Granny’s swearing Tuesday

Hello All.

Yes…I confess.
I swore.
The air was blue.
The hymn singing,bible reading staff members went pale.
Well, they went a lighter shade of dark.

I pressed the wrong button.
Always a dangerous thing to do.
Instead of selecting 20 stock items to be counted I selected the whole darn warehouse.
Over 4000 of them.

Once you have pushed the wrong button a pop-up message appears.
“you have selected 4355 items to be counted”
With ONE option.
I knew I had made a mistake.
No options for cock-ups.
I didn’tΒ  even press the damn YES.
I pressed the X in the corner.
No room for error on this module.
I now have our support company frantically try to sort it out.
And that is NOT what I said earlier.


NR Hatch did a post today.
With a video clip of the Dalai Lama.
IΒ no longer want to win the lottery.
He is right.
It will cause such friction.
My family is already dysfunctional.
Don’t think I want to add to the mayhem.

If I had won the money I would have used a large portion of it to build some cluster homes.
Not for my family.
God forbid.
For AIDS orphans.
The thought of ten or twelve year olds trying to look after three of four siblings worries the hell out of me.
This is happening on a huge scale in the this country.
I know how hard it is to bring up a family as an adult.
As a child it must be horrific.
I wonder how I can do this without the lottery?

Oprah where are you?

And now that I have depressed you all I will leave.
My work for the day is done.

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