Posted by: granny1947 | April 1, 2011

Granny is waiting

Hello All.
Please note the title is now out of date.
I WAS waiting for my elder daughter and SIL and number seven to arrive.
For my newer internet buddies number seven is my seventh grandchild.
It would have been silly to call him number six.
Because he isn’t.
My daughter married an Afrikaans guy.
They gave the kid a family name.
Not MY family I hasten to add.
We never talk about his name.
Unless it is in a whisper, in the middle of the night, and there is no-one around.

Anyway, they arrived just after I started this post.
My word…that  kid has grown.
He weighs the same as two pockets of  potatoes.
My back is buggered.

All the grandkids are going to be together for four days.
I have issued instructions for a group photo.
Without anyone pulling a rude sign.
Or making a face.
For a brief moment I was sorry I wasn’t going to be there.
Then I thought about it.
SEVEN of them at once?
I’ll pass.
Most of them are teenagers.
I’ll defintely pass.

I have just tried to convince my boss to let me go off early.
Due to lack of interest.
He said no.
So I will do some work.

See you lot over the weekend.


  1. It’s actually criminal what they named that little baby, but your secret is safe with me. xxx

    • I’m wondering if I could be open to bribes, Cindy!!!

    • Hehehe Cindy…..thank you love.
      How did the job go?

  2. I know number seven’s real name *does jiggy dance* And granny told me when she was sober AND it was still light *giggles and wonders if she would be open to bribes* Have a good weekend! We really must plan a mini-mob thingie again! This time the toad MUST put leave in and join us :o)

    *hides box of Merlot behind Granny’s calendar*

    • You keep those lips firmly sealed Justme…I know where you live(well,I can find out)…thanks for the Merlot!

  3. Congratulations on Seven. I have two granddaughter–identical twins who are 15 now– and that’s all I’m having, So says my only child. I love them both but there are times…

    • Oh my word Maire…twins..think that might have cured me of grandkids…must have been fun,though.

  4. Nice for the young ones to mingle, Gran. Age range?

    • Hi Adee…number seven will be a year old this month…the eldest will be nineteen…also this month!

  5. I just wanted to tell you that I love my morning post in my mailbox from you. They crack me up. Great start to my day. Found you through a Redneck Princess in the neighborhood. Love, Me

    • thank you for the visit..Toomuch…sorry but I have to shorten your name…I am a lazy typist!

  6. A group photo like that sounds like a very stunning idea! Those moments are few and far between.

    • Yes Liane…I will just have to be satisfied with the photo…am not driving 200kms to take a picture!

  7. So nice to have a family photo and for all the kids to spend time with each other! That name thing will plague me, I’ll probably be tossing all kinds of crazy names around in my head for the next few days LOL!

    I think your boss is unreasonable. “Lack of interest” is definitely cause for an early quit, especially on a Friday. 😉

    • Hello RD…that is just what I told him but he was SO unreasonable!

    • By the way RD…you can stop thinking about it…you will NEVER guess it.

  8. Love group photos of the younger generations. 😀

    Happy Weekend.

  9. Taking a group family photo (especially with teenagers involved), is a hard task and I don’t envy you! But I guess it has to be done so everyone can look back in years to come and say “awwww”! Good luck!
    Enjoy your weekend granny!

    • Morning Barb….the kids aren’t down here so I haven’t seen them all together but I do have a couple of pics my DIL brought back…will post later.

  10. Boy oh boy, Granny…tell those teens you’ll post photos of their mother kissing them if they misbehave in this shoot.

  11. i suspect i should be glad i don’t know 7’s name

  12. I hope none of your family read your blog!

  13. Seven grand Kids! – the stress and anticpation of waiting for one is bad enough…
    I’d love to know the family name…I can keep a secret promise…:)

    • Hi Piglet…love my grandkids…much nicer than their parents!

  14. Well done, Granny!

  15. Time spent with our grandchildren are so precious-they grow up so quickly !! too quickly ! they are fun, full of creativity-and loads of laughs and good times. Hope you have a marvelous weekend- !!

  16. Wow. You have a zillion comments on this post, so I’ll just tell you again how I covet your beach and say hello. Hello.

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