Posted by: granny1947 | March 28, 2011

Granny and the airport

Hello All.

I had a post all planned.
This is not going to be it.
It can wait for tomorrow.

So I went off to the airport to fetch Mex.
I would love to get my hands on the idiot who has changed the way the airport now works….or doesn’t work
There is no longer a collect and go section.
Oh no…now you have to go into the parkade.
Which costs money.
Your mate does not know where you have parked.
So…either you phone them or you have to go into the airport to meet them.
What was wrong with a simple stop and pick up point?
Oh wait…they were not making any money from that.

So today was a circus.
Mex phones me to tell me he has arrived.
I am about seven minutes from the airport so it all seems good.
Not so.
His luggage is the last to come through.
The cops won’t let me stop.
I drive around the damn airport three times>
Mex phones to say he is in the parkade.

I go into the parkade and go up to level two…I missed the entrance to level one..what can I say?).
Phone Mex.
Me…I am on level two….between b and c.
Mex…I am on level one.
Me..patiently…get in the lift and go to level two.
Mex…can’t you come to level one?
Me…still patiently…no. I have a parking place…am not moving. (didn’t mention that there were loads of parking places)
Mex…am on level two…don’t see you
Me…strange…don’t see you either.

Then the penny dropped.
We were in different parkades.
He was in number one.
I was in number two.

Mex…can you come to parkade one?
Me…because I don’t have a frigging cent on me.
I am locked in this frigging parkade until you pay for me to get out.
Mex…go and draw some.
Me…are you out of your mind?( Patience has gone out of the window.) I am not schlepping a kilometre to find an ATM.

He got the message.
He found me.
I was late getting back to work.

Oh yes…they don’t have a paystation on every level.
Hell, why make life easier for the patrons.
You have to go down to the ground floor to pay.
The whole thing is ridiculous.
I shall be complaining to someone.
Haven’t worked out who.


  1. It’s maddening.

  2. You took Patience with you? Why the hell didn’t you send her to draw money. You could have sat on your bonnet and had a ciggie and watched all the returning travellers looking for their cars …

    • Hehehehe Cindy….you are too good for me!

  3. I had an EXPERIENCE two christmasses ago there. NEVER AGAIN!

    • It has got worse Sidey.

  4. I love airports 🙂

    • It is official Liane…you are strange!!!

  5. Well they certainly ruined your homecoming reunion! Of course they’re going to change things so they can make more money – they’re bleeding us dry every chance they get. And if they can’t make money on their changes, I swear they make them anyway just to annoy us. Lately I’ve noticed that “improvements” always make things more difficult. It’s SO annoying!

    • Hear,hear RD…I think there is a special department just to annoy the common folk!

  6. Well done! By the way, I love your gravatar.

    • Thanks Hook…me too…have had it since 2007.

  7. I’m exhausted and frustrated now!

    • Thanks Barb…misery loves company!

  8. I find flying a frightful inconvenience to be avoided whenever possible.

    • As I get older NR I get more scared too…WHAT is keeping that huge piece of metal in the air?

  9. Our ferries are money grabs for the parking too…pisses me off…

    • Hi Princess…lately, a lot is pissing me off!

  10. I have hated Jo’burg International ever since they started ‘modernizing’ it. Signage was a laugh – where it existed at all. I haven’t been there on my own for some years and don’t care if I never do again!

    • I agree Adee….Cape town airport has become the pits.

  11. what a nightmare. don’t ever travel Ryan Air. you have no tickets, no boarding pass and if you wrote down the details wrongly, you’ve had it! I had no idea it was like that! all those jokes about Virgin planes – are true!

    • Good Grief Jenny….how do they do it without tickets?

  12. Cindy’s response is so funny, I really liked that one. Your airport does sound like a horrible place. Talk to them about a little thing called Customer Service.

    • Wasn’t it Linda…she is very quick…who is “them”?

  13. It’s the same with the airport in Lisbon. You used to be able to pick up…now it’s dodge the policeman. Thinks it’s all to do with terrorists.
    Love your dialogue Granny…I can really relate to it. 🙂

    • Hi Piglet…and it is difficult to keep a low profile when you drive a bright yellow car!

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