Posted by: granny1947 | April 6, 2011

Granny nearly gets it right

Hello All.

A quick post as it is almost time to head for home.

I thought I had pink eye this morning.
I thought I would get to go home.
It didn’t work.
I DID try looking pathetic.
Which wasn’t difficult.
My eyes were itchy.
I had tears running down my cheeks.
But the damn things just wouldn’t go pink and sick looking.
I probably just got some mascara in them.

I am really struggling at the moment.
I am the type of person who like to verbalise my problems.
Once they are out there I can deal with them.
This time I can’t.

I have told a couple of very close friends.
People I feel I can trust.
And they have been wonderful.
However, it is all still swirling around in my brain.
And expanding because it can’t escape.
I might just explode.
Which could be messy.

I remember when my second husband died.
My poor friends were wonderful.
I talked about him all the time.
I talked about him so much even I got sick of hearing about him.
I got it out of my system.
Of course, I still think about him…but I dealt with it.
Be prepared…when I CAN talk about this I am going to drive you all crazy.

And now I have to run.
Someone came in and interrupted me.
With work.
How dare they?

Thank you all for the lovely messages.
they mean so much to me.



  1. Well my cyberspace shoulder is here for you if you need it Granny…hope all is better soon…

    • Thanks Princess…am slowly regaining my sense of humour.

  2. Dear granny, sorry about the non pink pink eye. How frustrating for you. Thinking of you as you do all this mulling over in your mind. Glad you have close friends to confide in, so that you don’t explode. Hugs to you. xxx

    • Evening AD…maybe if I rub my eyes really hard in the morning they will go pink…don’t think I want ACTUAL pink eye!

  3. Granny,
    Hope you are doing better. I understand about being able to talk about something seems to help somehow. Talk to us when you can.

    • Thanks Maire…when the time is right I will let it all out.

  4. I can’t claim to know how you feel, but I know you know how deeply I feel for what you’re going through.
    love you.

    • Thank you Cindy…I know you care…I am not sure how I feel right now….frustrated and sad…very sad.

  5. Just let it all out Granny 1947.. We are all here to listen and we will not get fed up with hearing about it.

    Also we will not make judgements, so say what you want

    love p ( a 1939 granny) xxxx

    • I would love to let it all out Patrecia but it involves other people who might read my post and be hurt…other people need to come to terms with something and then i can let all the pain out.

  6. I hope you’ll be able to get it all off your chest soon, Gran. You will feel so much better… ♥

  7. Have I ever told you how much I appreciate you? I was having a blah don’t-wanna-be-awake-morning and then I check email and see the funniest and truest forward ever…You made me smile and laugh and even wake up. You are one awesome lady, thankies very much!

    • I am so glad Morgue….my pleasure love.

  8. thinking of you. my shoulder is a comfy one if you need a cry

  9. Sorry you don’t have pink eye (!); hope you don’t explode 🙂

    Thinking of you.

    • Thanks Tilly…….I shall probably IMplode…just to be different.

  10. Work does tend to get in the way doesn’t it? I swear no one gets pink eye in the UK, in fact the only time I’ve heard it mentioned is through American TV, so I’m a little baffled by what it is exactly. Is it like hayfever?

    I’m sure no one will mind going crazy listening to anything you say!

    • Pink eye hmmm lets see if I can explain. The tear duct part of your eye swells and gets red. Pus may leak out. It is sore and the eye may be red. Kids get it a lot. It is contagious but not lethal. You just go to the doc and get meds. I think you have to get meds. I can’t remember.

      • Thanks Linda…was most annoyed when I woke up this morning and my eyes were fine and I had to come to work!

    • Hi Noobcake…Linda has given a very good description up above…I have had it once…most unpleasant!

  11. Bring it on, Granny. I’m just like you – I have to talk problems to death before I can purge them from my system, so I understand completely. I’m here for you for as long as you need to talk. When you’re ready, of course. I’m going through a difficulty myself right now – a major injustice aimed at me. I hate being in defense mode. I may have to do some rambling as well! Sending you hugs. 🙂

    • Get it all out RD……wish I could…maybe I will e-mail over the weekend.

  12. Granny, I have my Guides working double time and a half! I love you, sweet soul.

    • Thank you so much Souldipper…that means a lot to me.

  13. We’ll be here for you when you are ready to talk . . .

    • I know Barb…thank you…it might be a LONG time before I can talk…there is so much denial of the situation.

  14. We’ll be monitoring. Hang in there, Granny.

  15. I am the same as you with my feelings. I have to talk, talk, talk. Funny thing is not too long something potentially bad came up. I couldn’t talk. I was furious. Not the normal reaction that most people have in that situation. I was just mad. So I seethed somewhat quietly for a few days. I didn’t tell a lot of people that I know nor most of my family. Then slowly I a hold on it. Everything turned out fine. I hope it will for you too. You just talk away. Go ahead as soon as you like get it all out. Rant, rave. Feel better. Hugs to you.

    • Thanks Linda…I would love to get it all out…just not possible yet.

  16. *Holds keyboard up against explosion*

    • And you think that will help Supa?????

  17. Almost getting it right counts, doesn’t it?

  18. Hope it gets better soon 🙂 When you’re ready to face it, it will step forward and make itself known.

    • Will do Liane…am now feeling dreadful because I was so thoughtless.

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