Posted by: granny1947 | April 8, 2011

Granny has a Blah day



Hello All.

It has been a day of mistakes.
I think just about every single one of my staff made some mistake or other.
OK…not EVERY one but some made two or three.
I even made one.
But we won’t talk about that.

Oh good grief.
Just look at the time.
Almost time to go home.
And it is Friday.

I said something about it being Friday to Mex,this morning.
He said…then it is only two days till Monday.
But then this is from the guy who doesn’t like the mountains.
Says they get in the way of the view!

There have been a lot of ads, on the radio, about a website that gives you 20 free sms’s a day.
I have registered.
And sent a whole lot of them.
So much nicer than trying to send an sms via the phone.

However, old age has taught me a few things.
Like you get nothing for nothing and very little for sixpence.
I wonder what the catch is?
Will let you know.

So it has been an irritating and boring day.
No-one set fire to anything.
No-one had an interesting ailment.

I think I will just head for home and a glass of wine.

Wait…that reminds me.

A woman is sitting on the veranda with her husband

and she says, “I love you.”

He asks, “Is that you or the wine talking?”

She replies, “It’s me………….talking to the wine.”

Have a great evening/day. 



  1. LOL great joke!! Regarding your sixpence quote – I’ve discovered that the more you do, the less people appreciate you (me). I’m putting in wayyyyy more than a sixpence worth and getting irritation in return. Think I might back out of this project and dump some “friends” along with it. Sometimes I just want to run away to a cottage by a rambling river and associate with only puppies and nature….

    Have a great weekend – ignore the “2 days” comment and enjoy every minute!

  2. Enjoy the wine, Hon, you deserve it. I’d join you if I was there.

    • I know love…wish you were here too…the denial continues.

    • Love the joke, Granny. It would be grand to relax and have a glass of wine with you and Cindy at the beach. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Hope the “blahs” get better. And enjoy your wine.

    • Thanks Maire…had the wine and now my bed is calling!!!

  4. The mountains get in the way of the view..? The mountains IS the view (or part of it anyway 🙂 Have a stunning weekend!

    • LOL That was my first reaction too, Liane!

    • I know Liane but he is adamant…doesn’t like the mountains.

  5. Go well, Gran, and enjoy your weekend.

  6. I loved the joke !

    Well you did not have a very good day, but then it was not a bad day either.

    I hope that you will enjoy your wine, have a good rest for two days and get well prepared for the ‘ interfers with the view’ on Monday

    love P

    • Hi Patrecia…Why can’t I see where your blog is?????

  7. Happy Friday Granny…or is it Saturday there now? I can never figure our time difference…

    • Me neither Princess…It is now Saturday…8:30am…which won’t help you as you don’t know what time I posted this…yes you do…oh you know what I mean.
      It looks like you sent yours through at eleven last night but I don’t know what the time was on your side.
      I have no idea why we are having this conversation.
      Or you might be asleep and I am talking to myself!

  8. Loved the joke! Sounds like you need to enjoy your weekend more than usual Granny so sip your wine – it’s a good start! Who knows what might happen afterwards . . . ?
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    • Morning Barb…I sipped my wine…and you know what…NOTHING happened!

  9. ah yes, Friday……………………..

    • I know Sidey….me being being…it is that much closer to the Easter weekend!

  10. Speaking of jokes, Granny, if I didn’t send you this, then shame on me. If I did, enjoy it again. It’s worth a repeat!

    • You did Souldipper and I loved it.

  11. Have a nice glass of wine and enjoy the evening. ClassyRose sent me here.

    • Well, good on Rose then Jackie….welcome to the nuthouse.

  12. No one set fire to anything? Bah! That’s beyond boring! Maybe me and my matches need to visit you! Mwuhhhh

    • I wish you could Morgue…that would be so great.

  13. Great joke! Good work, Granny.

    • Hi Hook….I keep thinking of you as DR.Hook!

  14. I like the idea of getting together at the beach and having a glass of wine !! Count me in !!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Wouldn’t it be great Penny…the conversation would be non-stop…and I reckon we would laugh a lot!

  15. I can hear all of saying !! Is that really you talking ?? We would reply: No, that’s me talking to the wine !!! 🙂

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