Posted by: granny1947 | May 13, 2011

Granny and Friday the 13th

Hello All.

So nature cleaned up for us again.
The beach was pristine.
Even the jelly fish had vanished.
No squishy feelings between the toes.

I contemplated staying in bed today.
Friday the 13th and all that.
Didn’t think my boss would buy into the idea.
He is unreasonable that way.

Our illustrious president has done it again.
A while back he said if you had an ANC(the ruling party) card, you would go to heaven.
No really…he DID.

Yesterday he said if we didn’t vote ANC the ancestors would be angry.
No…I got that wrong…he said the ancestors would turn against those leaving the ANC.
I think I am safe.
My ancestors come from Scotland,Russia,England and France.
I really don’t think they give a damn about the ANC.

I have to admit that Zuma makes an “interesting” president.
You never know what is going to come out of his mouth.
As for Julius Malema(President of the youth league)…you always know he will spout absolute drivel.
The two appear to be at loggerheads at the moment.
Fascinating  time ahead.

I had something else to talk about.
Then work interrupted.
Don’t you just hate when that happens?
Now it has gone.
Probably forever.

OK…duty calls.


  1. I’m so ashamed of our president … 😦
    Have a nice Friday, almost halfway through it.

    • Tell me about it cindy…wouldn’t it be nice to have one we could respect?

  2. Politicians eh? In the UK they all seem as bad as each other, though they don’t make any promises about getting into Heaven if you support them, I wonder if that would make a difference if they did.

    Wonderful photos again!

    • Hi Noob…over there the men in white jackets would take him away!!!
      Here a large number of people will believe him.

  3. The water is so calm today. It must not have heard about the ANC card and heaven. Don’t you have separation of church and state in South Africa. We supposedly do, but not really. Our politicians saw some absolutely stupid things, It’s entertaining.

    • Hi Maire…sometimes it is entertaining…at other times I just cringe.

  4. Wow your president really is “interesting”. Are there that many voters who still buy into such threats? It sounds like a very primitive mindset.

    • Unfrotunately,RD, there are far too many of them….the younger generation are thinking more for themselves.

  5. Beautiful Pictures…thanks for that, have a great Friday xoxo

  6. Happy Friday the 13th!

    It’s Friday, after all . . .

    • Hi NR…my goodness I am behind…it is Monday now!

  7. I like the bottom picture. It looks like it could be a good one for a health magazine – I like the reflection in the water 🙂

    • Hi Liane…I am a sucker for reflections in the sand…have hundreds of them.

  8. One of my blogger friends has declared himself King of the World today because he suddenly realized he would do a better job of keeping life simple than current wannabes. He’s going to only allow rubber cars to be manufactured. I’m going to volunteer to help him (keeping costs down) because the Insurance companies and Legal firms will have trouble paying their rent. Thus the foyers of their ivory towers will be bedrooms for the homeless 6 pm and 6 am. A cleaning system will turn automatically at 6:15 a.m. so the foyers will be pristine for their lord and ladyships who can now deal with important things like governmental misappropriation of funds.

    He’s looking for Assistants from your continent. Watch for ads.

    • Hmmmmmm…a head on collision between rubber cars…a lot of bouncing going to happen!!!

  9. Well, according to a comment in our local paper, this Glenn Beck person says the world will end at 6pm tomorrow night (my time? your time? space time? who knows???) So in the event these crazy people emptying out their bank accounts are right…I just wanted to say hey.
    And for the record, I can’t stand pea soup, but spewing it would definitely guarentee I didn’t have to wait in line anywhere as people would clear a path! Might come in handy for those packed holiday sales..That’s me, always thinking ahead, even if not based in reality!

    • They are emptying their bank accounts???Can I send them my number?

  10. Ha ha…politicians. I can’t get worked up about politics in Portugal as I can’t understand what they are on about. The Prime minister of UK is a pratt…he also talks drivel!

    The pictures of the sea look nice and calm 🙂

    • Hi PIP…Bet he doesn’t promise his voters will go to heaven!

  11. To be a great leader, is to be inspiring and hopeful in their messages and being the example of that messgae put forth. Government may rule, but they can’t rule our thoughts and our hearts.

    • Thank heavens they can’t Penny but simple people are taken in.

  12. Gorgeous photos! Someday, I’m coming to your neck of the woods, I promise myself.

    Although it must be tough having a fool for a leader — try to see it this way — at least he provides entertainment from time to time. I do feel for your country, though.

    Hope you had a nice, relaxing weekend.

    • I hope you do Klrs…always a place to stay with me.

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