Posted by: granny1947 | April 23, 2011

Granny and day two.


Hello All.

I didn’t post yesterday.
I hope someone noticed.

All I did yesterday was walk on the beach.
And nap some more.
Nothing worth blogging about.
But I just did.

The picture is from the other day.
I have been down to the beach several times, hoping to catch some more rough seas, but it has been boring!
Beautiful but boring.
Not that the beauty bores me…never…just no photo opportunities.
I took this one today.

After the beach we went for a drive down the road.
To a little farm centre.
Loads of quaint little shops.
Selling crap.
At hugely expensive prices.
And we saw these.

At this point I need to explain to my overseas friends that we don’t get camels here.
They don’t wander about our streets.
They don’t even wander about in our bush.
Baboons yes.
Camels no.
These are not happy camels.
From the noise they were making I think they were very grumpy camels.
However, I don’t speak camel so I could be wrong.
The way they were trying to bite their handlers was a bit of a giveaway.
Maybe it was affection?

We also saw this art for sale.

I don’t know about you lot but I could not live with that.
I mean…what is with his head?

And now…enjoy the rest of your weekend.



  1. I love you photos of the waves.

    • Thanks Maire…just love your one too….your gutters look pink…how unusual.

  2. I think that the man on the right is saying ‘I have a stiff neck!’
    And I am not sure what the other one is!

    anyone else got any ideas?

    A good post Granny and lovely pictures…Let us do a swap!

    love p

    • I looked at the one on the left while it was downloading and thought..oh hell it is obscene…but now I see it is a giraffe…with it’s head twisted…have no idea why they have to twist all the heads!!!

  3. Love your description:

    Loads of quaint little shops.
    Selling crap.
    At hugely expensive prices.

    • hehehe NR…I tell it as I see it.

  4. Great photos. I agree, don’t think I would ever get tired of the beach either.
    Cool camels, I can’t imagine seeing camels outside of a zoo. That’s so neat. 🙂

    • Hi EC…not sure if I approve of the camels…this is not their type of climate.

  5. Oh, Granny, Granny…Don’t you know the basic rule of thumb about art? If people like you and I are sitting there going, HUH?WTH? The wealthy people will flock to buy every piece of it up, touting it as the best thing since tapioca. Call it a ‘fertility statue” and the rich masses will flock with even more fervor. I’ve always said, if it’s ugly and I don’t get it…It MUST be art.
    Personally, I find the grumpy camels more appealing, at least they’re useful. They remind me of someone…Oh,yeah, grumpy me! Hugs!

    • Hi Grumpy me…you sound a bit better?

  6. lol maybe the artists are part-time camel drivers. not too successful in either career

    • You might just have a point Sidey.

  7. Sounds like a great day!

  8. I never get tired of the beach either! Cool seeing the camels – did you have a ride?
    Don’t like the ‘art’ either, so it must be expensive and ‘collectable”! 😉

    • Don’t be silly Barb….do I sound like the type who would climb on a grumpy camel????

  9. One of the fantastic concepts of art, I find very intriging is the fact when I am looking at the different sculptures-I can make it what I want it-or I can draw my own conclusions of what it is saying to me. The same goes foe the paintings and art photography. Like the photos-seeing the camels had to be fun.

    Enjoy the beach ! wish I was there ! 🙂

    • Actually Penny…seeing the camels makes me vaguely angry…they don’t belong here.

  10. Guys the statue is clearly smoking something with a little extra kick. maybe kick wouldn’t be the right word though since now he can’t hold his head up straight!

    • Hehe Linda…whatever it is I don’t want any!

  11. Please tell me that guy on the right is holding a snake?
    I have never seen a happy camel …
    Love you xxx

    • Oh hell…will have to go back to look Cindy…love you too!

  12. If only we would let animals live in their natural habitats. We humans can be such creeps to animals. Oh oh, it’s not good to jump on a soapbox when we’re visiting someone else’s blog. *Jumps down and walks away muttering.*

    • Feel free to jump on your soapbox here Souldipper!

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