Posted by: granny1947 | March 31, 2011

Thoughtless Granny

Hello All.

No I am not being mean or nasty.
Well not much.
I just don’t have any constructive thoughts.
I think I need an early night.

So…I was driving to work this morning.
Thinking to myself(after all…I WAS alone)…Gee it is quite cold this morning.
Please note I was not complaining…I love the cold.
A few kms down the road I turned off the fan.
It got warmer immediately.
Sometimes I worry about me.

On Saturday my DIL is taking me to a comedy show and dinner.
An early birthday present.
Overseas friends can start posting their presents now.
They should get here by the 25th.
My son and Mex have opted to rather watch rugby.
There is no accounting for taste.
We are thrilled.
We shall have a great girls night out.

A friend had a book on her desk yesterday.
Something about “Handy tips on how to kill your husband”
I think by Kathy Lette.
Has anyone out there read it?
In the first paragraph she says she has lost her orgasm.
And is,frantically, looking for it.

She then goes on to relate how her best friend has been arrested for murder.
She just leaves it there.
I NEED to know.
Did she find it?
I guess I might just have to go and buy the book.
She also mentioned an interesting fact.
No wife has ever shot her husband while he was vacuuming.
Mex has been warned.

Oooops…lunch is over.
Work is calling.
Not very loudly but I CAN hear it.
Wish I didn’t have a conscience!


  1. So share the tips!

    • Hi Cindy…I will when I find a copy of the book…I must read it now.

  2. LOL SO TRUE! (the vacuuming thing) I think your son and Mex are giving you the BEST birthday present ever – a girls night out! No one to irritate you! WOO-HOO! You’ll have a great time! 🙂

    • Hi RD…I can’t wait!!!

  3. On a similar subject, I once picked up a book with a title that claimed: Everything A Man Knows About Women. I was intrigued. It had to be worth a few pennies, right? So I opened it up for a quick flick through only to find every single page was blank! I laughed so hard the sales assistant gave me a worried look. I bought the book!

    • Hehehe Noob…I saw that one coming…can’t believe you bought the book!!!!

  4. Well that explains me not having one then…a husband I mean. Luckily I haven’t lost my orgasm…ya gotta hate that!!

    • Tell me about it Princess…that would really suck!

  5. You so make me laugh. I just love it.

    • Awwwwwww thank you Linda!

  6. Great post. I’ll let BFF know that he’s safe when vacuuming. 🙂

    • Hi NR…anyone is safe when they are vacuuming for me…I hate to vacuum with a passion!

  7. lol…to funny! Enjoy your girls night out!

    • Thank you country living…I am really looking forward to it.

  8. Granny…here’s the good news. I read (God knows where) that the VeeGee (bug off spammers!) is the one part of our body that never ages. Good stuff!

    • Morning Souldipper…please tell me that is NOT an April Fools joke!

      • Its NOT!! I promise I came across that good news in a medical journal or a medical report.

      • Phew Souldipper!

  9. I promise you, you’ll have a good time with your daughter in law and find the book, along with several others. But then I’m reading your posts in the order they appear, newest first. Did you think I was psychic for a moment? Probably not, since you likely read my comments the same way.

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