Posted by: granny1947 | April 28, 2011

Granny and it’s over.

Hello All.

Yes…my six day break is over.
It sped past.
I missed a lot of it.
I slept a lot.

Before I went off last week I warned my staff not to phone in sick this week.
I woke up at two this morning with a headache from hell.
Guess what?
I couldn’t phone in sick.
One has to set an example.

Actually, I couldn’t stay home.
An old friend had invited me for a belated  birthday pizza lunch,today.
One doesn’t look a gift pizza in the eye.
I don’t care what Mex is having for supper.
I’m alright Jack.
I also reek of garlic.
Thought I would add that titbit of information.

Winter has arrived in Cape Town.
It didn’t tiptoe in either.
We went from 30degree temps to single figures.
It is going to be a LONG winter.
Mex is already complaining.
And it has only just started.

I didn’t post yesterday.
There was nothing to report.
I only got out of bed at four o’clock.
Damn that new duvet is cosy.
I don’t believe I am actually telling you all just how lazy I can be.
I DID read a whole book.
It wasn’t entirely wasted.

And now it is thirty minutes to hometime.
Let me get finished.

I have just looked at the time.
This time, 42 years ago, I was pushing out a ten pound son.
With a nineteen and a half inch head.
All the ladies go OUCH!
Happy birthday my darling.



  1. Glad you had a good holiday 🙂 Happy Birthday to your very large son, and yes, I said ouch…hope your headache goes away!! xoxox

  2. OOUUUCCCCHHHH!!! Happy birthday to Granny’s son! It sounds like your summers are very short – how long are they? Ours go from May to August, sometimes even into September. I’m not a fan of hot weather.

  3. OUch! What a gay day!
    Happy 42nd Birthday young fella. and Happy Anniversary to you too

    That time did go so fast but I am glad that you managed to relax, even better in bed ( especially if you had a nice young hunk)

    Lots o Love


  4. Judging from your photos winter looks good! Big Happy Birthday to your son!! I’d like to offer you a sympathetic OUCH from all the guys, regardless of how macho they may be, that sounds painful!

  5. Best of luck being back at work, Hon.
    No comment on that big head …

    • Hi Cindy…are you back from your holiday then?

  6. Welcome back, Granny!

  7. And you say I beat up on myself too much! What’s wrong with some well deserved vegetation and cozying up with the duvet on your break? It’s okay to be “lazy” when someone runs as much as you do! Just taking care of Tom, Jasmine, and dealing with Mex earns you the rest! Then there’s your family and your job…Hope you enjoyed it,heaven knows you earned it. Just wish you qualified for battle pay! Hugs!

    • Thanks Morgue…you make me feel much better.!!!

  8. Ow! And wow!

    • Yep Tilly…it was very ow!

  9. I had no idea you were such a lay-a-bout! 😀

    Mmm . . . pizza!

    • I have years of practice NR!

  10. Happy birthday to your son granny but I have to say ouch too! That’s one big baby!
    Hope you are feeling relaxed and rested after your days off at home. Reading a book all day sounds like heaven!

    • Thanks Barb…Judging by the weather I might be able to do it tomorrow too!

  11. Good heavens – 10 pounds? Ouch indeed.

    • Hi Blogbrarian…nearly all head too!

  12. Hope you survived this day. Oh, you did, I just know it. You survived the birth of a…what was that size?? Hope the lad lives up to it!

    • Hi Souldipper..still don’t know HOW I gave birth to him!

  13. thank goodness, I almost felt like the only person on the internet who went to work!

    • Hi Sidey…misery loves company!

  14. You know what? For the life of me I cannot smell garlic on a person. I can smell it in food – when someone has cooked with it, but not on a person who has eaten it… Is that good or bad…? You tell me haha 😉

    • Hi Yada…I call that VERY lucky!

  15. Happy birthday to your son. I love the high surf pictures … I think I may have been a seal in a past life. Of course, my mother always said she wanted to come back as a seagull. My son wants to know what kind of birds those are in your pictures. Could they be cormorants? Feel better …

    • Hi Bud…I know very little about birds but I think they are cormorants.

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