Posted by: granny1947 | May 8, 2011

Granny and Mothers Day

Hello All.

And a happy Mothers Day to all the Mom’s out there.
What the hell…a happy day to ALL the ladies..Moms or not.

I nearly didn’t go to the beach yesterday.
When the clouds are over the mountain like that you know there is a howling South Easter.
It turned out to be quite pleasant.
The beach is fairly sheltered from that particular wind.
There was hardly a soul around.
A few surfers.
And, in the distance, a woman who appeared to be dancing.
We avoided her.

I have been really spoilt this morning.
The granddaughter I adopted brought me breakfast in bed.
Scrambled egg on toast.
Two pancakes.
One savoury and one sweet.
And a framed pencil drawing of a horse that she had done.

As she was away for my birthday I got my birthday present yesterday.
A collage saying “happy birthday Mom, I love U, from Pam.
On the other side she had written a poem.
I am going to share it with you.
Please don’t tell her!

To my amazing mother
There is no other
Person like you
You are the morning dew
On the grass of my heart
Till death do us part
You are the sunshine to my day
And a real beauty if I might say
I will love you unconditionally
And I thank you for taking care of me
I am so lucky to have you as my Mommy
And thanks for being there for me.

A really special kid.
Just love her to bits.

And now I guess I had better do some housework.
Not that I want to.


  1. Pam is so sweet, and talented too.
    Love the pic of Jasmine.
    Happy mother’s day. xxx

    • Thanks Cindy…you too…hope you were spoit?

  2. How lovely of her! So far I’ve had a phone call from my son and the dudes, no sign of the Troll yet..made my own breakfast!

    • Hi Sue…got an sms from elder daughter…nothing from the sons and will have a heart attack if I hear from the youngest brat!

  3. you raised her well! she is a great credit to you

    • Thanks Sidey…it is a miracle she is so balanced with all the rejection she has had in life.

  4. Happy mother’s day, granny 🙂

    • Thanks so much Liane…is there a “granny” day?

  5. what a loving poem, yes understand why you always say ‘I love her to bits’
    Glad to hear you are spoit, you deserve it 😉
    have a great day
    love you

    • Thanks so much Napier…love you too my friend.

  6. Happy Mom”s Day Mrs K.
    Your poem made me cry it was so beautiful, either that or I am a great big softie.
    What a lovely thoughtful girl your Pam is….
    love P

    • Then we are BOTH softies Patrecia…I teared up too!

  7. That’s a lovely poem she wrote for you granny, very touching – she is one very special girl.
    I love the photo of Jasmine!
    Happy Ladies Day!

    • Thanks Barb…yes…we have a special bond…she was with with from 13months until two years ago…just love her to bits.

  8. What a lovely poem and a lovely granddaughter. Enjoy your day, Granny

    • Thanks Maire…she IS very special.

  9. Happy Mother’s Day Granny 🙂

    • Thanks Princess…hope yours was good.

  10. Ha ha:

    And, in the distance, a woman who appeared to be dancing.
    We avoided her.

    Your loss . . . that was ME! Or her kindred spirit. 😉

    Happy Mother’s Day, Granny!

    • Damn NR…another missed opportunity.
      In my defence I have met up with some VERY strange people on my beach!

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  12. Enjoy your special day, Granny!

    • Thanks Hook…it was great!

  13. Happy Mothers Day, Granny!!!

    • Thank you Bud…it was more of a Granny day but it was good.

  14. Pam’s lovely poem is a direct reflection of you and the wonderful impact you’ve had on her life – you deserve every syllable! Glad you had a good gran-day! 🙂

    • Thanks RD…she is so special.

  15. The poem brought a lump to my throat.

    • Don’t feel alone Tilly…me too!

  16. I was going to wish you a happy mother’s day yesterday but thought it would be trite and lost amongst the well wishing. So I put it off until a warped idea came to mind. For you,my lady:

    Roses are red
    violets are blue
    give Granny presents
    or she’ll sic a baboon on you!

    • Hahahaha…I love it Morgue…thank you.

  17. So sweet. I received a handwritten long thought out letter telling me I didn’t make as many mistakes as I think I have made. How nice of my daughter to overlook so much.

    • come on Linda…I am sure you did just fine.

  18. You big beautiful heart! No wonder you get poems and drawings and breakfast in bed!

    • Stop it Souldipper…you are making me blush…it doesn’t suit me!

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