Granny’s Monday musings

Hello All.

I have titled this musings because, as of this moment ,I have no idea what I am going to post about.

I could get annoyed because the convicted wife of the Minister of State security is still getting paid until her appeal has gone through.
But I won’t.
That sort of thing is par for the course here.

I took Granddaughter home yesterday and,as I arrived home, I saw this cloud formation.

It looked as if there was a cloudburst but we didn’t get it.
Very unusual.

I took the following pic while I was waiting for P. to come with me to the beach.
You might have to click on it to see it clearly.

I tried to get some pics of some baboons yesterday but they were moving too fast.
There was a youngster(couldn’t have been more than six months old) with a baby on it’s back.
That particular troupe certainly believe in starting babysitting duties early.
Sorry Morgue…will try again soon.

And now let me get back to work.
It is a five day week.
That totally sucks!

28 responses to “Granny’s Monday musings”

  1. LOVE the photo of Jasmine and her perky little ears in the rearview mirror! All the pics are great, especially the clouds. Your granddaughter should put that photo of her on her Facebook page – really nice!

  2. Aha! Too many days off Granny…now you do not want to work! Retire…..

    i loved the pics.What wonderful cloud formations, really interesting. I wonder what the technical description would be.

    Dog is so beautiful.

    love P

  3. I was watching this show Oddities the other night about this Oscuria store, and they had this lamp made of a baboon’s foot and I felt a little ill. If I made a lamp out of a person’s foot,well, that would be wrong, but a baboon foot is ok? Baboons are people too, how else could they run MY government? _hugs_

  4. granny
    I like the photo with the cloud formation, it really makes one want to stare at it’s magnificent movement. Beautiful !! Your grandaughter looks like she is enjoying the beach and the breeze. Nice post granny, I always like your photos.

  5. The lassie is a sweetie and Jasmine’s photo is priceless. She’s saying, “Come on! Come on!” – watching the door with such intensity. Love the cloud photo too! Just an all round great post.

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