Posted by: granny1947 | May 16, 2011

Granny and the killer

Hello All.

Another misty shot from yesterday.
There was no wind so the mist hung around for hours.
We hardly saw the sun.

So …on Saturday night Mex was sitting on the bed fiddling with something.
Get your minds out the gutter.
I think it was his tablets.

I walked in and said “don’t move”
God I love doing that.
He moves like greased lightening.
Just above his head was a huge rain spider.
A big hairy creature.

If he had been away I would have tried to shoo it out the window.
If that failed I would have slept in another room.
Mex grabbed a tin of spray(there is always one in his vicinity).
I think he must have used the whole thing.
Damn…I should have taken a picture.
You are right Noobcake.
The mind starts to go after sixty!

I checked behind his bedside cupboard before I went to bed and there was a curled up ball there.
I really should check again.
I have heard they eventually recover.
An angry, hairy spider….not a nice thought.
I hope he remembers WHO sprayed him.

Mex does NOT do creepy crawlies.
I might have mentioned that before.

In other new we went to friends for supper on Saturday.
When she arrived I was informed that she had made my favourite dessert.
Lemon Meringue pie.
With real lemons.
Oh my word.
I HAD to show my appreciation.
Two and a half slices of appreciation.
I can taste it now.
What I do for my friends.

One more picture of a baboon.
Dicing with death.
I tried to take more but cars kept getting in the way.
I now have several pics of speeding cars.
Anyone want one?

A follow up on the survey I did.
Apparently, I have won this incredible voucher for accommodation in some exotic place.
To get the voucher I have to attend a talk.
Where they will NOT try to sell me something.
Yeah right.
I wasn’t going to go but my DIL is prepared to fly somewhere for a holiday.
What I do for my family!

And now back to work.


Cindy just pointed out that I forgot to upload the baboon pic.
Think I should volunteer to re-do my licence. 🙂

Now I am battling with the photo.

Okey dokey…I give up…it won’t download more than that.


  1. OK, where’s the monkey picture?

    • Happy now Cindy…and I see the whole photo came through!

  2. Mex sprayed it!

    • Yes Napier…I felt guilty that I had pointed it out.

  3. Hehe, Maddad is like that with Parktown Prawns. I have become the exterminator in the family. Capishe?

    • I am very impressed Madmom…I can’t kill anything…except fleas, flies and mosquitos.
      Oh and ticks.
      And cockroaches.

  4. Hmmm lemon meringue pie – You’ve put me in the mood to make one!

    Don’t blame you with the spider. we have a brown recluse spider, can appear dead…and then….

    • I don’t even want to think about that Piglet!

  5. I don’t really mind the spiders or even the parktown prawns. It’s the dead things I can’t take like the birds and rats that the cat brings in. Hope it doesn’t wake up and attack you…

    • Euwwwwwwww…me too Stephanie….I can’t touch dead things.

  6. You’re so self-sacrificing – first the pie and now the trip! LOL 🙂

    You and I have lemon meringue pie in common – it’s my favorite dessert too. It’s just about the only thing that I like better than chocolate. There’s a restaurant here that makes an incredible lemon layer cake, and the layers are topped with a lemon curd that’s just to die for.

    I don’t think Mex over-reacted – I’d have done the same thing, screaming the whole time. Seriously. Spiders are disgusting. Gross. Evil. Angry looking. Yuck. I’ve never even heard of a rain spider, but I don’t want to see what they look like. I’m imagining something huge and tropical, a cross between a wolf spider and a tarantula or golden baboon spider. G-R-O-S-S!

    • I do wish I had thought of taking a pic RD….damn.

  7. I don’t do hairy, crawling ‘thingy’s’ too well either, but I have a sensitivity to insect spray that borders on ridiculous – even the odorless ones… For me it is the same as any other. Don’t know who they think they’re kidding… even hours after it’s been sprayed… Neither do I have the heart to kill it. It’s a life after all? I would probably have swept it out with a broom or something. It helps to keep these things at an arm’s length, or two or three, four… haha

    Lemon Meringue is one of my favorites too! Can actually be quite easy to make. Yum and do-able!

    • I agree Liane…the odourless ones catch me too…would really rather have the insect.

  8. Spiders are scary. We have black widow and brown recluse that are poisonous. The tarantulas are actually nice looking and shy, and hurt if they bite (not often) but aren’t dangerous.
    The lemon meringue pie sounds lovely. Too bad all I can have is apple juice and tea as this is my prep for the colonoscopy.

    • Good luck tomorrow Maire…will be thinking of you.

  9. Thanks, Kathy

  10. between spiders and monkeys you have touched on my phobias.

    Off I go seeking red wine, tranquilisers and chcolate

    • Drink lots of red wine…maybe I will be able to beat you at scrabble!!!

  11. Poor Mex! My Mother and Doom were best friends until she accidentally poisoned herself 🙂

    • You put a smiley up so I guess it wasn’t fatal????

      • No, but she was copiously sick. She was always overdoing it on the flyspray.

      • Hi Tilly…I have been known to leave the house when mex gets hold of the Doom!

  12. Your level of self-sacrifice
    Not stopping at a single slice
    Reminds us that to be nice
    We should indulge more than twice
    Aiming always for that golden thrice

    Glad you enjoyed the pie!

  13. I cannot stand creepy hairy crawling spiders. I have to find it and rid it-or I will be up all night wondering where its at !!! 🙂

    • I,once,went to bed with a big one on the wall,Penny, and had a VERY bad night.

  14. The only spiders I tend to see are tiny ones, so I’ve no idea if your spidery pal was a bad one or not, are rain spiders the dangerous sort, like one bite and you’re dead in 2 minutes kind of dangerous?

    • morning Noobcake…I don’t think they are dangerous…just scary looking.

  15. Do what you have to do, Granny!

  16. i went to my sons house the other day and they weren’t home. i called them and my dil said you can look at our new shed out back but don’t go in it. ok, i hadn’t planned on it. later when they came home my son said did you see the shed? yes i did. just a shed no big deal. he said, you didn’t go in it did you? no of course not, why would i its just a shed. he said there is a spider in as big as a dinner plate. not kidding. he is very scared of spiders. i think that is weird. he has snakes in his yard and he isn’t afraid of those. I AM though!!!!!! I could hardly play ball with the dog thinking about the one that i knew was in the log pile and where others might be.

    so strange to see babboons just running about. i think they would scare me.

    lemon merwhatever mmmmmm good. my grandmother the best!

    • Hi Linda…a spider as big as a dinner plate?????I would run a mile. Snakes in the garden? I wouldn’t visit!
      I watch baboons from a safe place!

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