Posted by: granny1947 | March 24, 2011

Granny has an interesting day.

Hello All.

I stopped twice on the way to work to take some pics.
Isn’t that sunrise just unreal?
You can thank me later.

I think I might have mentioned that I love my job.
Not all the time.
Sometimes it drives me nuts.
But it is very seldom boring.

Yesterday started with me giving one of my guys a big lecture.
He spent the whole of Tuesday in court.
His son was in some sort of trouble.
I told him he should stop bailing the “boy” out.(he is 23 years old)
He must learn there are consequences to his actions.
He is a Dad.
He won’t listen.
He is going to have to learn the hard way.
Like I did.

Later I got a call from our HR department.
There had been complaints about one of my ladies.
The one with the lousy singing voice.
Apparently, she has been spraying her deoderant in the canteen.
I took her to a little meeting room.
I am not known for my tact.
Told her to use the bloody bathroom.

I had just got back to my desk when I received an e-mail from one of my guys.
Asking me to meet him in the meeting room.
All very hush hush.
He proceeded to tell me he was having problems with his waterworks.
At this point I started edging towards the door.
Just in case he wanted to show me!
Apparently, when the urge came he couldn’t control it.
Way too much information.
I told him to see the doctor.
Ask him to check his prostate.
I can be SO evil.
He didn’t know what a prostate was.
I told him to ask his doctor.
There are limits to my educational abilities.

As he was leaving at hometime he,proudly, showed me a little plastic bag.
Told me he had fashioned it himself to prevent leakage.
NOT the one on his appendage(Thank God) but a spare.
I wonder how he attached it?
A rubber band could have caused even more problems.
I tried to stop myself.
Really…I did.
Asked him if it was big enough.
He is a big lad.
Appearances can be so deceptive.

And now I am off for coffee.

Have a great day/evening.



  1. Uhm… Uhm… *blush*
    Yes, that is a beautiful sunrise indeed! πŸ˜‰

    • Yada!!! Not for one second do I believe you are blushing!

      • πŸ˜‰

  2. You are wicked! πŸ™‚


    Love the sunrise photo, thank you xx

    • Hi Tilly…my pleasure!

  3. life in the office…………

    there has to be a book in this

  4. Bwaaaaaaaaahahahahaha, you made me laugh so loudly that Lulubelle started yodelling!
    *wipes tears from eyes*

    • And there is nothing worse than a yodelling lulabelle, Cindy!

  5. beautiful pics Granny ..
    You have to admit .. never a dull moment πŸ™‚ .. as long as he doesn’t use superglue which I can imagine would create problems of a different kind .. hehe

    • Superglue never crossed my mind puppy…think I should ask?

      • Go ahead I dare you .. you have already scared him with the prostate story .. πŸ™‚

      • Nope…didn’t scare him as the doctor didn’t do the test…more’s the pity!

  6. Gorgeous pic, Gran. I thought the guy with the probs would have been too embarrassed to raise the subject again. You must have been REAL sympathetic! πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Adee…was the pun intended????

      • Heehee!

      • Have a great weekend Adee.

  7. LOL!! You are TOO funny!! What crazy situations you dealt with today! I can understand why your job is never boring.

    That’s an INCREDIBLE sunrise photo! Absolutely breathtaking. Photographers wait hours to get a shot like that!

    • Thank you RD…which one did you like best?

      • Well, I couldn’t get over that someone would actually be stupid enough to spray deodorant in the canteen, but I have to say that your last story really takes the cake. That one should go down in a book somewhere!

      • Morning RD…I KNEW there was something wrong with the way I spelt deodorant…was too lazy to check it out πŸ™‚

  8. You should start a “Dear Granny” page for your employees – or write a book about what goes on at your office – the last story was hilarious!
    btw – great shot of a very unusual sunrise!

    • Morning Barb…well instead of a diary I now have a blog!

  9. granny
    Tell it like it is, is what I say !! πŸ™‚ Loved the photo !

    • Hi Penny…I agree but that has got me into SO much trouble.

  10. Too funny!
    Where do you work???
    And in what capacity???

    Deodorant in the canteen?
    Penises wrapped in plastic sandwich bags due to potential prostrate issues?

    Love the sunrise shot.
    I’ve seen far more sunsets than sunrises in my life. πŸ˜‰

    • Good Morning NR…I don’t dare say….we have an evil troll on the other platform(he might lurk here too)..tried to get a blogger fired for blogging from work.

  11. I don’t know what to say LOL πŸ™‚

    • I know what you mean PIP.

  12. Hahahahahahah…I love you soo much…just saying…

    • Awwwwwww…thank you Princess…back at you!

  13. Granny, get honest. This blog is just a figment of your imagination, right??!!

    It really is just a venue for fabulous photos, isn’t it?? 😎

    • Scouts honour Souldipper…all the truth!

  14. think we’ve lived long enough to have earned the right for Straight Talking whenever we feel there’s no time for anything else!

    You are SO right about not bailing the youngsters out. My mother tried so hard to teach her son not to keep throwing money at his boys, but he did and it never did any good. He just lost all his money. People have got to hit their own rock bottom to make them see the light, haven’t they?

    And you know, I don’t think hardly anyone knows where the prostate is – it’s inside the body, you can’t see it, that’s why people never suspect anything. I know someone who’s P had grown as big as a grapefruit and I kept wondering why he couldn’t SEE it, well you can’t !

    • Hi Jenny…that is amazing…maybe he was just so pleased it had grown bigger!
      One of the joys of being old/older is being able to be yourself…I LOVE it.

  15. Nice one! Enjoy your java.

  16. granny
    Me-too !! but I still like to tell it like it is !!!! πŸ™‚ You either do or you don’t- πŸ™‚

  17. Ha! The poor man having to tell you that! He must have been so embarrassed. And you must have been quite surprised to hear that.

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