Posted by: granny1947 | March 30, 2011

Granny and the wet stuff.

Hello All.

There is water falling from the sky.
Is it a plane?
Is it a train?
Could it possibly be RAIN?
Not the heavy rain that they promised but rain nevertheless.
It is watering my soul.
Everytime I look in the mirror I expect to see a flower popping out the top of my head.
All I DO see is a really bad hair day.

One of my friends at work has given up smoking.
Today is day one.
It is going to be an interesting few days.
When she IS smoking she has a very short fuse.
Now she won’t have a fuse worth talking about.
Going shopping with her is always exciting.
You never know when she will blow.
I have perfected the art of pretending I have never seen her before.

I could have a bit of a rant today.

The receiver of revenue is confusing me.
My singing staff member has been singing(her voice has not improved)
I didn’t win the lottery.
Medical aid only paid about a third of the lung specialist’s account.(which was huge)
My younger son is angry with me(all his own fault)

But I won’t.

Instead I shall do some work.


  1. Makes you wonder if it’s worthwhile with these med aids these days and the Receiver lives to confuse us.

    • I know Supa…maybe I should just try the state hospitals…shudder.

  2. Ha ha, perfected the art of pretending you dont know here.
    I have had some training on that sort of thing too. lol
    It a wonderful shot at the top

    • Thanks Art…the view from my office!!!

  3. Maybe you could give up ciggies at the same time and you and your friend could be each others support? Or just yell at each other…. LOL

    Insurance (med aid) isn’t much better here. My husband spent 2 hours in the emergency room recently – all they did was take 8 vials of blood, give him an EEG and an EKG, and take his blood pressure 6 times – for a total of $2,000 US! I shudder to think what part of that insurance won’t cover….

    • Good Grief RD…good luck with that bill!

  4. We have had so much rain here, the most since 1934. Last week, 100mm in 34 min at my house! I was scared!

    • My word Napier…that’s not rain that’s a flood…I had better be careful what I wish for!
      Lots of love.

  5. All I can say is that you deserve a BIG glass of wine soon, I estimate it to be in 2 hours and counting …
    love you

    • Hi Cindy…forty five minutes..can’t wait!
      Love you too.

  6. How can you talk about SARS and medical aid in one post, Gran? Both are incomprehensible to normal people like us! I tried to ensure that the specialists charged medical aid rates when I had my knee op. Guess what, the one had a locum over the one weekend and she charged almost double what the specialist charged so medical aid paid only about half. Then, of course, there were all the pre-op tests, x-rays, etc. – medical aid didn’t cover those! I still have two more accounts to pay then, thankfully, that will be that! 😛

    • Hi Adee…there was no time to shop around with the lung guy…I will not be visiting him again!

  7. I love visiting your blog Granny, even since days(thats when i last blogged there bleh) Your photies always brings a smile to my face! Have a stellar evening!

    • Hi There…How great to see you here and such kind words too….I will be over to visit you soon.

  8. at least there is rain’

    • Yes Sidey…I can hear it dripping but that is because the gutter is leaking!

  9. Amazing view from your office!

    And LOL at I have perfected the art of pretending I have never seen her before.

    BFF pretends not to know me from time to time ~ especially if I start skipping down the street or singing in the grocery store aisles.

    • Hi NR…isn’t the view amazing?

    • Hehehe NR…I have tried to do that with Jasmine but it doesn’t work!

  10. “Not the heavy rain that they promised but rain nevertheless.
    It is watering my soul.”

    Beautiful lines. Love it!

  11. Just went through your past posts, Granny – the photos feed my need for a Cape fix. Glad you stopped above the cloud/fog cover.

    Thanks for speaking up, back there, about all those women going to America. Hope the voters can have a say about that sort of abuse on the system…completely unethical as public servants. It’s all topsy turvey – the tail is wagging the dog.

    Speaking of dogs…you can’t go too wrong letting Jasmine be your life coach. Look how well she survives! 🙂

    • Hi Souldipper…unfortunately…the majority of our population will simply not vote if they are unhappy which does not help at all!

  12. Love the image of a flower sprouting from your head.

    • Hehehee Tilly…would probably be a weed!

  13. Granny, thought I’d mention that I’ve tagged you in a reading meme started by Three Cats on a Sofa!

  14. I too, like the image of a flower popping out of your head. Lovely photos, make me want to come visit !! Its a beautiful place ! 🙂

    • Well, come on over Penny!

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