Posted by: granny1947 | May 15, 2011

Granny hits back

Hello All.

It is almost bedtime.
Thought I would mention that fascinating fact.

Yesterday, Noobcake did a post on old people and driving.

He is,obviously, very young.
He refers to us 60 somethings as OLD.

OK….we are no longer YOUNG.
But age is a state of mind,
I am sixty four…gasp.
I run a department.

Every day I drive over a mountain pass.
In all types of weather.
I come home the same way.
The people who pass on solid white lines.
On blind bends.
Are YOUNG people who have not learned to respect the power of their cars.
I have never seen a white haired geriatric do that.

Of course there are some old people who should no longer be driving.
There are a hell of a lot of younger people who should never have got their licences.

I agree…do your test again every five years.

In other news.
My mother phoned me on Friday.
Her beloved Siamese cat got knocked over during the night and killed.
She is distraught.
She loved that cat more than her grandkids.
Defintely more than her greatgrandkids.
Probably more than me.
I have had to listen to endless stories of what Monty had done that day.
Hell…I now find I am going to miss them.
I feel for you Mom.

And now a photo,taken today, just for Morgue and Spooky.


  1. The blogger was 36, failed his/her driving test at 17 because he/she was too nervous and HAS JUST GOTTEN A LICENSE!!!! It took 19 years to get over the failure? I failed mine at 17 and retook it 6 months later. I have only have 1 accident that was my fault and it was one of those things that I could have avoided if I hadn’t been in a hurry. The other 5 or 6 accidents were others’ faults. One was a hit-and-run and nearly totaled my car. Young women are the worst drivers I know. They are in too much of a hurry and talk on the phone or put on make up or read books whilst driving. Except for the hit-and-run, all drivers who hit me were women who weren’t paying attention.
    I’m so sorry about your mom’s cat. Losing a pet is difficult. I lost my 18 year old cat in September in her sleep in her little bed with me and the dog. I knew she was going and wouldn’t subject her to a terror ride to the vet. She hated cars. This was the best way. Does your mom have other pets to comfort her? I hope so.
    As always your photos are magnificent.
    Daughter and I are as bad as ever. But son-in-law finally made a payment on the loan.
    The colonoscopy is Tuesday. It can’t come soon enough.
    My new blog is Daughter read the other and went wild.

    • Hi Maire…I will be thinking of you tomorrow.
      Your daughter will come around.

  2. Sorry to hear about your Moms cat, losing a pet is more traumatic than you expect it to be. Loved the photo of the baboons, I was watching a TV show yesterday about Baboons in South Africa, they were certainly naughty little scamps, raiding homes and breaking into cars, made for great watching though!

    In reply to the old people driving thing, I was trying to make the point that whilst not all drivers over a certain age are dangerous, some are clearly more capable than younger ones, but it stands to reason that regular testing can be seen as a good thing when it comes to safety, I plucked 60 out of the air because it’s around retirement age, kind of, but hey, why not 50 or 40 or even every 10 years regardless of age.

    And in response to mairedubhtx, it obviously didn’t take 19 years to get over it, that’s a bit silly, I just used public transport as it was a cheaper option than owning and running a car. In that time I spent a lot of time behind the wheel of the family car so I could drive perfectly well. It was basically due to laziness and taking the easy option.

    On the plus side I really enjoyed the caps and the 4 exclamation marks, really made me smile!

    • No problem Noob…I meant to make my post more tongue in cheek and funny…I am not at all upset.

  3. welldone!!!!!!!!

    people like me who havebeen driving for 40 years are experienced enough to be very defensive drivers, catering for the idiots whose accelerator foot is obviously larger than their brains.

    I suspect he’s just implied he drove the family car WITHOUT a license. who is he to point fingers?

    • No, I drove the family car with my dad in the car with me. I did wonder if a valid discussion would create an uproar with knee jerk reactions! Woohoo!Granny, I apologise for any insults I may have made, I feel my point is valid and shouldn’t expect to be treated as a moron.

      • We are cool Noob.

    • Hi Sidey….my fault…really did not mean to come over all serious…mental note…don’t blog just before bedtime.

