Granny casts her vote…and laughs

Hello All.

I stopped, to take the above pic, on my way home from work last night.
To show you how the mist was rolling in.
I have more.
If you are good I might show you.

So today we have local elections in this country.
Today’s results determine who runs our local area.
Or who DOESN’T run them.
I know my vote is going to do diddly squat.
However, if you don’t vote you can’t bitch.
And we all know how I like to bitch.
At least I can say I didn’t vote for the ruling catastrophe.

So Mex and I go to vote at about lunchtime.
We figured most people would be at home eating.
There was a line of about twelve people.
Nothing major.
We had hardly joined the queue when an official cam up to Mex and asked Mex to go with him.
Mex was puzzled but went along.
I tagged along out of curiosity.
The official then scanned in Mex’s ID book and directed him into the main room.
When I said I was with Mex they did the same to mine.

Mex muttered to me.
Why had he jumped the queue?
And the penny dropped.
And I burst out laughing.
“It’s your silver hair”
And your wrinkles.
But I didn’t say that.
Sometimes I can be kind.
He wasn’t too amused.
He is only 66.

The beach was beautiful.
Not a breath of wind.
Jasmine raced around like a crazy thing.
Scared the hell out of a couple of people.
I pretended I had never seen her before.

And now let me start supper.

32 responses to “Granny casts her vote…and laughs”

  1. Okay, I’ll be good….but only to see more of those amazing photos….

    A couple of years ago we had local school elections that included voting on a proposed school budget. An overwhelming majority voted against it. The Powers-That-Be said they had the authority to overrule the voting public – and they passed the budget. And this is in AMERICA. What happened to a government run BY the people?! Mere words on a fragile piece of paper….

  2. people over 65 automatically get assistance andpreferential treatment. if you have a pensioners card you can pull the trick too. next election, just watch me do it with a shiny new pensioners card

  3. Well done on voting and successfully impersonating a Senior Citizen!

    Ha, Jasmine is an amateur. My lot chased a woman into the sea with spectacular sound effects!

  4. We walked along the marina at lunch today.
    A couple of dogs climbed into the fountain for a swim and a drink.

    I didn’t join them. πŸ˜€

    Glad that you voted so that you will be able to “speak your mind” in the future.

  5. Your pictures make me happy-calm. Or maybe it’s the vodka. No, wait… that’s right… I’ve always loved the beach, in any weather, and these are lovely photos! Happy to have visited your blog! I’d say I’ll be back, but I hesitate to quite Arnold Schwarzenegger right now…

  6. Poor Mex! πŸ™‚ I left it till 6pm to vote and so did half of Maritzburg, queued for 50 minutes!

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