Posted by: granny1947 | March 27, 2011

Granny asks a question

Hello All.

I am a bit annoyed this morning.
No…make that VERY annoyed.
I open a lacal news site and see they are going to kill Fred.
Fred is a baboon.
Oh they say they are going to euthanise him.
However they word it,  he will end up dead.

Because he is quite clever.
He has learned to open car doors.
This has disconcerted and alarmed a few people.
I have no sympathy for them.

When I am driving in a dodgy area I LOCK my doors.
Hell, I lock my doors in any kind of area.
I would certainly lock my doors if there were baboons around.

My question is….who gives someone the authority to do this?
No-one OWNS these animals.
Who gives someone the right to charge to use the internet?
To charge us to use some beaches?
To charge us to walk on the mountain?

I want to  go and live on an island somewhere.
Actually, no I don’t.
Not sice the Tsunami’s hit the news.
Maybe on a mountain.
Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.
Somewhere where I don’t get to hear of the constant corruption.
Somewhere near enough a shop to buy dog and cat food.
Maybe I must just stop reading the news.

What I SHOULD read is the weather.
Bad miscalculation this morning.
Thought I would go to the beach later.
Didn’t know we were going to be over 30degrees.
Was drifting along under the misapprehension(that spelling looks SO wrong)…that Autumn was here.

Now I am going to read other people’s posts.
They have to be more interesting than mine,today.


  1. I am sure Jenny Threthowan will intervene on Fred’s behalf?

    • I don’t know Cindy…it appears to be cut and dried.

  2. A good rant does makes you FEEL so good, doesn’t it? And that’s half the point of blogs, isn’t it. Get it out of your head and into Out There – where it may do some good

    Well done. Ingenuity should be rewarded, shouldn’t it! even if I don’t like their bottoms!

    • Hehehe Jenny…yes their bottoms are their least attractive features.

  3. I once saw someone drive in the middle of Jhb with their windows down – fully aware of the crime, high jacking, smash and grabs, etc. Their Ray-ban’s got grabbed off their eyes. Then they proceeded leaving the car with three woman in it, keys in the ignition, in pursuit of the thief. They blamed the thief. I say, you know darn well enough to not have your window down! Poor Fred. hopefully someone can speak up for him in our sadly ignorant modern day society 😦

    • I can think of a lot of people who need to be put down more than Fred does!

  4. You will enjoy this one, Granny 🙂

    • Thanks Liane…will go to look now.

  5. Granny, I agree with you. It’s good to rant and I agree with everything you say!!

    • Hi PIP…makes me want to spit!

  6. My solution: Save the animals . . . euthanize people who have an over-rated sense of their own importance. 😀

    • YES! I agree! 🙂

      • I am guessing that is you RD?????

    • Good Morning NR…will start a petition today!

  7. They are desperately afraid that at this rate, Fred will become a lot more intelligent than they are. That won’t take much doing.

    • Hi Col…you have a good point there…when in doubt…kill….locking your car doors is just too easy.

  8. That’s so sad but so typical.

    • I know Tilly…it is all the fault of the humans anyway!

  9. Hi Granny,
    I’ve nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award
    hope you don’t mind 😉

    • Hi Piglet…thank you very much….I am honoured.
      However, I have had one of those…about a year ago…don’t know if one can do them twice?

  10. Poor Fred. I side with you, I don’t know who gives the powers that be their said powers to make all these choices. I still remember being a little girl and my dog had to be “euthenized” because my drunken uncle claimed it bit him. Well, she was protecting her humans because he was stumbling on our lawn in the middle of the night and he kicked her when she growled at him. I’d have bitten him too. But, the ramblings of a violent drunk and the powers that be determined to “protect” everyone, the dog had to die. I can only hope in some alternate universe, the animals are in charge and decide to put violent drunks and the like down.
    I want to go live on an island and sell voodoo merchandise to tourists while sipping frothy drinks with little umbrellas in them and watch Spooky play in the sand with a dog that’s not on a leash. Maybe for vacation we can visit you on your mountain? Hugs to you!

    • How awful Morgue…the dog would probably have got very sick after biting your damn uncle!
      Now why aren’t I surprised you want to sell voodoo stuff?
      My post later on is going to annoy you too…I have another rant!

  11. The whole damn world had gone crazy. I would say that I want to go with you to that island but after the tsunami I don’t even want to go to the beach anymore!

    • Hi Linda…that’s how i feel…well not quite…still go to the beach but don’t want to live quite so near to it!

  12. How about an island with a nice mountain on it?

    • Now there is a plan Noob…will this mountain have an elevator?

  13. I’m sure it would! If either of us could buy an island I think we’d have an elevator and maybe a nice helicopter pad for tours!

    I wanted to let you know I’m awarding you The Versatile Blogger Award!

    • Hi Noobcake…thank you so much for the nomination but I don’t think one can accept it twice.
      You are right.
      Of COURSE we would have an elevator!

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