Posted by: granny1947 | March 22, 2011

Granny is waiting

Hello All.

Yes, I am waiting.
There have been thick black clouds overhead all morning.
The wind is blowing in the right direction.
Has it rained?

Two little rants today.
To quote Classy Rose…this is what is bugging me today.

First rant.

I was in the supermarket just now.
My cellphone rang.
A very cheerful lady asks if I am Mrs.L.
What she REALLy meant is am IΒ  a potential sucker?
The conversation went like this.

CL(cheerful lady)…I am phoning from Telkom(my service provider for my LANDLINE)
Me…what can I do for you?
CL…you have been selected to receive a free call to a landline of your choice from your cellphone.
Me…that is nice.
CL….you have also been selected to recieve a free Nokia something or other.
With all the bells and whistles.
And free sms’s.
Me…really? In a very doubtful tone of voice.
CL…yes(excitedly)…for one hundred odd rand a month you will get so many free calls.
Me…so you aren’t actually GIVING me a free phone?
CL…well that is part of the package.
Me…I only spend about R50 a month on calls …why would I want to spend over a hundred rand for calls I am not going to use?
CL…now not nearly so cheerful…oh…thank you for your time.
People must fall for this line or they wouldn’t waste their time.
Instead…they waste mine.

Second rant…a very local one.

Yesterday was Human Rights Day.
There was a big rally down here in Cape Town.
An opposition lady stood up to speak.
Our wonderful president was on the podium next to her.
Waiting his turn.
His supporters boo’ed her.
Remember Human RIGHTS day.
He did absolutely nothing to quieten down the crowd.
He acted as if nothing had happened.
By his silence he showed he agreed with them.
He showed his lack of respect for a lady.
He showed that he had probably instigated the crowd to do the booing.
He is nothing but a weak bully.
Damnit…I want a president I can respect.
Jacob Zuma is not he.

Tonight is Granddaughter’s last night.
I shall miss her.
However, I AM looking forward to some me time.
I wonder if you can contract scurvy in five days?
I doubt I shall be cooking.

I wonder if I shall be visited my the resident ghost while I am alone?
Lord I hope not.
Mind you…we haven’t seen her for a very long time.
Maybe she has gone next door.

And now….back to the grindstone.


  1. I also got that call 😦
    Didn’t watch the telly, Zuma just makes me cross.
    Come here, I will cook for you.
    love you xxx

    • Damn Cindy…and I thought I was special!!!
      Love you too!

  2. I’ve developed the skill of interrupting their script after the first sentence – politely apologizing of course – and skipping to the bottom line straight away – “No thank you, I’m not interested. You are wasting time that you could spend on an actual sale instead. This is not it.” I don’t even listen to the whole caboodle anymore.
    I attended sales training once and they literally taught us how to read a set script. Don’t care who they’re speaking to, everyone gets treated the same way – and when the script doesn’t apply, just skip to the next irrelevant question – as if completely oblivious to the fact that you’re dealing with an intelligent human being. Sales is NOT for me!! πŸ™‚

    • You are so right Liane…just love it when they say they are fine and you haven’t even asked!

  3. Oh, I HATE those calls! I don’t even respond anymore, I just hang up. It’s more polite than what I’d want to say anyway. There’s a scam going on here where they record the conversation, and if you say “Yes” at any point (such as – Q: “Is this Mrs. L?” A: “Yes it is”), they doctor the recording as “proof” that you accepted their offer. Next thing you know, you’re on the hook for big $$. Or rand.

    I think we’d all like to have a president we respect. That’s a rare commodity these days. And yes, I agree that he set that whole thing up. Just like Publicity Agents do for budding rock stars – they set up “screamers” in the audience to get everyone going. Sounds like your president did the same thing.

    You have a resident ghost?????

    • Yes RD…will post about it one day…must look for my post on the other platform.

  4. Lol, luckily our Telkom account is in hubby’s name so it’s the one company which never calls me with the ‘special’ offers. As for the gym contracts, appliance maintenance contracts and the like, I alternate between sobbing hysterically for the double amputee I’ve just had or the Witch in Claw who’s dismembered body is still stuffed in my chest freezer!
    Come to think of it, I haven’t had a call offering me anything for a while now πŸ™‚

    • Morning HP…Now why do I believe you????

  5. Beautiful photo!!!!

    Telemarketers drive me nuts. Here in the US there is about a two second pause after I say hello before they start talking (the dialing is done by a machine which connect to them once you answer). When I hear that pause, I hang up. As a result, I have no slow responding friends either.

    Ah, yes. human rights are so much more palatable when the speaker agrees with us. Universal, I’m afraid, as are hypocritical politicians (redundant, don’t you think?).

    We’re in AZ visiting my daughter’s family. I feel like that every time we leave.


    • Morning Bud…lol@no slow responding friends!!!

  6. Please accept my raves for your rants. πŸ˜‰

    Now you can say, “I’m ranting and they’re raving.”

    • Feeling raving mad this morning NR!!!

  7. Great site! Thanks for the kind words and visit to my humble little blog. I’m not worried about cyber-stalking, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

    • Hello Hook…thank you for visiting and all those “like”…wow!

  8. What would the world be, without the interruptions of our day with the on going harrasment from the telemarketing-world? Don’t they have other things to do in life, then getting me up to take their annoying calls? they can keep all their gifts of bells and whistles-they are not fooling this granny !! πŸ™‚ I love your posts, they always make me laugh, and inspire the humor side of life. Maybe your resident ghost will visit you and bring you some good cheer to soothe away the rants !! πŸ™‚

    • Hi Penny…thank you…glad I make you smile…pse don’t wish my ghost on me!!!!

  9. these sales calls are so bad. They never actually know about you but offer ‘something better;. when the cell phone ones call I interrupot and ask “Do you know what kind of contract I have” when they admit they don’t, then I say well find out, check you are really offering me an advantage and then phone back.

    sometimes I say, “please hold”, and then out the phone down and do other stuff until THEY hang up,

    • You are SO evil Sidey!

  10. Shame man… the poor sales people also have a job – so I just tell them that I can’t talk right now – can they please phone back later. They NEVER do…. πŸ™‚
    I don’t want to talk about Zuma… I was in the stadium working on our broadcasts and saw the whole thing for myself. It wasn’t the whole crowd just a sectre to the right of the stage and it was a disgusting display of intollerance. Urgh – let me rather shut up…. 😦

    • Hi Frog…he had the chance to stand up and be counted…once again…he fluffed up!

  11. I do exactly the same as Liane! Can’t stand those calls!

    Nothing would surprise me about our JayZee. He simply doesn’t know any better…

    • Hi Adee…he is just pathetic…not a leader at all.

  12. The 2-second delay has saved me from flogging my intolerance. I just hang up.

    Enjoy your peace and quiet. I thrive on alone time, but then, I’m an old-old-fart soul!!

    • By gawd, I love the photo today!

      • Thanks SD…me too!

    • We don’t have the delay…you answer the phone and there they are!

  13. granny
    There are friendly ghosts !! Gasper was a friendly ghost!! πŸ™‚

    • Hehehe Penny…she IS quite friendly…too much so…really must find that post.

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