Granny’s Thursday thoughts

Hello All.

So last evening was hectic.
I got home at four thiry five and Mex confirmed we were going out.
He said I should drop him off at the pub on my way to the beach so he could watch a bit of cricket.
Well, that is his story.

I warned him not to get cross with Jasmine.
She hadn’t been to the beach for two days.
I KNEW she was going to be excited.
And she was.
She barked at everyone we passed.
She barked when we were passing no-one.
He got out of the car muttering about how he will walk next time.

Actually, I now find I cringe when I pass someone walking along the road.
Even when Jasmine is NOT in the car.
Pavlov had a point.

As I was getting ready to go to the beach the phone went.
Some woman wanting to do a one minute survey.
Yeah right.
It would have been quicker but SHE was a little slow.
To be kind.

Her…are you married?
Her…So you are a widow?
Me….No.(well I was once but that would have really confused her)
Her…So you have never married?
Me….Yes I have.
Long silence while she processed her limited thoughts.
Her….So you are a widow.
An even longer silence and then I put her out of her misery.
Wasn’t divorce on her check sheet?

When we got to the beach it was filthy.
Some passing boat must have offloaded all it’s rubbish.
And the crew must be crazy about sweets and crisps.
Hopefully, by this evening ,nature will have cleaned up after  thoughtless humans.

The beach was also covered in little jelly fish.
Small round ones with pink inside.
I was going to take a picture but,as you can see from the above pics, the light was not good.
There were so many it was almost impossible to avoid stepping on the odd one.
Not a nice feeling.

Got home and had twenty minutes to shower.
Wash my hair.
Get dressed.
Feed the cat.
Turn the TV on for the dog.(yes I DO!!!)
Put on a load of washing(not becausse I am such a good housewife…I was running out of clothes)
Put my camera batteries on to charge.
I did that all in 20 minutes.
Be very impressed.

Now…back to work.

Enjoy whatever it is you are doing!

16 responses to “Granny’s Thursday thoughts”

  1. Once again, you photos are magnificent. Are those little jellyfish poisonous. I read somewhere jellyfish can sting you. Maybe I’m wrong. Your survey taker certainly did leave out divorced. I would be left out, too. Sounds like you had a good evening.

  2. Wow you really ARE Super-Gran! I wouldn’t even have finished blow-drying my hair in 20 minutes! LOL

    Funny stories about Mex, Jasmine, and the annoying survey-taker. 🙂

  3. Good going granny-your amazingly on the job! I need a fresh sniff of that ocean breeze, maybe that would get me going !!! 🙂

  4. Do South African women attend a course that none of the rest of us have heard about – something like “Patience with Men 101”??

    The contrast the light gives in these photos makes them no less beautiful, Granny.

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