Posted by: granny1947 | April 15, 2011

Granny’s Friday Adrenalin rush.

Hello All.

So this morning I am driving to work.
Minding my own business.
It is Friday so I am mildly happy.
I am happier AFTER my coffee.

The light was bad.
It was light but the sun had not come over the mountain.
However, the street lights had already gone out.

Suddenly there was a baby baboon jumping into the road.
I know they say you must not swerve to avoid animals.
I did.
I hit the brakes and swerved to the right.
The mother baboon must have yanked her kid back.
I reckon I missed it by a ball hair.
I was wide awake for the rest of the trip.
Thank God the taxi behind me managed to brake too.
If he had ploughed into my little tin can I would have been history.

The rest of the day has been pretty crappy.
I got an sms to say the taxman had assessed another year.
Thought I would ignore it until Sunday night.
Why spoil the weekend.

Just now I thought I should stop being such a coward.
Bite the bullet and all that.
Went online.
He has reduced what I owe him.
I am a happy granny.
It would be nice if he just wrote off the whole lot but I am grateful for small mercies.

Now it is almost time to go home.




  1. small mercies are still mercies

    • I am VERY grateful Sidey!

  2. I also had 2 narrow escaped on the roads today, maybe there is a significance in that

    • What is with these TWO narrow escapes???? I only had one!

  3. My daughter had 2 narrow escapes on the road yesterday – sounds like something’s in the air! Weird. It sounds so funny to hear that a baboon ran into the road – here the “wildest” things we have are deer…though there is evidence that a mountain lion or two have made their way to the woods nearby. Anyway, I’m glad to hear the taxman lowered your amount due – reason enough to have a good weekend! 🙂

    • Hi RD…Baboons are part of the landscape here…I love them…even when they are pulling my dustbin apart!@

  4. Glad you got that tax assessment reduced, Granny, and you and the baboon weren’t hurt.

    • Especially the baby Maire…I would have felt SO bad!

  5. Glad you’re not history, it would make me very grumpy.
    Glad about the tax xxx

    • Just grumpy Cindy? Damn!

  6. Congrats on your victory over the tax man!

  7. hiya Granny..lovely to talk to you… It is not nice when wild life is killed on the roads, but it is better them than you…just think how many people would miss you.

    Always good to get your tax reduced. i used to work for tax Office in Uk and always tried to give money back but only where it was due.

    Love to you


    • Hmmmmmmmm…Patrecia…debatable….Jasmine and Tom maybe.

  8. Happy weekend Granny!!!

  9. Another wonderful photo Granny!

    • Thanks Noobcake…there is a gale blowing today and heavy seas…will be down there later to capture them.

  10. Glad you were able to miss him without a bad consequence. I hate it when animals get hit – even birds and even if it was a complete accident. It still makes me feel so sad 😦 It is a life, you know – whether big or small. Nice surprise from the tax man. Always a pleasure to have those 🙂

    • Hi Liane…I am sure his mother must have yanked him back….don’t know HOW the taxi managed to stop.

  11. Yay for you and the baby baboon
    And for the taxman axing your taxes.

    • Hi NR…it was such a surprise…he has one more year to go…will probably hit me for double on that one!!!

  12. It seems to me that there is just no way to not swerve. It’s like a sneeze. You can’t help it. My dad has always been adament about us not swerving. I swear I have swerved for leaves that I thought were chiuahuas.

    • I agree Linda….especially a baboon, or a dog,or a cat….oh hell…no I can’t hit anything.

  13. Hurrah – on all counts, Granny! Maybe the Taxman got the video “Dear Woman”???

    • Don’t know that viseo SD…is it something I should see?

  14. You get baboons jumping across the road like we get kangaroos hopping across in front of the car; I know how you feel, but one day I actually hit one and I was a blubbering mess even though it hopped away none the worse for what happened!
    Great news from the taxman – now you can enjoy your weekend!

    • Hi Barb…hitting a baboon would be like hitting a human child…only hairier.

  15. I’ve had armadillos run out in front of my car – we have lots of armadillos in Oklahoma. And they run across the roads a lot. You can tell because of dead ones. But I have to say that I have never seen a baboon (baby or otherwise) jump into the road. Crazy! Glad you escaped. I don’t think it would be good to “monkey around” with a baboon. (Okay – you can groan very loudly now.) 🙂

  16. Happy your tax bill was reduced and even happier you are still here to share that news 🙂

    • Thanks Tilly…me too…haven’t done my will yet!

  17. Seems a distinct possibility that you have a terrorist baboon conspiracy on your hands 🙂

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