Posted by: granny1947 | March 13, 2011

Granny’s Sunday


Hello All.

It is guilt that has dragged me to my computer.
Certainly not inspiration.
Several times,while lying in bed, I have thought of something to blog about.
Then the ideas have drifted away.
Never to return.
Must really carry a notebook around with me.

This morning DIL phoned and suggested we have a picnic on the beach.
She and the six year old(who I thought was seven) swam and surfed.
Sometimes I worry about them.
That water was freezing.

When we got down there it was grey and gloomy and spitting slightly.
I would not have minded getting drenched.
I have almost forgotten what it is like to have rain.
However, by the time we left the clouds had almost gone and the sun was shining.
I think I might have caught a little colour on my face.
It can only help.

I didn’t take Jasmine for her walk but she had a load of exercise racing around after the kids.
And digging a HUGE hole right next to me.
I am sure she does that deliberately.
In the hopes I will fall in it.
That dog has a sense of humour.

P. has just made us savoury pancakes and salad.
Especially as I didn’t have to cook.
Now she is washing the dishes.
I love having a teenager in the house.
Most of the time.

I am feeling a bit down.
I sat on the beach watching my family enjoying the surf.
And thought about the disaster in Japan.
Imagined the terror of the last moments of all those people engulfed by the massive waves.
I don’t know…it just felt wrong to be sitting enjoying myself.
Also thought…I live too damn close to the beach.

I finished my Stephen King book yesterday.
Good grief…he killed off nearly everybody.
Now I am half way through a Dean Koonz book called The Bad Place.
I have no idea why I do this to myself.

Now I am off to bed.
Have a great day/evening all.



  1. Nice Sunday, Gran! I’ve spent (wasted) so much time lately watching cricket! But I do enjoy it. 🙂

    • Hi Adee…thank heavens Mex phoned me…I nearly missed the end of the game on Saturday!!!

  2. well, thinking about the Japajnese is inevetable for anyone with sensitivity at present.

    Of course Jasmine has a sense of humour, she’s your dog 😉

    • I refuse to take the blame Sidey!!!

  3. Hi Granny, I love the first photo with the wispy clouds. How long is your “teenager” around for? 🙂

    • Hi Rose…she is still with me until the 24th.

  4. Sounds like a perfect Sunday. I understand your feelings of guilt when you are enjoying life after what’s happening in Japan, I feel it too; all we can do is pray for them and donate if we are able to.
    P.S.Did you enjoy the Stephen King book?

    • Hi Barb…yes and no…the violence was something else but overall I guess i did enjoy it.

  5. When we change the way we view the world, we realize that we should only feel guilty if we are not as happy as we can possibly be in any given moment.

    If we give ourselves permission to be happy, we will increase the positive energy and happiness in the world. And when the world is happier, full of positive energy, we will begin to solve the problems that “plague” us.

    Big problems like Global Warming, Hunger, Poverty, and other Inequities.

    Sweet dreams.

    • Hi NR…a very different perspective!

  6. I feel guilty whenever I eat now. It’s so heartbreaking. I want to hug the people I see on tv. I want to feed them and give them a blanket. I can’t get over the thought of that one poor man floating far out to sea on his roof! And knowing that his wife had been swept away. Love your beach photos even though I don’t think I am as keen on the beach anymore. I don’t know if I could relax there now.

    • Hi Imc…I know what you mean…I was looking at the sea with new eyes yesterday.

  7. I don’t have anything awesome to say, just wanted to say hi and good to read your posts again.

    • Hi morgue…that was awesome right there!

  8. I also felt guilty, those poor people.
    Your photos are, as usual, gorgeous!
    Love you. xxx

  9. It’s okay to take a little time to mourn, so long as it doesn’t become a habit. Don’t beat yourself up. If you didn’t feel anything, that would be worse.

    • I hear you Tilly…not beating myself up…just have such a vivid imagination…those poor souls.

  10. Gorgeous 1st photo! And Jasmine has inherited your sense of humor – look at that beautiful big smile on her face! She looks like she just played a joke on you! What a wonderful personality on that dog.

    I think your clouds are here today; it was supposed to be sunny, but it’s very cloudy. We’ve had far too much rain lately, many areas of our state are flooded…and more rain expected this week. Crazy.

    • Hi RD…she DOES have a sense of humour…loves to charge me on the beach and swerves at the very last second..and then grins like a mad thing!

  11. Jasmine looks like a happy dog! Which Stephen King had you just finished? I’ve just read Under the Dome, a very strange and captivating tale!

    • hello Noobcake…that is the one I just finished reading!!! I agree…it held me right to the end…glad he spared a few people!!!

  12. Hi Granny,
    The disaster in Japan certainly helps to put life into perspective. Have I missed your other posts for Monday of are you dragging your heels to the old PC.

    Love the photo of the wispy cluds in the sky BTW 🙂

    • Hi piglet…no love…you haven’t missed my posts…have lost my mojo!!!

      • Hi Granny,

        Mojo?…:( we better sound the red alert to all your buddies to go and look for it! 🙂 Where do you think you left it?

        I may be running behind but you were missed 🙂

        Kind regards,


      • Thanks PIP…think it is coming back!!!

      • When I lose things I usually look in the fridge. If it’s not there I can often find a yummy snack to perk me up. The other day I found the TV remote in there!

      • Aha Noob…maybe THAT is where the remote is!!!

  13. Hi Granny:-)! I found your blog from Barb19 Pationate About Pets. I love your blog on taxis! We live in a small town in Missouri, and have really no use for taxis. We have 2400 people here! We do have people who have their own personal vehicles that have that type of service, but not a whole lot of them! I am from Florida and have experienced the “city life” all my life, and only have been here over a couple of years. and love it! Still getting used though to not haveing any oceans, miss that! I really love your pictures! Very pretty!

    • Hello country Living…welcome ….I don’t know if I could live inland agqain…the ocean always calls to me.

  14. Hi Granny,

    I hope you can trust the power and value of sending positive thoughts to Japan. We are contributing abundantly by countering their fear and desolation.

    I love your kind heart, dear woman. I’ve been talking about your blog lots while my friends were here… I showed them some of your photographs since they, too, loved Cape Town. We kept going back to the python measuring his human. When one of us would hug the other, we’d say stuff like, “Don’t you be measuring me!”

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