Posted by: granny1947 | April 10, 2011

Granny and the smell

Hello All.

Another scorcher here in Cape Town.
Fortunately, I went down nice and early.
It was gorgeous down there.
It IS April isn’t it?
Isn’t this supposed to be autumn?
Should we be having 30 degree days?

So, yesterday, after cleaning Jasmine marks off the walls I decided to give the pooch a bath.
By the time I had finished, my three quarter pants were drenched.
Before Icould change them my daughter,SIL and No.7 arrived.
They left and a friend arrived.
To cut a long,and boring, story short…by the time we had to leave to go to friends I had still not changed.
I was, however, dry.

All the way to their house I was aware of an unusual aroma.
Dog shampoo.
Their dog was intrigued.
I have NO ticks or fleas.

Have just seen a news clip about a 100 year old man who went sky diving.
Is the man senile?
Sky diving does not feature anywhere on my bucket list.
Mind you….
Neither doesΒ  diving with sharks.
Or bungee jumping.
Spending a night in a tank of snakes(especially that one)
Or going in one of our black mini cabs.
Let’s face it.
I am not very brave.

And now I think I will go to bed.
Monday tomorrow.



  1. April. Autumn. What is wrong with you people? πŸ™‚

    I have read (no personal experience) that there is something about a woman who smells of dog shampoo. The article didn’t specify what that something was, however. Any ideas?

    Yes, so what is on your bucket list (it got me thinking so I’m trying to return the favor). Probably end up as a post.


    • Hi Bud…we are confused here in Africa!
      You know….I really don’t think I have a bucket list…well maybe….with just one item…to get debt free.

  2. Hi Granny sydiving would not feature on my bucket list but I suppose at 100yrs old he was looking to meet his maker!

    I’m intigued – what has your dog in the photo above got in its mouth?

    HAve a good day

    • Hi PIP…a very special piece of seaweed…she had it clenched in her jaw for the whole walk.

  3. I plan to celebrate my 100th birthday by sky diving. At that point, it’s all down hill anyway.

    Bombs away!

    • Oh boy NR…we will have to agree to differ..I would have to wear a nappy!

    • At 100, we’ll all be wearing nappies. πŸ™‚

      • Hehehe Nr…we will probably have forgotten to put on knickers!

  4. I am glad you are tick and flea free!! and like you, I have no plans EVER of going sky diving! My motto is, why jump out of a perfectly good plane??

    • Hello Stephanie…I agree….thank you for the visit!

  5. i thought he was wonderful, the kind who wants to have fun (even if it scares the stuffing out of one)

    • Surely when you reach 100 the last thing you want is to be scared,Sidey?

  6. Did any of the friends notice the smell..? πŸ™‚

    • Hehehe Yada…they are GOOD friends…very diplomatic.

  7. I guess at 100 there wasn’t too much too lose.

    • Hehehe Linda…yeah…I still wouldn’t do it,though.

  8. Skydiving has no place on my list !! I say anyone nuts for jumping out of a perfectly good solid running, airplane !!~ πŸ™‚

    • I agree Penny…feet firmly on the ground.

  9. I would love to do something like that when/if I turn 100! Nice post, Gran. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Adee….I am quite sure I won’t be around at a hundred…perish the thought.

  10. Hello Granny! What did Jasmine have in her mouth in the first photo? Couldn’t quite make it out. I wish we were having 30 degree days here — our April is off to a slow start. Still tons of snow on the ground, but it did get up to about 13 today. Actually walked around without my jacket — from the pool to the car — so not very far, but still. . .Take care and have a great week,

    • Hi Klrs….you have snow and we have heat,heat,heat. When winter does arrive I think it is going to be hectic.

  11. What has Jasmine got in her mouth?

    • Hi Barb…she carried that piece of seaweed all the way back to the dunes to bury it.

  12. Hello everybody; Jasmine has SEAWEED in her mouth.

    • thank you Cindy!!!!

      • thanks for clearing that up!

  13. Hahahaha…I thought it was a really big dead frog, seaweed is better πŸ™‚

    • Hi Princess…if it had been a frog I would have taken it away from her…one big frog!

  14. Jozi has been in autumn mode for ages now – I don’t think we even had much of summer this year.

    • Hi Madmom….we have had a summer from hell…another hot day today!

  15. Great post Granny, and I love your pooch! I have 5 pooches( is that the plural of pooch) all of them need a bath.

    Any offers from SA,

    Have a great day m’dear

    love P

    • Hi Patrecia…send ticket..will fly…will bath dogs!!!

  16. Hello…glad you are tick and flea free…say that fast! Love you Lots xxx

    • Hehehe NA…I just tried!!!

  17. I love photos of Jasmine with her beach finds – she always looks so happy and pleased! Skydiving at 100, eh? I guess he’s done it all now.

    • Hi RD….I know…would love to know what is so special about certain pieces that she has to bury them.

  18. Good grief, do you know what I do sometimes? (I did this yesterday, I see.) I write a comment, then “X” out without hitting the “post comment” button. You’ll just have to believe me that all my most clever comments have been lost to infinity! πŸ˜€

    • Damn Souldipper…now I am going to worry about what I have missed!

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