Granny and day four

Hello All.

My six day break is dwindling away.
No…it is racing by.
Only two days left.

I haven’t walked today but I went down to have a look at the surf.
Lovely and wild.
It has been raining on and off.
It is fairly clear right now but I am expecting friends to come over for coffee.
Hope they bring cake.
I don’t have a thing in the house.

Mex took me out for breakfast this morning.
Now I feel fat.
Well, fatter.
I always feel FAT!

Mex bought me a new duvet inner.
A hollow fibre thingy.
My present/past one was feather.
I am going to miss it.
It is over twenty years old and the material has frayed.
I won’t miss the feathers flying all over the place.
We think he may have developed an allergy to all the feathers.
I refuse to give up my pillow,though.

OK…Have just mixed a batch of scone dough and it is in the oven.
I expect it to come out of the oven looking pretty much how it went in.
I have no success with scones.
For some reason there are only six scones.
From two cups of flour.
Does that sound right?
No…I thought not.
Oh well…they are VERY good friends.

I wonder if I am going to get a pressie?
I love pressies.
Some people just never mature!

And now I had better race around and tidy up.
A little.

36 responses to “Granny and day four”

  1. Is the surf rougher this time of the year than others? I know in Hawaii the north shore of Oahu has a very rough surf in the winter as compared to the summer.

  2. Ooo I LOVE scones! I enjoy making them; can’t say I’ve ever only gotten 6 out of 2 cups of flour….unless those are very BIG scones you’re making! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Have a fun time with your friends!

  3. Happy Birthday Granny!
    They must have been huge scones to only get 6! Shame they didn’t rise as they should, but as long as they were tasty, that’s all that matters. Did your friends bring you a cake or a pressie?

  4. It was your birthday? Oh nooooooooo…. *groan*
    I missed my favourite granny’s biffday and now I’m going to have to eat some worms…. dammit!

    Hoppy hoppy hoppy biffday Granny – may you have the Lotto as a present… MWAH!

  5. OK, I give up. What the heck is a pressie? Oh, looking at your comments … a present? Oh, yeah, the online Urban dictionary confirms it, in UK, Ireland, and Australia, a pressie is a gift. Apparently in South Africa, too.

    Anyway, as others said, is it your birthday? If so, Happy …

  6. Happy Birthday Granny! Eat cake, eat scones, laugh and be merry! Ace photo again, makes me want to climb into my screen and make a run for the surf!

  7. I love going out for breakfast! I also find that – when I do go – I tend to not feel hungry until later afternoon when it is almost time for dinner. But on days like that… who cares about lunch, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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