Posted by: granny1947 | May 6, 2011

Granny…the unbeliever

Hello All.

A bit of background for my overseas friends.
Yesterday, the wife of our minister of state security was found guilty of drug trafficking.
Yes…read it again.
Only in Africa.

Now, colour me cynical but he didn’t KNOW?
She must have been making loads of money.
He thought she was able to stretch her allowance?
Not for one second do I believe he was not aware of what was going on.
This is our minister of STATE SECURITY.
Just how secure IS this country?

Are there foreign submarines watching me on the beach?
I want to know.
I will charge them entertainment tax.

Actually, why am I surprised?
Our state president was being investigated on 264 charges of fraud just before he came into power.
One of the members of the National Executive Council was found guilty on murder charges.
She is still there.
A large number of the members have criminal records.
I think it is a requirement to get places here.

OK…I will get off my soapbox now.
While I wait for the men in black suits to come and pick me up.


  1. one day your are moanal, the next day you are attempting subversive activities. You do like to live dangerously. I always thought that free speech belonged anywhere in the world except Africa.
    I also thought that the English politicians were bad enough but your lot beats them 100%, were they ‘voted’ in by the people?

    As for Rickey..I always do my letters on the computer, so he will not mind if its not handwritten

    love P

    • Yes Patrecia…they were voted in and will be again at the next elections…our guys are better than any soapie.

  2. Hope you know an underground network you can run to πŸ™‚

    • Nope Tilly..this is the plan…they charge me…I get a record…I run for president!

  3. Zuma just phoned me, he’s read your blog and wants to know where you live.

    • So…you gave him YOUR address Cindy???

      • No, someone else’s πŸ˜‰

      • Good thinking Cin.

  4. Damn, what a scary place! And I thought the occasional UK politician with a minor expenses scandal was bad. Still, nice photo again Granny!

    • Yes Noobcake and that is just the tip of the iceberg!

  5. Know you don’t watch English TV – and our cinema – but there are back to back dramas about corrupt governments, councils and all the rest of the Ruling Bodies….. not just SA, America, but Danish, Dutch and they haven’t started on the Italians yet, or, really the French.

    hope they make a film about Berlonisconi (spelling?) one day. We, the Brits, just can’t understand how he gets away with it – if Cameron so much as looked at another woman he’d get hell!

    • Hi Jenny….we have become punch drunk in this country. When your president has about five wives and over twenty kids you learn not to expect too much.

  6. Not so strange, Granny. Happens all the time in Mexico and in the southern counties of Texas. Drugs are so prevalent that everyone is involved. Now we have a drug war on the border with bullets hitting the police station on the American side in El Paso. Not a night goes by that at least 4-5 people are not killed in Ciudad Juarez across the border. It’s even as far north as San Antonio. You are not alone. Just keep taking photos, though not of the miscreants.

    • Well Maire…our miscreants are all politicians…plenty of pics available!!!

  7. LOL I love the “entertainment tax” idea!! I thought politicians were corrupt here, but your guys are above and beyond! Things are getting scary all over, though, between corruption and extremism and deal-cutting and and and – it’s an endless list. Really prevalent these days. Shame.

    Not a good note to end a week on! Happy Friday anyway, and have a great weekend! πŸ™‚

    • Hi RD….Our guys have taken corruption to a whole new level.
      Have a great weekend too.

  8. there are calls for himto resign as he has been compromised by this

    • It will never happen Sidey!!!

  9. As trite as it sounds…Politicians are like diapers. As soon as you change a dirty one, another dirty one is right there needing to be changed. I say sentence them all to live in near poverty for their term, see if that would weed out the greedy corrupt ones. Anyone with a brain and desire to make things better is already living just above poverty so they wouldn’t consider it a sacrifice!

    • That is SO true Morgue!!!!!

  10. granny
    If you become president, Washington would never be the same ! but they would have a ranting lady on the team !!! πŸ™‚ I gave up trying to figure it all out ! Our system is need of a major rehaul !!

    • Hi penny…I guess we all have our problems…at least Obama appears to have a bit of class…ours is a clown.

  11. Granny for President of the US? I’d vote for you! Just grab a baboon as a running mate, no one will even notice the different species as long as it can smile and nod! Power to the ranting ladies!

    • No Morgue…I want to be president here…our gravy train is better than yours!

  12. Granny, the only phrase I can think of to describe these types of shenanigans is “crazy-making”.

    • Yes Souldipper…one has to laugh or we would never stop crying.

  13. Just found you while ‘noodling’ around the blogs – noodling is my older sisters word by the way.
    Your politicians are the stuff of a sitcom and make ours appear very tame. The worst things that happen here are they double dip on expenses. So in the scheme of things I think we will keep them over yours.
    I have never been to South Africa but dispute your claim to living on the most beautiful beach in the world. Paekakariki here in NZ is the most beautiful. It is rugged and wind blown and mostly deserted.


    • Hi Judith…thanks for the visit.
      Have never heard the word noodling. πŸ™‚
      OK..we will just have to agree that both our beaches are beautiful.

  14. Always question authority, Granny!

    • Oh I do Hook…all the time!

  15. I know we are oceans apart but have you ever heard of Kwame Kilpatrick, the ex mayor of Detroit? Let’s just say that he and the wife of your state security minister would be best friends. We’re still listening to his mad ravings over a year after he was jailed for an entire list of crimes.

    Yes, do come to the US and shake up Washington. I’m all for it.

    • Hi Amy…I don’t know where everyone got the idea I want to come to the states. Our gravy train is much more lucrative. πŸ™‚

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