Posted by: granny1947 | March 23, 2011


Hello All.

Hehehehe…that heading caught your attention.

The following headline appeared on a news site this morning.
Your next orgasm could be your last
Scientists have found evidence to suggest that intercourse can increase a personโ€™s risk of heart problems.

I am looking for someone to sue.
All my life the reports have said the exact opposite.
I mean..come on people..would I have married three times and had all those kids if I had known that sex was bad for me?
Probably yes.
But we won’t tell them that.

Granddaughter said a sad farewell this morning.
I won’t be seeing her for several weeks.
She had the grandson are off to my daughters for the holidays.
I shall miss her but I AM looking forward to a few days on my own.

I have forgotten to take anything out of the freezer.
Think I shall go the shops now and treat myself to a nice piece of steak.
A few baby potatoes.
A salad.
A glass of wine.
Yep…that all sounds good.

I might take the laptop to bed.
Watch “Eat, pray,love”
I love Julia Roberts.
If I can figure out how to get the movie going.
Granddaughter is the expert.

And now let me do a LITTLE bit of work and then I am off to the shops.



  1. Best not advertise that supper to loudly, a hoarde of guests may just descend on you!
    I’m glad I stand no risk of a heart attack …

    • Hi My love…I hear you!

  2. Good grief now they tell us. I should have been dead years ago. Dinner sounds good. What time should I be there????

    • hi Steph…I agree!!!!

  3. Aaah Granny – but what a way to go surely??? ๐Ÿ™‚

    Gosh – your dinner sounds interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ .. I too am flying solo for the next few days .. I was going to have hamburger for dinner, however, perhaps just maybe your idea sounds MUCH better .. baked potatoe with cream / cottage cheese instead of baby tats?

    It should go a long way easing the pain of the early morning wake up call I had this morning.
    Have an awesome day
    Yours in temporary control of the remote

    • Hi Puppy…the remote doesn’t interest me…I won’t even swith the tv on…might play a bit of classical music…the options are endless…enjoy your free time.
      Lots of love.

      • ๐Ÿ™‚ .. the remote gives me music as well you see .. I don’t have to be inundated with tv or sport ๐Ÿ™‚ .. the only one who can complain is the bird and he will remain shtum if he knows what is good for him!!

      • Ah….a remote controlled music centre…something on my wish list!

  4. enjoy your me time ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • I intend to Sidey…see you at the scrabble board!

  5. The title got me good.

    • Ahhhh sorry Nzwaa…but if you need advice my other name is Dr.Ruth!

      • Hee heee

      • ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Julia Roberts is definitely one my favorites too. A bit of peace and quiet every now and again is a good thing. I’ve become quite the fan. Hope you enjoy it!

    • Hi There Yada….oh I intend to…the steak is in the car…not the baby potatoes…they were too expensive…I am set to go!

  7. We had the same report here as well, but they clarified it to say that it’s only risky if you have sex occasionally and are out of shape. Well, I guess the answer to that is to have regular sex! LOL

    Your dinner treat sounds perfect! Enjoy your cozy “me” time!

    • I have to confess RD…I didn’t actually read the article…the headline scared me too much!

  8. Hi Granny, enjoy your time alone. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Hi Rose….a little change of plan…I had a magnificent steak but I DO have the TV on and am listening to the cricket!

  9. I read the same article granny – had to laugh. Half the glossy mags tell you sex is good exercise, now we’re hearing it could kills us…well, so could being hit by a bus or stung by a bee. I’d rather die happy…

    • Hi MTM…maybe I should go back and actually READ the article!

  10. If I die in the middle of an orgasm, know that I died happy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • BTW: Loved the title. It’ll have the perverts swarming this way . . . before they even hear about the steak dinner.

      • Morning NR….that reminds me…must see what the top searches were…hehehe

    • A bit disconcerting for your partner!

  11. Dear Dr. Granny,
    Every time I think about sex, all the blood leaves my brain and I make very bad decisions. Do you think my heart is thereby protected?

    • Dear Souldipper.
      The blood leaves your BRAIN…your heart is still very vunerable….take care!

  12. granny
    Sex may kill us,but its a great way to go !! I’ve heard its good for you too, now that I can certainly agree with !! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love all of Julia Roberts movies-she is a great actress. My favorite “Pretty Woman” she was great, I laughed all through it.

    • Hi Penny…I don’t think I have seen one of her movies I didn’t enjoy..even her serious stuff is good.

  13. Eat, Love, Pray is awesome, enjoy your time to yourself xoxo

    • Morning Princess…didn’t get to watch it but tonight is another night.JOY!

  14. Great title Granny! I thought you were on a promise for a moment. I’d even starred the email so I’d remembered to read your post!

    • Hehe PIP….knew the title would interest people!

  15. Naughty Granny!

  16. Well after that bit of scientific news I don’t see the point in living anymore. We can’t have sugar, bacon, eggs, cake, ice cream and now sex?! So we just sit and twiddle our thumbs and drink water? No thank you.

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