Posted by: granny1947 | March 29, 2011

Granny’s misty Tuesday

Hello All.

Talk about being on top of the world.
That is what it felt like this morning.
Cape Town was completely hidden from view.
I just HAD to stop and take some pictures.
Makes a change from my beach.
Which,by the way, looked like this last evening.

At one stage I started to wonder if I was going to find my pathway off the beach!

Now…I seem to recall I had something to say.
Oh yes.

I started blogging on Letterdash in September 2007.
I blogged about how disappointed I was with the women who had come into power.
South Africa has a really good number of women in goverment.
They had such a good opportunity to show the world how good they could be.
Unfortunately, nothing has changed.

Recently 49 of them jetted overseas to a gender conference.
It was supposed to be only two people attending.
At a push…four.
Who fly business class.
And stay in FIVE star hotels.
For TWO frigging weeks.
To make matters worse…a large number of them didn’t bother to attend most of the meetings.
Shopping must be good in New York. have let us down.

Just to calm down I will have to post another photo.

And now…because I enjoy my blood pressure going up and down I will do some more work.
And try to figure how I can get onto this gravy train!


  1. Appalled but not surprised at the politicians.

    Awed by your photos. What a gorgeous place you live in.

    • My word Tilly that was quick.
      Yes…this is an incredibly beautiful part of the world.
      I love it.

  2. Love the pictures, not going to comment on the jet-setting-gravy brigade.

  3. Wonder if you ever knew my cousin Dee Gardener? the model.

    and a big WOW to being up there on top of the clouds.

    We are under them again today, after a lovely few days of uninterrupted sun. I am a bit devastated because we think our unusually hard winter has killed off our lovely new fig tree. (we ate 17 figs from it last year)

    I have such happy childhood memories of sitting in fig trees in Claremont, Cape Town. I wonder if they are still there!

    • Hi Jenny…is your cousin in East London…I seem to know the name…my elder daughter did a modelling course once…have an idea it might have been her.

  4. Aaah… *sigh* One day when I grow up I also want to be in politics…

    • No,no, no Liane…the whole idea is NOT to be grown up and in politics!

  5. Stunning photographs granny! Re: the female politicians – it doesn’t surprise me, but still makes me livid at what goes on in government for their “comfort”. Blah!

    • Hi Barb…it seems to me that,as soon as they get into power, the become arrogant and self serving!

  6. Those pictures are amazing! The second one looks like the start of horror movie, the third is just incredible, it looks like a sea of clouds.

    Perhaps those women are just figureheads – women put into titled positions to make it appear as if South Africa is gender-neutral….unfortunately you’re all paying for that appearance! Yes shopping in New York is incredible, as is dining, but NOT cheap. You probably paid for that too! LOL

    • Hi RD…isn’t it incredible…that is just what I thought…it looks like a huge expanse of water.

  7. Gender equality, they can squander money as fast as the men in government do

    • Yes Sidey but we can do anything a man does but even better!

  8. Sounds as if you need to write a lot of letters!

  9. Politicians, in large part, are a poor return on our investment. 😀

    Gorgeous photos, Granny!

    • Thanks NR…and I never CHOSE them either!

  10. Beautiful pics xxx

  11. Cool shots!

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