Posted by: granny1947 | May 10, 2011

Granny is feeling very sad

Hello All.

I should have looked for a grey picture.
To match my mood.
A young friend of mine is expecting his first baby.
Well, his wife is.
It turned out to be twins.

Last night they discovered the one twin is in trouble.
If it reaches full term it will not make it.
It is putting the other twin in danger.
They are going to have to abort the one twin tomorrow or the next day.

I feel SO bad for them.
What a dreadful decision to have to make.
There is a real chance of them losing both with the abortion.
Oh dear.

When he told me this morning I was a total idiot.
Instead of being there for him I teared up.
I am so fond of the big teddy bear.
I have not met his wife but I feel for her.

He said that a friend had said it is God’s will.
I would love to believe that but why give them twins in the first place?
What sort of plan is that?

Maybe I am being emotional because I have these huge stresses in my life at the moment.
But I don’t think so.

So people….positive thoughts and vibes for these two young people please.

I will try to post a happier blog later.


  1. Oh Granny, that is so sad.

    Don’t beat yourself up – by tearing up, you were there for him. You showed him how much you cared.

    • I guess you are right Tilly but I don’t think old ladies are supposed to be so damn soppy!

  2. Sending all my love to them in this awful time.
    Hugs to you, Granny.

  3. that is so sad!

    • I know Tandy…I feel miserable for them.

  4. my daughter has twins so this reached my heart. I remember when they were born – first one out – and I knew that if they didn’t get the second one out within 10 or 20 minutes – it dies. it was touch and go and then at last the second one decided to come out. it’s all very dramatic, you have about 16 people in the room all doing different things – and this was for two normal healthy babies. they didn’t look too good when they came out – far too tiny, yellow and all messed up. But now they are 7 and both beautiful and almost normal size. Twins are the greatest joy I can imagine, but it’s tricky getting them into the world.

    I am a Catholic but i don’t think it helps to keep asking God, as if he were a person, why he did this. No ‘person’ a god-person or anyone made the decision, it just happens – there is no reason – you just have to deal with it. I will wait for good news from you. It would be great to hear they were wrong and both children are born live. Truly brilliant. Twins are an incredible joy to bring up and NOT hard work as people will tell you. they are VERY easy – because they are born patient and loving and sharing.

    • Hi Jenny…they are going to abort the one…is just too dangerous for the other…the one has bad abnormalities…I didn’t question him.

  5. That is so sad granny, and not only do I feel for the couple, but I feel for you too, because it has touched you deeply. All you can do is give them the support they need to get through this nightmare. Positive thoughts to all of you from my heart.

    • Hello Barb…thank you so much…I will tell him.

  6. Hi Granny please send me an E mail with their names and I will pray.

    It is sad and I feel tearful for the young couple and I know that my prayers will do the trick!

    • hi Patreica…will send you details tonight.

  7. How very sad indeed.
    God’s will? God is of love and comfort – not pain.
    Life sucks and we sometimes will never understand the reasons bad things happen – not in this life anyhow.

    • Hi MissChris…that is how I see it too…can’t picture a revengeful God.

  8. That’s dreadfully sad, and I agree that if it is God’s will He doesn’t have a very good head for strategy 😦
    Love you, you old softie. xxx

  9. I think your tears meant more to him than any words you could say. Tears come from the heart; words sometimes just come from the mouth. You WERE there for him.

    I will keep them all in my prayers. My heart bleeds for them, what an awful thing to have to go through.

    • I can’t even start to imagine how they feel RD.

  10. What a terrible situation for that couple. I will pray for them. Your photo was beautiful as always. Hope things lighten up soon.

    • Thanks Maire….need to get more pics tonight but it looks a bit damp out!

  11. The doctors may say it is over, but if the Lord chooses for this to end otherwise He is able to do the impossible and turn it all around for good! Children is a gift, a special blessing. So I’m trusting Him for something special for this couple. My heart really goes out to them.

    • Thanks so much Liane…sometimes I just don’t understand….I always say things happen for a reason but this is beyond me.

  12. Taking things as they are, and not as we want them to be . . . I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the abortion of the twin in trouble does not negatively impact the other twin or the mom.

    One thing I have noticed in my life over time . . . most of the “bad things” had positive repercussions. The Universe is a mystical and magical place. Even when we can’t see “behind the curtain.”


    • Behind the curtain…I like that…thank you NR!

  13. Granny, until I looked into reincarnation, I couldn’t accept anything that people said about tragedy and God’s part in it. It made no sense. With reincarnation, I can accept that every single soul chooses its parents and what it wants to experience in this lifetime. Then there is an agreement made with all souls involved so everyone has the life experience of their choice. Trouble is we forget all about that and have a tough time understanding the “why”.

    That concept sits easily in my soul. Plus it demonstrates the truth behind God giving us our own free will.

    As a parent, you and I would NEVER give that burden to a child. Are we better than God? This is not God’s doing.

    No life is in vain. Each one serves a grand purpose – no matter the length of time.

    • Thank you for that Souldipper.

  14. Get well sonn, Granny!

  15. Is there any feedback on this, granny? What happened?

    • Yes Liane…they injected something into the sac of the troubled twin…now they have to wait for it to come away normally…the last I heard the other twin is fine…

      • Thank you. I will pass that along and inquire again in a bit…

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