Posted by: granny1947 | April 7, 2011


OK…You can all relax.
A bit of poetic licence.

A few of our fluorescent lights needed replacing.
So, early this morning, three men appeared to do the deed.
Yes ladies…they sent THREE men to change a light bulb.

They had just installed the first one when there was a bang and flames shot out of the fitting.
And plastic melted.
I did not know my staff could move that fast.
One would have sworn it was time to go home.
One of the MEN was the fastest.
It was certainly no case of women and children first.

I didn’t flinch.
Because I am brave.
Because I was a good way away from the excitement.
Because I am not really into fast movements.
Unless there is a snake.
Then I would beat the whole bunch of them.

Anyway, now the professionals have been and we have light again.

In other earth shattering news…..
My camera is refusing to delete the photos currently on the card.
Murphy’s law….the guarantee was up last week.
Hopefully, I have just pushed some button I shouldn’t have touched.
Someone is going to have a look at it for me just now.

We went out for pizza last night.
No cooking or dishes.
Life is good.

My friend has just been.
The camera is working.
No…I have no idea what I had done.
My eyes glaze over when you get technical with me.

Now I have to go upstairs.

Be happy you lot.



  1. Wonder why they sent 3 guys?

    • Hi Cindy…one to change the bulb and two to watch…this IS Africa.

  2. Granny,
    Glad you’re safe after the light misshap. Also glad you camera came back to life. I was having trouble with my Mac yesterday and took it to the Apple Store where the Genius spent 30 seconds fixing it. I will never understand technical things.

    • Hi Maire…just hate when that happens….they always look SO superior!

  3. I always thought the joke was ‘how many Irishmen does it take to change a light bulb? so you have put a new slant on that joke!
    When I saw the headline, I thought that you had lost your job! Thank goodness that I was wrong!!!
    Thank you for a great post Granny,

    • Hello Patrecia….thought the heading would catch you all…glad it worked…hope it is NOT prophetic.

  4. THREE men to change a bulb – haha. Hopefully at the end of it there was light! πŸ™‚

    • And then there was light Liane!

  5. LOL Granny you’re as funny as ever! I think you should write an anecdotal humor book of short stories called Granny’s Cape Town Adventures LOL!

    Glad your camera is fixed and you didn’t catch on fire. Makes for a good end to the day πŸ™‚

    • Hello RD….I will probably be burned at the stake one day!

  6. Wow Granny…you got me! Just logged on scanned at least 200 emails in my inbox, groaned and then spotted “Gannys Fired”..I am a nosey old bag and clicked across to see why πŸ™‚ thank goodness you’ve not been πŸ™‚
    OK better go and do some housekeeping re inbox…so I will probably stop by again later …

    PS reminds me of the joke…how many women with PMT does it take to change a light bulb?


  7. You had me worried there for a minute, Granny!

  8. We’re those 3 guys blonde, as in “how many blondes does it take to change a light bulb?” Glad you haven’t been fired. ;-> Hugs xx

  9. Well were the guys at least hot?

  10. you really don’t know?

    1 to hold the globe and 2 to turn the ladder!

    • Hehehe…good one Sidey.

  11. I might have found the title of this post “funny” if you hadn’t been talking all week about “matters pressing heavily on your mind.”

    In light of the support and concern your readers have offered you lately, I’m a bit surprised that you would take this measure of “poetic license” . . . just to encourage us to rush round to read your amusing musings.

    But maybe that’s just me. 😦

    • Oh Dear NR…I never looked at it that way…I am SO sorry…it was just the flames shooting out that made me think fired….I really am sorry.

    • It’s OK, Granny. You’re having a tough week, and are to be given some latitude. I am glad to know that being fired is NOT what’s weighing heavily. πŸ™‚

      • I have sent you an e-mail NR.

      • Thanks, Granny!

        Here’s to brighter days ahead filled with ample doses of your marvelous sense of humor.

  12. Oh Granny you got us good.

    • No Linda…NR is quite right…I didn’t think.

    • This would have been hysterical on April Fool’s Day! πŸ˜€

  13. Your title got me, so yours was the first email I read this morning!
    I love your sense of humor granny!
    Not surprising they sent 3 men to put in one light bulb.
    Glad you got your camera working properly again – I do things like that and then feel a fool when someone else fixes it in like 5 seconds! Not good with technology!
    Have a great day!

    • Actually. Barb, am surprised they diodn’t send more…big bulbs!

  14. granny

    Even when disaster hits-I try to see the humor !! Glad you did not get fired-!! Hope everything there on the beach is going smoother. Watch out for those technecial devices, as they can give you a buzz, as well as a headache, trying to figure what makes them tick !!! or “Explode!! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Penny…I never even attempt to figure them out…a complete waste of time.

  15. Nothing dull about that office life!

    • Actually.Souldipper, yesterday was pretty boring.

  16. Three guys to change a light bulb – job creation in a very creative way, lol! Glad you seem to be more cheerful, Gran, although I got a shock with your heading.

    • Sorry about the shock Adee….didn’t really think that through.

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