth it.
Later in the evening it pelted with rain so the timing was perfect.

My staff all appear to be having a midlife crisis.
Or menopause.
Or both.
I feel like knocking a few heads together.
Telling  them to love each other.
Or get it over and done with and kill each other.

This afternoon things have improved somewhat.
I rushed off at lunchtime and had a,much needed, haircut.
That always makes me feel good.
Unless they mess it up.
Which didn’t happen today.

I nearly sent the following photo to the trashcan.
Then I changed my mind.
For some reason I like it.

The light is really fading fast.
Soon I am going to battle to get any pictures.
The mornings are already out of the question.
I am going over the mountain in the pitch dark.
Very adrenalin inducing.

I have just remembered.
We are going out for supper tonight.
Hell, I LOVE these half price specials.
I have been spoilt this week.
Monday Mex made a big pot of soup.
Last night he made delicious macaroni and cheese.
At this rate I will be forgetting how to cook.
Oh no wait.
Friday is my grandsons 18th birthday.
The lawn cutting grandson.
He is coming for supper.
He wants spaghetti Bolognaise.
I might make that AND a stew and invite my friends over.
Kill two birds with one stone.
Shyte…hope I DON’T kill anyone!

Now let me do a few things before heading home.



  1. Love the pics, the one you almost threw away has a ghostly quality 🙂
    Enjoy supper, we’re having pork chops, sweet potatoes, spinach and beans. xxx

    • hi Cindy…we are having pork chops and spinach done the afrikaans way tonight!

  2. Great pictures as always…a party sounds fun 🙂 have a great Wednesday Granny…

    • Hi Princess…Wednesday has been and gone and it wasn’t too bad…

  3. I love that pic, so atmospheric.

    • Thanks Tilly….yes I am glad I had second thoughts.

  4. Every now and again it is wonderful to sit down to a meal that you didn’t prepare yourself, isn’t it? I also love spaghetti bolognaise. One of my personal favorites! – especially the next day. Somehow it always seems to taste better then. I love your wavy picture 🙂

    • Hi Liane…I wanted to do a whole roast dinner but that is what he wants…I shall spoil him with a decadent pudding!

  5. YUM YUM You’ve got me hungry!

    I love the pics, I can feel the atmosphere through them. Well, that’s it then – if it’s too dark for you to take pics before or after work, your boss will just have to let you off early every day. Your public demands a daily dose of stunning beach photos. That’s my solution, anyway! 😀

    • Hi RD…I will forward your suggestion on to him but I don’t think it will work!

  6. Sounds like you are being spoiled by husband and friends alike! And even the hairdresser is caring well for your needs. Yay!

    Have fun with your law-cutting grandson on Friday. Feed him well.

    • I will NR…he brings out my maternal instinct in a big way!

  7. Great photos ! it is so beautiful there ! How could you ever rant !! 🙂

    • It is easy to rant when you live here Penny…today’s paper just full of corruption!

  8. great pics as always. how can a beach pic ever be a bad one? doesn’t it just make you so mad when you pay good money to get a haircut and it turns out horrible?! I hate my hair right now.

    • Hi Linda…am not over the moon about mine but I did ask her to cut it a bit shorter than normal as I am going away.

  9. Really cold, damp-looking pictures – love them, Gran.

    • I am so glad Adee…how are you doing?

  10. I like the mystic sense about the photos, Granny. Hope the meals were delish.

    • I got on the scale this morning souldipper…they must have been!!!

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