Posted by: granny1947 | March 25, 2011

Granny is twitchy

Hello All.
Yes, I am twitchy.
Woke up at twelve thirty last night with a headache.
Went back to sleep at about four.
This is NOT enough sleep for this old girl.

OK….a bit later.

Now I feel a lot better.
There is nothing like a really good belly laugh to cheer you up.
My boss just called me in to discuss my increase.
And NO…that is not what I laughed about.
That was quite sad.
After our meeting I put a piece of fudge on his desk.
Found him talking to someone.
Whispered…” I have put something on your desk…let’s see if you are brave enough to eat it”
He screamed with laughter.
Said he would take it home and test it on his dog first.

I took the next picture from our beach last evening.
Jasmine and I had a stunning walk.
Look at what was passing by.

Thought I was hallucinating.
And I hadn’t even had a glass of wine.

Now I have a bit of work to do and then it is weekend.
Payday weekend.
Life is good!


  1. The 2nd pic definitely has a dreamy feel about it. I like it. Hopefully you’ll catch up on those lost hours of sleep tonight and dream a sweet little dream for real 🙂 Have an awesome weekend!

    • Hi Liane…I could curl up under my desk right now!

  2. Hey Granny, where did you take the pic of the oil rig – at what beach?

    On the headache front, I am so with you – I hate waking up with a buzz in my brain that isn’t wine-induced.

    Enjoy your weekend xxx

    • Hi MTM…I took it from Kommetjie beach. You have a good weekend too.

  3. Those big rigs give me the heebies.
    I’m sure your boss laughed.
    How’s the chap with the waterworks problem today?
    Enjoy the weekend, I’ll be working.
    Love you

    • Hi Cindy…he is fine…well I think he is…there have been no more revelations!

  4. I also would have assumed I was hallucinating 😉

    • Good Sidey…I thought it was just me!!!

  5. On first glance that oil rig looked like a floating castle! For those of us who have never seen such a sight, anyway….

    LOL That’s a funny story about your boss. I hope he considers the joy you bring to that office when he considers your raise!

    • Hi RD….I have never seen one either…the thing was HUGE…I zoomed in on it…it was right on the horizon.
      I am happy with the increase…not over the moon but happy.

  6. Bwahahaha! Excellent for the both of you . . . did the Dog survive?

  7. I agree with the floating castle comment…I had to look twice. Have a great weekend Granny!!

  8. “The floating castle” that is what it is !! I kept staring at the photo-for something concrete to come to my mind. or may it’s the resident ghost huvering over the waters !! 🙂

  9. I couldn’t figure out what that was! I thought maybe a pirate ship, a monster boat. EEEk. Scary.

  10. The second photo is quite eerie, no wonder you thought you were hallucinating – I would have thought that too! Took me a while to realize what it was though. How weird to see something like that floating by your beach!
    Hope you have been able to catch up on some sleep.

    • Hi Barb..yes…I was quite put out!!!

  11. I am surprised they could transport something that big…looks like it’s top heavy for the ship!
    Why did your boss laugh at your fudge and want to test it on the dog…did he think you were going to poison him after the pay rise or lack of one…

    • Good Morning Piglet…yes he thought I might just have done that!

  12. Granny, that is actually considered a vessel and it goes to areas where off-shore drilling rigs are to be set up. We had one that wanted to anchor in our waters and folks got all up in arms, calling it horizon pollution. Finally, they found a harbour where little boating activity happened and the folks accepted their anchorage for 6 months because they liked the idea of their money.

    My friend who owned a marina became their water taxi. In the end the community benefited and the vessel just pulled anchor and left. And I was a guest at the captain’s table. To get to the top of the danged thing where the ‘quarters’ are, I had to climb a ladder on the outside of one of the four “legs” that it sits on. It was many, many storeys high. I think I still have a cap I was given.

    It costs that company so much money to move the vessel that it just sits tight until another contract comes along and they know exactly the shortest route to go.

    Funny…who would ever think I’d be looking at a photo of this vessel from South Africa. There are only two in existence but they are identical.

    • My word Souldipper…isn’t that interesting?
      I am so glad I posted the picture.
      I think I would have passed the dinner!

  13. That floating majig almost looks like a creepy water forte for yours truly-how did you know what I wanted the Easter bunny to bring me? Mwahhh

    • Good Morning Morgue…happy to oblige!!!

  14. Great picture and I loved your fudge story 🙂

    • Thanks Tilly…I hope he WAS ok after eating it or I WILL get the blame!

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