  4. If you drove the car without a license, even if there was someone in the car, that would be against the law here in Texas and most states. One needs a permit to practice driving generally. I’m sure you’re a good driver, but everyone should have to retake the driving test every few years, I think. Age doesn’t necessarily make a good driver or a poor driver. Knowing you are in a dangerous machine does.

  5. Them are some good looking baboons! If I had those going through the trash at night making a mess, at least that would make for some interesting pics and storytelling! At this point, I’m going to have to wrangle one of those wild raccoons raiding our trash, put them in an old baby dress, and give it some sort of cross dressing animal title just to break the boredom. Why on Earth,woman, would you need to win the lottery when you have BABOONS running loose to entertain you???? I am pea soup green with envy! Nice pic,thanks for thinking of me and the Spookster!

    • Because Morgue…those good looking baboons do not feed me!!!!

  6. Oh Granny…it is an exciting blog today!!! I won’t enter into it as I love you all…but just let me say this…there are people of ALL ages that can’t drive. I don’t discriminate amongst the stupidity, and I don’t think Noob was doing that either. I totally understand what he means about the seriously dangerous old people that should NOT be driving, but I also see on a regular basis the younger ones that shouldn’t be, hell the ones MY age that shouldn’t be. People just need to pay attention to what they are doing behind the wheel, and it shouldn’t be doing their makeup or texting or letting your little puppy sit in your lap. I did a similar post on this not long ago, it really is rampant everywhere, scary…

    • I am with you Princess…didn’t mean to start a war!

  7. We took my MIL’s car away and pretended it had been stolen. We had to, after someone reported her going up Black Hill on the wrong side of the road.
    Sorry about your mom’s cat 😦

    • Thanks Cindy…she is really upset.

  8. Yikes – I will wither when I can no longer drive.

    Condolences to your mom, Granny. My mom took years to get over the death of her 19 year old Balinese. She really grieved deeply. One day I asked her what made the grief so difficult. She said, “Think of it…none of you kids were at home for 19 straight years.” Point! Psychologists who trained us at Hospice told us that the loss of a pet can be just as difficult as losing a child. So my heart is with the elderly especially!!

  9. Sorry to hear about your mom’s cat. It’s even harder when your pets become like children in your home 😦 The article about old age drivers… very interesting food for thought… However, a difficult topic to generalize on. Nowadays people don’t take such good care of themselves anymore – many of them anyway. Some people have problems of an 80 yr old when they’re 50. Others, however is doing well to their 90’s. Can be a bit tricky to generalize. I just met a lady for the first time now – 103. She still lives in her own home on a small holding, does everything herself – even manage her own finances. She might have been quite capable to drive till 90… who knows. Hmm… tricky.

    • I know Yada…I still feel quite competent but other drivers might think otherwise!

  10. My 80+ mother says we shouldn’t get upset when she occasionally drives on the wrong side of the road in parking lots or small side streets…”haha all older people do it here” is her response. Scares the heck out of me. She lives 1200 miles away and we could never approach her about giving up driving…she’d go ballistic.

    Love the baboon pics!

    • that is something to look forward to RD…scaring the hell out of people when I am 80!!!!

  11. Hey Granny,
    Noob is a sweetie and I am sure he meant no offence. πŸ™‚ I initially took umbridge then I thought about who was making the post and rethought my response.

    Looking at the photo above do you have dodge the monkeys on the road?

    PiP πŸ˜‰

  12. Hi Granny, I am so sorry to hear about your Mum’s cat. How upset she must be, I just wish I could take the hurt away and make it all better.
    As you know we have had our problems with Stumpy, and had he died or not even come back it would have been a thousand times worse than having a cat with three legs. I know just how your poor Mum feels!
    As for oldies driving…me being 72 I have just reapplied for my UK driving licence as I seem to have lost the other one. There is nothing wrong with my driving skills but I don’t think I would like to take another test!!!
    The problem is that young people get fast cars and then ‘show off’ sometimes killing themselves as well as others. Too much power too soon

  13. Yay! PiP says I’m a sweetie! Anyway, if I did nothing else at least I prompted a lively debate and got people chatting away! I love you all!

    • I agree Noob…when people communicate it is always good.
      Now say something else that is controversial and I will have another go at you. πŸ™‚

  14. Very cool shot!

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