Posted by: granny1947 | May 4, 2011

Granny is tetchy

Hello All.

I think I am back.
I have been feeling a bit off balance.
Not literally.
I am not unhappy.
Just sort of numb and blank.
Does that make any sense?

I have three major worries in my life at the moment.
I think they are taking up too much space in my old brain.
No space left for waffling.

On a lighter note I received this in the mail this morning.

Why you need a GPS in South Africa.

Our weather has been unbelievable.
Really confusing.
One day freezing and pouring with rain.
The next 28 degrees and feeling like summer.
Yesterday I came to work in thick mist.
I went home in thick mist with a nasty cold wind blowing.
Today is a stunning 28 degrees again.
No wonder my brain is battling.
It is spending all it’s time trying to control my thermostat.

By way of a change I took the following picture from my verandah over the weekend.

It is grey and dull but I sort of like it.
Maybe because it matches my mood.

Have a great day.


  1. Here’s hoping the issues sort out well.

    Did you ever see the SA movie ‘White Wedding?” – there is a wonderful signpost in it.

    • Hi Sidey…no…tell me about it.

  2. Am in the same headspace you are in, Granny. Hope you get the issues resolved.

    • Hi Madmom…maybe it is a phase of the moon????

  3. We all have days like that, Granny. Hope it doesn’t last for you.

    • Thanks tilly…it is improving while we speak!

  4. Just don’t blame it on age! I am older than you and I don’t feel down.well not at the moment.
    I think that your ‘ down’ mood is due entirely to your weather. When it is bright and sunny it is a well known fact that people feel sunny as well so when it is cold and damp you will feel that way too.
    Never mind my dear..the sun will soon shine again. If its any consolation it is cold and damp in Bulgaria too. UK has all the sun!!

    one of my cats has gone missing..3 days watch out for him in SA..he is a bit of a wanderer. Black and white with a stumpy tail so his name is Stumpy

    love ya baby ! P

    • Oh Dear Patrecia…I do hope the cat comes home soon…let me know!

  5. I only know of one of your worries, maybe the taxman is the second, but I am with you in spirit and hoping things look up soon. Love you xxx

    • Hi cindy…the taxman doesn’t even figure!

  6. “Just sort of numb and blank.” ~ I know what you mean. Hoping the sun will shine again for you soon 🙂 Maybe, for the moment, the weather is a welcome distraction 😉

    • Morning Yada…the weather is just plain confusing!

  7. Worries will definitely cause feelings like that. I hope things take a positive turn soon.

    I like the picture of the bird silhouette too, it’s got a thought-provoking quality to it. I laughed at the direction sign photo – too funny!

    • Hi RD…glad you enjoyed the photo…am starting to enjoy snapping birds….very hot here today…will have to drag myself along the beach just now.

  8. The bird photo is beautiful. I hope you feel better soon.

    • Hello Maire…I am fine….just sort of out of sync.

  9. Hugs Granny xoxox

  10. Hi Granny – Love the drama in the first photo. Too bad the drama couldn’t stay in photographs! My thoughts are with you – big time.

    • Thank you Souldipper…wait…am not talking to you…you made me cry yesterday. 🙂

  11. I love the photos . . . especially the last.

    LOVE is the antidote to FEAR . . . as I’ve recently been reminded.


    • Hi NR…sometimes one fears BECAUSE of love!

  12. granny
    We all have our gloomy days-but thanks to the sunshine-it always makes a difference in my mood. I have a few pressing situations going on, but with perseverence and my determination I will get through this. We can each feel a little off balance at times-thanks to changes that that come into our life, taking on new meaning, just as we need the change.

    • Wise words Penny…I really haven’t been feeling down…just otherwise…don’t know how to describe it.

  13. From your reply to my comment, it sounds like you think I was chastizing you for not posting. Not at all, it was more a comment on myself and how I vanish for days because I have TOO MUCH to vent, none of it pleasant, so I force myself to go silent. I just wanted you to know I’m still here, daydreaming about leaving this place and raising my Spooky amongst the baboons. Eh, they can’t be any worse than some people I’ve met. They have to have better hygiene.

    • Hi Morgue…should I win the lottery I shall set you up in this country…open a little business for your hubby and invite a whole lot of baboons for tea.
      Their hygiene is a bit suspect though!

  14. There’s something waiting for you on Older Eyes. Stop by to pick it up here:


  15. Everything you write makes sense, Granny!

    • Not everything Hook…sometimes I talk absolute rubbish!

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