Posted by: granny1947 | March 10, 2011


Hello All.

A photo from a different part of Cape Town.
Just by way of a change.
As I am playing Gran’s taxi, I don’t drive over the mountain.
Well, I still drive along the side of a mountain but a different mountain.
I was ahead of schedule this morning so I stopped to take the pics.
It was very overcast.
The beach below is Muizenburg.
It was cold while I was taking the shots.

Why the grapes of wrath?
Well, I got a case of gorgeous black grapes yesterday.
Every year a girl at work sells them for a charity.
Four kgs for R35-00.
An absolute bargain.
We will NOT go into just many of the things I have eaten.
Suffice to say if my tummy does not work and the grapes ferment, I shall be on my neck for a week!

The wrath is at myself.
I have now missed three days in the challenge.
I battled to keep awake from about one today.
I am busy reading “Under the Dome” by Stephen King.
Am too scared to look at the clock when I turn the light off.
My DIL lent me the book.
She says it has a crappy ending.
I shall be SO annoyed.
If he kills off the hero, Stephen King is going to hear from me.

It is my turn to cook tonight.
I am going to cheat.
I shall buy a grilled chicken on the way home.
Make a quick salad and pop a couple of potatoes in the microwave.
Hell, I  might even have a half an hour nap before supper.
Then I might feel like turning on my computer.

P. will have to take Jasmine for a walk.
It is cold and windy.
I am a horrible Granny.
I will make up for it over the weekend.
Jasmine and I will go for a nice LONG walk.
And smell stuff.
Well, SHE will.

Now I have some work to do before heading for home.

Catch you later.


  1. Ooo those grapes sound wonderful! Have you had champagne grapes? They’re very tiny but oh so good!

    There’s nothing better than knowing a roasted chicken awaits at the local market when you’re too tired to cook. Love those modern conveniences!

    • Me too RD…am usually too mean to buy one but I think today will be the exception.

  2. Hi Granny, I love the photo.

    Grilled chicken and baked potatoes makes a half decent dinner. Enjoy! 🙂

    • Hi Rose….Hope they still have some when I get there…if not I have no idea what we will be having!!

  3. Stunning photo and supper sounds just fine! Yikes, with all those grapes you’ll be peeing Merlot!

    • AND picking up weight Cindy!!!

  4. Aah Granny
    I remember those grapes
    They are seriously NUM
    can’t believe that that time has rolled around again

    • I know Puppy…times flies when you are having fun!!!

  5. Grapes is one of my favorite fruits 🙂 That is quite the bargain! I’ve read only one book by Steven King – Insomnia – I didn’t like that ending too, but he has one heck of an imagination, that much I will say 🙂

    • Hi Liane…I almost want to skip to the end just to get it over and done with!~!!!

  6. depends on the grapes, i HATE grape pips

    • And you haven’t learned to spit Sidey?????

  7. Oh, you spolied my ending – I so liked the idea of you smelling things on the beach.

    • Hehehe Tilly…I DO but try not to make it obvious.

  8. Hope you get your chicken at the store – makes life a bit easier not having to cook at home; enjoy your delicious grapes!

    • I got the chicken and it was great…we will be having it again tonight…at least we don’t have to worry about what to cook.
      Ah grapes Barb…what a good idea…think I will have some now.

  9. What a nice drive! I wish I had eaten chicken instead of pizza. My ulcer is not happy now.


  10. Weren’t you just complaining about the heat? And now you’re complaining about the cold? What’s up with that??? 😀

    • Hi NR…I was enjoying the cold!!!!
      Nice cool south easter here today too.

    • Oh, I misunderstood.

      I thought you were saying you were a “horrible granny” for not taking Jasmine for a walk because it was too “cold and windy.”

  11. I love a good rotisserie chicken! Enjoy it granny!!

  12. Granny – Kadian, Della and I were all in Cape Town together in October of 2009. Here we are together in Western Canada wishing we could be with you as we drool over your photo. We’d even serve the chicken and salad!

    Thanks for the memories!!

    • Good morning Souldipper…wish you were all here now too….wouldn’t we have a great time?

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