Posted by: granny1947 | March 21, 2011

Granny can’t believe it.


Hello All.

So…I went out onto the verandah this morning and saw rain.
You know that wet stuff that comes out of the sky?
Everywhere but here.
The rain, or rather drizzle, was about two hundred yards away towards the sea.
I could see it.
I could smell it.
Hell I could taste it.
I went for a shower and when I came back it had vanished.
It never bloody reached my house.
Much less the ash heap behind my house.
The rain gods are playing silly buggers with me.

Much,much later.

Have cleaned out the vacuum cleaner bag.
Mopped floors.
Had a nap.
That was quite good.

I did something I haven’t  done since I was a teenager, last night.
Get your minds out of the gutter.
I skipped to the end of a book.
I was reading a Dean Koonz book.
Involving aliens.
Now, I don’t mind aliens too much.
Heck…ET was cute.
But this story also involved a little boy.
A little boy+aliens+terror.
Couldn’t do it.
Now that I know the kid survived I MIGHT go back and read it.
But I doubt it.
I HAVE to find another author.

Mex was supposed to be coming home on Sunday.
That reminds me…I must go and start his car.
He phoned to tell me the ticket on Sunday is R1800.
One way.
Good old 1time.
If he flies back on Monday it is half that price.
I will have to be nice to my boss this week so I can take my lunch early to fetch Mex.

He is looking forward to coming home.
He took a few YEARS to get used to Cape Town but he says East London is the pits.
He was born there.
Spent his whole life there.
He says it has gone to the dogs.
I haven’t been back since I left….10 years ago.
I am lucky.
I settle and nest in ten minutes flat.
I miss my dear friends but not the place.

And now….having said very little about nothing at all…I am off to cook supper.
Stew and dumplings on the menu.
Anyone want to come over?


  1. stew and dumplings sounds good, but maybe a bit warm?

    • Hi Sidey…it is quite pleasant here today…not too hot.

  2. I don’t have many childhood memories, but I vaguely remember dumplings being one of my favourites!

    • Hi Liane…they are so easy to make but I don’t think I am going to bother tonight…my DIL not coming for supper anymore and granddaughter doesn’t like them!

  3. He’s already coming home? I still needed to get some books to him, when did he leave Joburg???
    Keep some dumplings for me …

    • Hi cindy…he was only there for one week…then went to his daughter in East London…time flies when you are having fun.
      Don’t think dumplings will last until May!

  4. Stew and dumplings is one of my favourite things. I quite like East London, although that could be because very dear friends live there. Port Alfred is nicer.

    • According to Mex it is very dirty and dangerous!
      Wonder if I know your friends?

  5. Sorry about the rain. My Great Aunt used to tell me of her youth in Scotland when the rain would be on one side of the street and not the other.

    No umbrella, no problem . . . just cross the street to the other side.

    Hey! Maybe THAT’S why the chicken crossed the road!

    And, on an unrelated note, I’m with you ~ my sentiments exactly:

    I haven’t been back since I left….10 years ago.
    I am lucky.
    I settle and nest in ten minutes flat.
    I miss my dear friends but not the place.

    Wherever we roam . . . that’s HOME! 😀

    • Hi NR…I think it is a bonus to be like that…probably because I have moved so many times in my life.

  6. You should have trusted Dean – he seldom has an unhappy ending. You could always try MY book of course – er, hang on, I’m still writing it. No aliens. Just about everything else you can imagine.
    The only trouble with getting emails on your posts is that I don’t always visit. Oh well, here’s an exception!

    • Hi Col…yes you are right…he usually does but I couldn’t handle the thought of a terrified child!

  7. Maybe you would enjoy Francine Rivers Mark of the Lion series. I think thats what it’s called. It’s a trilogy. One of them is called A Voice in the Wind, I think.

    • Thanks Linda…will watch out for it…hmmmmm…maybe it is time to read Douglas Adams Trilogy in five parts…AGAIN!

  8. I have not had good home-made stew and dumplings in a decade. Sounds yummy! 🙂

    I love the rain, as long as its not days and days of it. The rain is so refreshing, cooling, and good for sleeping !! as I listen to the rain drops falling- ( That sounds like a song ) I have to admit-I have a habit of flipping through a few pages of a book, starting from the back.

    Take care granny

    • NO Penny!!! How can you? I only did it this once because I didn’t really want to read it!

  9. Look at that! My passport expired. Can’t come today, Granny.

    • What a pity Souldipper…makes mental to note to check my passport(in case I win the lottery)

  10. Hi Granny – other authors suggestions:
    James Patterson
    Jeffrey Deaver
    Patricia Cornwell
    Lynda La Plante
    Sandra Brown
    Me (one day when I get published :-D)

    • thanks MTM…have printed this out and will check the local tears shop after payday.

  11. I’ve read a number of Dean Koontz’s books, but his later books got a little too much for me. I can’t handle anything where kids or animals are hurt, traumatized, etc. I like Patricia Cornwell, but I have to intersperse fiction with nonfiction. I’m a variety sort of gal…. 😉

    • Hi RD…I,seldom, read non-fiction…I like the escapism!

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