Posted by: granny1947 | April 12, 2011

Drunk Granny

Hello All.

The following just popped up on a news e-mail:

Drunk gran held for assault
A grandmother has been arrested for allegedly hitting her 11-month-old grandchild with a hammer.
Full Story …

Let me hasten to assure you all…it wasn’t me.
Just how drunk do you have to be to hit a baby on the head with a hammer?
What did she think he was?
A pink elephant?
A large rat?

He couldn’t have been answering her back.
Hell, he probably can’t talk.
What were his parents thinking?
Wait…it was 2:am and they were not home.
Drinking probably runs in the family.

I have to confess that I have often been tempted to take a hammer to my KIDS.
But they are all bigger than me so that has never happened.

I can’t be too bad.
At one stage or another most of my kids have left their kids with me.
Sometimes for flipping YEARS!
I have never hit one of them with a hammer.
Though I have reduced some of them to tears with my tongue.
I have left it too late to raise a hand to my grandkids.
Most of THEM are bigger than me.
And I love them far too much.

I know I am making light of the above situation but it, actually, sickens me.

Now…back to work.



  1. Shame, that’s a dreadful story 😦

    • I agree Cindy…and it happens all the time.

  2. How sad! Something tells me this is going to take a long time to get over. Shame 😦

    • I know Yada…makes one want to smack someone…with a sledgehammer!

  3. What a horrible story! I can’t imagine how even drinking can lead someone to do such a thing. I want to hug my granddaughters closer,

    • Hi Maire…just can’t figure it out…am sure it must have been drugs too.

  4. That’s disgusting! How can anyone do a thing like that? Maybe her punishment should be that someone smacks her with a hammer. Now I just want to go and hug my whole family.

  5. The mind boggles.

    • I just can’t relate Tilly!

  6. Not a very nice story..
    I love my grandkids but when they were younger and smaller I used to be able to command respect by just glaring at them., believe me it worked .every time. Now of course they are all grown up, the eldest being 34 but my stare STILL works.

    It even works on badly behaved kids that I see in the street.

    I just got that magic touch!
    Love to you Granny x P

    • Ah Patrecia…the granny look…there is nothing like it.

  7. I can’t even read it….I would rather read what you write 🙂

    • That is good Princess because I don’t think the link worked!!!!

  8. i know a niggly child can drive one crazy, but you go outside and yell, you don’t hit the child

    that sounds like a totally disfunctional family, is there any hope at all for them?

    • I doubt it Sidey…the kid will probably go the same way.

  9. Can’t understand how anyone could do this to a child – even if they are drunk. Someone should do the same to her and see how she feels. Sickening – too much child abuse in this world unfortunately.

    • Yes Barb…not just in Africa…though it is VERY bad here.

  10. Some people should not have kids . . . or grandkids.

    • Agreed NR…poor baby…it just isn’t fair.

    • Isn’t that the truth ! Children have to suffer under the hands of these imature adults !!! if you can call them adults-I can think of some other words-but trying to watch my tongue here !!

      • Hi Penny…On my post you can say what you like…I am not easily shocked!

  11. I would not want to be her the day she wakes up and faces herself.

    • Right Souldipper…wonder what she felt the next morning…if anything.

  12. granny

    A terrible story, it seems we hear more of these stories every day-there is no excuse for anyone to harm a child. They don’t ask to come into this world. I can’t help but to think of all the women in the world-that would love to have a child to care for and give it all the love in the world. One day they will have to face their maker-and it will not be nice-but unfortunatly children still have to be confronted with these monsters in the world.

    • I know Penny…what sort of future does that child have?

  13. Ugh makes me sick. sick sick. It’s hard to believe their are people like that in the world. There just is no excuse. None at all. You’re parents did it too you, so what. You were drunk, so what.

    • Hi Linda…I can’t believe anyone can be THAT drunk!

  14. It sickens me, too, granny. I just don’t understand the way some people treat other people – and a baby!

    • Hi Dawn…I don’t accept that it was the booze either!

  15. At least you’re an honest blogger..and Granny!

    • Hi Hook…I am an honest blogger…gee…who knew. 🙂

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